RIP to this POS

I honestly bought the flippening hype and lost so much money on this. I have about 25 ETH purchased for 30k of my hard earned cash. I'm done. Thanks for nothing,.

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get some dividends for those ETH.

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Sounds like a weak handed puss to me, you should probably sell

Sell if you want. Don’t be a pussy

LMAO GET [email protected] HAHHAHAHA

Strong support at $315.

i just bought the dip. Are you even trying to make money user?

> He sold?
> Pump eeeettttt!!!

yeah i sold and buying back in when it hits the $300 range which it looks like is gonna happen sometime this week

I had 700 ETH sold at 20$ if it helps you feel better

S H R E C K 2'd

sorry man it already hit bottom. its nothing but up from here

ETH traded for $10 a little over a year ago. you paid more than $1000 each for them. wrap your head around that for a moment. why did you do that?

The whole market is crashing you fucking retard. You retards need to stop complaining about your one coin and look around you, were in a bear market, everything is going down.

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I'm actually glad I traded all my eth for FUN lol. I bought eth at 1200 and FUN at .15 cents so I'm kill either way but I believe in FUN more than ETH at this point. ETH is so low that I believe the rumors that Vitalik is planning to print a shitload more soon. I heard it on True Capitalist Radio from Ghost.

hmm i might pick up 25 ETH tonight. nah, i'll wait until next week when i can get it for 5K.


you mean buy market! hehehheheh!

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doubtful, this shit is on a downward trend, money is flying out of the markets, it'll have a couple of pumps but this is def going lower soon

trips of truth....but...but...crypto cant die

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Just lol
I've been in this since 2011, BTC ETH AND XMR will make a few patient people phenomenally rich. This is crypto senpai, either sell and get out or grab onto your nuts and join us on this wild ride

how rich are you?

Just hold it and stop being such a weak handed faggot.

cognitive dissonance trying to justify selling

LMAO you are so fucking emotional and all it takes is a couple posts on an internet forum to spot

You should sell and lose all 30K of your investment. Weaklings need weeding out. Sorry, but you're not cut out for this.

>tfw in since 2011 and not rich

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i bought my eth for 4 dollars each, why didnt you just buy earlier?

you bought ETH for 1200 dollars each
you're an actual retard, medically speaking

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Learn to DCA. I've spent $70k on 110 eth and will spend another $30k as we descend to $350.
You should've at least just held. It'll be at least $3k by eoy.

sell. weak handed faggots don't deserve to make it.

honestly thought it was going to 1500, I'm not that much of a retard.

Yeah, I feel you. I bought 13 at $1000, Feels bad.

The flippening will happen, just probably not for 1-2 years. PoS is strictly better than PoW and although BTC could technically have smart contracts it would probably be another 5+ years before they get implemented, considering how long LN is taking, And it probably wouldn't happen without another contentious fork. None of which will really matter at that point because everyone will be satisfied writing ETH smart contracts in any language they want.

bot 50eth for 25ktodaylulz

ETH was nice when it was 1$

>pic related is (you)

So happy to see faggots like you get so utterly JUSTed. Dump your eth now and watch it hit 3k by August.

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Imagine not selling while watching your money go down the drain lmfao
Why didn't you have stop losses, user?