Massage therapy worth the cost? Also, how do you bring up happy ending with your massage therapist

I see a 8/10 qt for a massage once a week. How do I start this conversation.

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'happy ending' only something you risk at asian massage parlors. just google around "asian massage parlor," theres a couple forums with plenty of posts that answer your exact question

sage not business related

This is easy.
Undress in Front of her.
If she doesn’t flinch she’s a handjob slut.
If she’s not in the room then lay naked.
Caress her legs or whatever part of her body is close to you while she is massaging you.
If she if a handjob slut she will massage you inner thigh near your balls and cock.
If she doesn’t do this then she is a real pro

>all women are sluts

>asian massage parlor
>go in, 30min - 1hr massage
>they ask, have you been here before, say 'yes'. if they look suspicious just say, 'was awhile back'
>dont be modest
>during the massage if their hand grazes your balls, lean into it
>on the flip, theyll touch your benis and be like 'this too?' and you smile and nod

why does this need to be a risk? can't I just be like "you do happy endings, right?" and just let her answer? it's not like i'd go to jail for asking

check out to find a local AMP in your neighborhood. Usually the girl will initiate so don't worry about that. If your masseuse is wearing a skimpy tube dress you know you're in the right place.

Fuck sounds comfy how much do they charge? I'm 23 and could really find me a waifu there

this is good advice too. Try touching her thigh or complimenting her looks and see what kind of reaction you get.

But if you want to be certain, screen the place first and make sure it's a full-service establishment before you go in

>this is your brain on Veeky Forums

depends. Where I live it's around 60-80 for a HJ, a little more for a BJ. Full service will cost you around $140. These prices do not include the house fee which is usually around $40-60

Honestly, you're better off going to an escort. The price is only a little bit higher than an AMP, but the service is superior and it's a much better mood in an actual apartment than in a dingy massage parlor with paper-thin walls.

>wan azn waifu because traditional gender roles and values
>try to pick up a undocumented trafficking victim who jerks off 10-12 men a day and fucks a few regulars

Don’t change biz. You’ll get your dick chopped off by mama San before you got her out of the building bro

I lift tho so getting a massage sounds fire getting a handy after just adds to the zen

Massage therapists love to jerk off their clients. Honestly your probably the only guy she isn't jerking off. You should just ask her.

>implying i won't take my katana

don't go into one of these establishments expecting a great massage. The massage portion is usually very short, weak, and is done mostly as a pretense. Find a escort who does massages also, you'll be better served.

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be careful in the chinese parlors. if you're a legit chad they'll keep your seed instead of flushing it. airmail it to china and next thing you know you've got 5 kids in shenzhen.

This man has been around the block. Well said user

>it's not like i'd go to jail for asking

yeah you sure could

As I've done some mongering in the past, I can be of help to you.

If she hasn't offered it by now, chances are, it's not a rub and tug joint. Those are usually sketchy and will NOT have the sign "No sexual favors" on their walls...because they obviously offer them.

You'll know if she is a jerker for a few reasons:
1) Very comfortable with you just getting butt ass naked in front of her
2) You may see a bottle of purrell in the corner somewhere
3) During the massage, she will get unusually close to your balls. This is when you signal that you are enjoying it, but moving your hips a little to let her know you know what it is
4) She'll ask if you "wan massa" on your dick, and you say yes. Then she will negotiate the price. At this point she starts rubbing. Also, you can usually start grabbing their asses or tits through their clothes. They'll stop you if she doesn't want it. I've probably sucked the tits of 2 of them like a baby.

A lot of these spots are cash only, so show up with about $180 worth in 20s, and when you pay, pay in cash. They'll know that you know.

I should say, most of these asians are meh looking. I have had a few cute ones too.

Only cute ones Ive had were in big citys. In my city or similarly sized places, its meh. Big citys tho will have the good ones.

Ask if she does tantric massage. That is like code for sex.

yes the girls at massage parlors are usually pretty meh. Another reason to spend a few extra bucks and go see an escort instead.

I know a guy who got a happy ending in north hollywood.

it's all about location I think. and they gotta be asian.

Depends on what country you're in, soliciting a prostitute is definitely illegal in the US. Never made sense to me really, its legal to pay someone to have sex while you film it but its not legal to just pay them to have sex with you.

