Ok Veeky Forums not trying to brag but I am kind of a TA god so roll for my experienced analysis of whatever shitcoin...

ok Veeky Forums not trying to brag but I am kind of a TA god so roll for my experienced analysis of whatever shitcoin or other crypto questions you have.

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OP fucks animals

Am I going to make it?

TNB doubles overnight.

Before I die alone, I will have vengeance


will i get to fuck OP's mom?


Will Qtum moon boom beyond $100 by the end of the year?

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Will this job lead to better opportunities within the company?

Will my long at 7570 be triggered today?

WIll I get that job?

Is 7500 the bottom?

nice user

Should I long below 7700?

Should I long Bitcoin right now?

A-am I going to make it as a decent Artist with lots of followers and everyone will be sucking my dick with likes and faves one day?

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haha ofc... thank you 8 ball... should I go to sleep instead?

Will trx moon on Friday?

Will my folio 100x until the end of the year?

Well, will it??

Link will go to 0


PRL will moon to $50 during next bullrun

TE-FOOD and Refereum will be the next 25x moon missions

Bogs and Sminem are working together with Dan Larimer to suppress the price of Ethereum

Xumacoin masternodes will make ID: VvemoCB9 rich in 2018

You've probably never heard of it, but how does Unitus looks. I'm long term very bullish. What do the charts say to you??

NapoleonX will be the best fund to invest in this year, BTFO'ing every other one

Whalepool is full of manipulators and Saj is a pajeet

Ether will hit $2500 in 2018

is jibrel a scam

Ether will hit $2500 in 2018

ICX will be a top 5 coin by the end of 2019

ICX will be a top 5 coin by the end of 2019

will i make it anyway

will i make it in 2018

Will OP make it?

VET 15$ in June

Ethereum will announce proof of stake and sharding this year

Do I have enough link for a gf eoy $1000?

Will i find cute top bf on Veeky Forums?

Will I find top bf on Veeky Forums?

Will i find top bf?

Will i find a bf?

Hey ball I just read a Jung's book and want to know is pfr is going to recover


Which of my long bets pays off

well last question to you
will it grow into anything bigger than just a ponzi?

thank you 8 ball for giving me hope


Nano flippening

ICX $30 EOY?

Will I make it?

Bitcoin will hit 5k and slightly below before market bull run

Should i cash out

Will I make it?

Will LINK stay low for one more month so i can accumulatie more stinky linkies?

XVG is a scam, right?

will i get raped in my sleep tonight?


Will I make it?

The numbers have spoken.

Partnership announcement from verge will be a fucking disappointment right?

Doubtfull as in they will provide many keks?


Link $1000 EOY?

Will I be poor forever?

link 0$ eoy

1 mil?

Is wall street further shorting crypto-monglets?

TNC will reach $10?

will i make it this or next year?

Will all my investment plans involving crypto/pennystocks/stocks/investments pay off for me over the next 12 years?

Will Chainlink moon in the incoming 9 months?

Am I going to get pussy anytime soon?

Is Chainlink making me moderately wealthy in the next 9 months?

pussy please? I'm so desperate, mang


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REQ, what are the best buy and sell targets in your opinion?

also give me an analysis on the future of ETH please

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is ICX a scam?

Will I be a m?

will i

PRL moon after airdrop?


Am I the emperor ?

Will it work out with her for the good?

damn that's some deep shit

Will CoinMetro deliver?

should i go get some fast food

ah hell yea thanks 8ball


precisely what I thought. Thanks based 8 ball.

REQ $100 end of April?

Will BCH flip BTC before ETH?

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Best price to buy ADA this week?

Will req make me filthy rich?

Will I be a millionaire in 2018?

>3 ask again

Will I be a millionaire in 2018?

Will REQ be 100 USD this year?