What to buy?

I got 2.5 ETH right now, shill me something good!

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QASH. DYOR and thank me later

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Buy ADA, sell before April 5th.


Try to catch REQ at .20. It's the floor, so it's tough, but, buy at .20, hold to $1 by summer, and you're good, user.


I've thought a lot about getting into Qash. I may just do that.

Why sell before April 5th?

why will it be $1 this summer?

Get in while you still can

because only the strong will survive this. Main Net bump to .40, hovering....then FOMO'ing around the Crypto > Fiat conversion. If TRON can reach 15 Billion, REQ can reach 750M again

4th of April is the QASH WBB release. Good time to buy in.

I thought they would be announcing staking soon, which would cause a pop, no?

lol at op cost... lrn 2 trade

Don't sell before April 5th

Sell after 2020

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Theta coin. Decentralized video streaming. Founder of YouTube and twitch is in on it. More of a long hold. Very cheap right now.

ETH is pretty cheap right now. Oh wait, all you have is ETH. HAhahaahahahahahaa. You Faggot.

Bad idea with QASH. There are encountering many problem. Check their telegram. Go with Bottos - SPHTX - AMB.

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GVT right now, JNT if you don't mind waiting till eoy.

this guy

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What problems

wait for pooltrade.io