In California, AMPs are everywhere. They're like Starbucks, but are so inconspicuous that they blend in such that you don't even notice them unless you're looking. Turns out there's one just around the corner from my apartment, and I live in a "good" neighborhood. Never would have known if I didn't see the place listed on

and? theres nothing wrong with that

This is the most absurd thing I've ever read

>full service will cost you around $140

You're talking about sex, yeah?
Fucking them for $140? Really?

So film it then.

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Plus house fee
Plus the cost of the actual massage

Just order an actual escort and get some actual decent pussy without tucking around hoping a 4/10 will go by one pittyjackimg your limp tiny cock, and not have to worry about the cops bursting in and raiding the place because mama San got tired of giving freebies to the chief’s golfing buddies

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well you get what you pay for. The girls at massage parlors are usually nothing to write home about. Plus you also have to pay the door fee bringing up the price.

For just $220, you can visit an "apartment massage parlor" (i.e. an escort). These girls are usually much hotter, the service is way better, and the environment is also comfortable since you're in an actual bed in an apartment, not on some massage table. I stopped going to massage parlors after I discovered AAMPs

Actually, first time I got one was at a spot in North Hollywood. That opened my eyes to the world of mongering. They're actually everywhere around LA and hollywood. Couple of fuck spots in hollywood too.

How do you find these without them being stings? I've been scared of that. TER/Eros? How

>Just order an actual escort
Where at?

I've said it already.
Also try

Watch who walks in, over a period of time. I lived near a rub n' tug in Berkeley (Tiki's), and I'd see all kinds of dudes scurrying in - they're obviously not there for actual therapy.

I never went in, i saw the skanks that worked there. Ugh.

Wait how did you even get into that? Usually you need some references to go into aamps

just keep asking around until you find one who'll see you without a reference. Some POs will let you book without a reference if you answer some screening questions first. Once you have a reference you're set. I was lucky in that the first girl I went to see didn't require references.

The places I went, I'd just grab their ass when I flipped over. That usually got the negotiation started. I did it once when on my stomach, she was standing at my head doing my shoulders, so I just reached out and got two handfuls - she said "not yet!", and we got busy pretty soon after that.
Hint for you pussies who are afraid of getting busted - vice generally does their raids the same day each month. Do some searching in the papers for your area, and look for a pattern. I know in the bay area for years, thursday was the day to avoid.

Yeah, bad idea. They have no idea if you're a cop or not. Saying that is a red flag for "cop", or just being a fucking dumbass. Don't be that guy who gets thrown out of a whorehouse for whoremongering wrong.

Not bad, i havent played for a long time, I was paying just a little less 10 years ago. I never did full service in a jerk joint, that's just stupid. You know she's not showering between clients, and i'm not sticking my dick, even covered in that hole. Escorts is absolutely correct, for fucking. Better service, better quality, and it's in a bed. And you know she douched and showered before coming over. But it's not like I'm gonna go down on one anyway.

Damn you in the bay? I was living in LA but now I'm up in the Bay for a moment and where are the good fuck spots around here lol. Ever heard of the strip club in SF MBOT? I read you can pay to fuck the strippers.

LOL, that's not how semen works, stupid. Jesus, you can't even larp well.

No, it's not. At all.


Seriously? You think you discovered something? You can't walk 20 feet in North Hollywood without tripping over a literal whore or tug shop. If you can't get your dick touched in LA with $200 on you, just give up. Easiest town in the country for that shit. SF and NYC are close behind.

hold on, you actually pay someone to jack off?
the fuck is this, america just stop

Shit, I was wrong, I used to get full for $100-120, with a $20 tip for her. $200 for a rub and tug fuck? Forget that noise.

What? References? At an Aamp? Maybe the asien-only ones, like in San Jose. Get the fuck out of here with "references".

Prostitution is legal in your country, right?

> just touch her thigh bro!

Sounds like a good way to embarrass yourself and get thrown out.

>first time was this woman who was was well into her 40's and probably popped a couple kids out
> straight from China
>massage and the HJ were awesome
>knowing that you support human trafficing.....priceless
>Gave a 20$ tip
>$80 total

perfect way to unwind after the gym.

it was an hour and pretty legit mssg

I have no fucking clue, i retired 10 years ago.

