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7k confirmed end of day
You just got B A R T E D


>its just supply and demand guys, no manipulation

just bitmex liquidating a customer who put their life savings on 100x leverage

>In a total free market, price will be determined by demand and supply, everything will be great.


loans are the basis of all evil

do you think bitmex is on the SEC's radar?

US govt is slow and they don't have global jurisdiction, despite what people say
took them decades to put a limit on margin trading in FOREX, and the current limit is 10x which is still dangerous enough.
people will get fucked and the world moves on

do you guys actually believe this?
Would they risk everything to do that?
I mean they are making loads of money, i cannot see someone being so idiotic and greedy that even tho they can wipe their ass with hundreds they will risk losing it all to make a bit more.

I imagine people getting liquidated on bitmex is like when someone dies in TRON

why wouldn't they?
whose going to stop them?
Why'd the price dump immediately after 1 million short contracts were liquidated?

they could even pump the price on a different exchange so it was less noticable

where the fuck is that shit exchange from? Don't they have any laws or regulation in that shithole
People off themselves because of this

cayman islands or some shit, i forget.
the only reason people set up bucket shops is to make money off of people's greed

that's the entire point of offering margin trading. It's mathematically impossible to win over the long run.


It’s in Mexico supposedly. I think Bitfinex, Tether, and Bitmex are all the same people and they’re just clowing people at this point. That’s why I refuse to touch BTC, it’s compromised at this point. Anyone playing their game is an idiot waiting to get liquidated.

Why would anyone buy this piece of shit when it's constantly pumped and dumped?

So normal whales don't benefit from causing a massive swing like that right? The liquidation goes straight to the exchange holders.

Whales outside the exchange only cause swings like that to cause traps. LIke bull flag -then dump etc. correct?


This isn't how it works. When you get liquidated you're forced to market buy so if a whale can trigger a chain liquidation he can cause the price to spiral down or spiral up and then take advantage of that price movement. This is what happened with ETH on GDAX back when they still offered margin trading last year.

when I say market buy I'm assuming you're short, if you're long then you're forced to market sell which was actually what the case was with ETH back then.

gotta get the A team to shut bitmex down so crypto can grow again. feds cant do it but the crazy helicopter pilot and dirk can light em up with the 14

>whale buying in wants to buy 1 billion worth of bitcoin at the cheapest price possible
>whale selling wants to sell 10,000 bitcoin at the highest price possible

I'm not saying liquidation squeezes don't happen, or that bitmex isn't crooked, but come on guys. This is some tinfoil hat level shit to call everything manipulation. It's an illiquid market, even still.

Nah, why would anyone trust a crypto company? Everything is unregulated. It wouldn't even be ILLEGAL for them to aforementioned.
In fact, they would be stupid not to do this.

Let's say you own an exchange. You get a lot of data from running that exchange. Why wouldn't you then sell that data on to other people? Why wouldn't you take any advantage you can? Why wouldn't you have a friend place orders on info you give him?

In the regular stock market, this obviously wouldn't be allowed... however if you happen to be based on an island chain in the middle of fucking nowhere, in a completely unregulated market during one of the largest bubbles in history...

Also, Bitmex requires no KYC, they don't allow US traders yet people bypass this so often that probably a good percentage of users are American, and often say so in the trollbox when mods are reading it, without a care.

So yeah, it's not "tinfoil hat level", it's just how the world works.

if the whale can't trigger chain buying they only break even, like in this case.
it makes more sense to me the exchange did it to prevent losses, since i'm assuming most everyone is short

fucking kek'd


Dude you can't be this dumb? Bit = Bitcoin+Mex=Mercantile exchange=Bitmex

Bitch please, this will literally replace all known currencies and rise to 50mil/BITC by EOMinute.


This nigga is charting a bullish trend when he just got simpsoned as fuck. The Fuck Bruh

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