And yes, you can fuck strippers in O'Farrels, but if it's anything like when I used to go, it's WAY overpriced. I used to go there, and get a couple dances to get worked up, then go to an AAMP up the street that closed a long time ago, that had good quality asians. The real action was the Market Street Cinema - the dancers were literal whores, but you could get anything in that place. It's gone now. The ones still open are tourist traps, on Broadway. I'm sure MBOT is still doing the same old stuff, but honestly, they wanted way too much even back then. I had a dancer ask me if I wanted to go to the hottub place (I think it's gone now), and when i said how much, she said "$1500", and I laughed in her face, and she almost got me thrown out. (Back then, Mayor Willy Brown made a deal with the whores in town, who were getting out of control on the street - "Get into the clubs, and we'll leave you alone.". And they did.) (It was heaven for a mongerer.)
SF is NOTHING like what it used to be. It used to rival Vegas for debauchery. Now? It's pretty much all escorts and rub and tugs now, a couple liberal mayors will do that to a city. If I ever get back into the hobby, it won't be here.

This man is overpaying like a motherfucker for hj. 20-40 on top of house, max

Are you SJG from TUSCL?

Like 10 parlors where I live. Asians named Coco haha. I might have to go and get my dick squeezed. Sucky sucky 5 dawllllaaaaaa

Yes, I'm in the UK.

Found this site called AdultWork and even there some of the women require you to have previous feedback, I'm going to be a virgin forever.

Nah. I know who you're talking about though. I used to read that site, and that Usenet group, but my main site was Redbook - but I never posted on any of them. That site Redbook was the shit. I ran into the Usenet guys at that club they hung out at, Che Paris, but the place was a dump, and they were a little too cliquey in a weird way for my taste. Plus, I liked the solo nature of my playtime. My social spots were the rock clubs, which I really fucking miss.

Why did you retire? I just got into mongering a year ago and it's pretty chill. I think I want to spend some crypto gains to fuck hot escorts off TER/EROS before calling it a day atleast. Do you know any better ways of going about it? So I can say I fucked really hot chicks that I wouldn't get in real life normally.

Lmfao you autistics going to get this nutjob locked up grabbing bitches thighs randomly

Met a girl, of course. That broke up about five years ago, did a FWB thing for a while, and I'm monk mode, now.

I have no clue where to go now. Other dudes who are active today are better to ask.

is rubmaps a reliable resource?

886 Sutter St
Could be 868, been a couple years since I've moved out of San Fran.
It's a swanky massage parlor where you get to fuck some bombshell Asians for $180 /45 min.

If you want to test if they'll do a happy ending, let your arms hang off the side of the bed. If they won't give you a happy ending, they'll immediately put your arms back on the bed. If they let them hang, they will intentionally bump their legs into your hands over and over and thats a good sign, you can grab their legs and if they don't object then the massage will start to get more sensual.

Only go to asian massage places.

Nice bait

Yeah it's legit. usasexguide also has some good info if you don't want to pay for rubmaps.

The massage is the more enjoyable part really. Go get a message if you haven't already.

>Depends on what country you're in, soliciting a prostitute is definitely illegal in the US.

Who's talking about prostitution? That's DISGUSTING! You also brought a camcorder and now it's just filming a porn movie.


Funny, but in the US, filming porn for hire has specific requirements attached to it for record keeping, and testing, and if you tried that with a cop, not having the proper paperwork would be worse for you than taking a solicitation bust.

Trust me, if you're talking to the police in cuffs, they already sent the decoy in and got proof of solicitation, and you're in the net.

If you're lucky, it's your first time, and you can get a lawyer to get you a diversion program and cop a lower plea.

confirmed. this happened to me twice already and I have 15 hapa children now.

my nigga

Has anyone gotten an actual decent massage from an escort? I always thought it would be pretty comfy to get a massage then fuck. every time iv gone the massage feels like shit but i dont say anything because i guess they think by giving me a massage they are going to get out of prostitution charges

trips dont lie

This is so ridiculous that there are idiots who are paid to stop handjobs from happening.

>wanting a handjob

Just message/email one, be polite and suggest a date, time and length of meeting. Tell em your new to this and dont have feedback yet.
Just don't act autistic

Massage parlors are for old men... I finally figured it out after visiting it several times. Most of the clients are old asian men who want to get a quicky before coming home. you will rarely find a young provider...

Better bring a pile of cash. I assume you are Ugly af

older mamasan tends to be more skilled with her hands. best of both worlds.

Do I tell them I'm into rapeplay before getting there or when I meet them in person?


Wait, some Fuerdai slut will have kids with my sperm? How can I cash in on that? Ask for joint custody?