The time is now, butt fucks.

5 minutes from now the new 1d candle will appear.

If it breaks this support, we drip to 6800(as I predicted weeks ago for you ungrateful NEETs). If it bounces up, bull market starts now.

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gee I wonder

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Up to 8k and back

Never post here ever again.

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Next 5 min are critical for btc

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I'm sorry did my red lines on MS fucking paint confuse you?

Simple support lines, faggot. This game isn't hard.

I am going to ... PUMP YOU UP

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It always makes me laugh when these fags post like Im supposed to know who they are
>you didnt listen last time biz
Kys bumlord

The only chart you need.


It's gonna bounce between 7800 and 8200 all week.

Why? Churn. Can't skim profits off sideways or a plunge. There was an attempt to plunge all day today, that was fought off by the exchanges.

It's unregulated, of course they're manipulating it, you dumb fucks. All your "TA" means shit, in an unregulated market that shows no sign of new buyer entry.

Ride the waves, hope you get lucky. That's the best you can hope for, for now, and probably the rest of the year.

It can go up? I thought it only goes down these days. Didn't know up was even an option.

Your "support lines" are bullshit. I watched 70+ sell walls sit with NO green at all for minutes, until the sell walls vanished like Hillary's emails.

Shit is manipulated, stupid. You're trying to deduce a trend from purposeful pumping and dumping.

well i think a lot of people would be happy with stability within a range for btc, as it gives alts a chance

Happening: big fight on GDAX right now

Buying and selling at same time into big walls
They goofing, it's fun watching the show

the order book moves so quick vs the actual trade history. 10-15 secs between actual trades sometimes.

I love the big flashes, does that mean big market sells or buys right?
Flashes aren't from a limit order triggering?

I think GDAX is 90% just bots arbitraging/following the primary driving action on Bitfinex

i dunno, i'm way down in this thing. i feel like every time i get excited about something a new 'satan spiral' or 'cinderblock of doom' gets talked about.

guess i'm waiting for the death cross to fuck up my april now.

its a stutter order. bot places the order for 25ms then pulls it for 500 ms, then places it again for 25ms before pulling it again for 500 ms

Tricks people into selling into a big order that has a 95% chance of not being there, causing slippage as they sell into smaller orders spaced out lower by the same bot. vice versa for selling.

GDAX has a very robust API with very low latency and lots of decimal places in the order book. it's a bot playground.

t. the john henry of daytrading

you can detect this behavior some times by filling out (but not placing) a market order and calculating the per coin price and comparing that to the order book. I've seen times where a not-huge market order would have been filled with 15% slippage (on GDAX BCH/USD). BTC/USD slippage is much smaller due to higher volumes, but in times like this it is still noticeable

gotcha that's what i was thinking
Basically i just wanna know a limit order in the book won't trigger into another limit order on gdax right?

It has to be a market buy or sell into the order book.

as long as you select the "post only" box, correct. it will reject your order if it would require filling another order

this also means no fees. only way to play on gdax. but you've gotta get in front before the bots

who are the people market selling to create action if everyone would prefer to use feeless limit orders? Bots just use a combination of both?

Implying it'll be that tight for a week.

It's already happening. Don't fuck about. Set your buys at 6800 and be patient.

You may be right, it's below 7800. But it's gonna bounce, that's what it's been doing for weeks. Can't make money off no churn, or a dump to 6k. Only Bitmex can make money off that.

It's not going straight diown to 3k. It's zig zagging down til May. Let a bunch of these coins release their testnet, mainets, and other shit. Then watch the bull run start. What the fuck is the point of investing in something with absolutely no product? That goes for most of the cryptosphere.

There most be a way to outsmart gdax and get profix from their manipulation.

the shortsighted, emotional, impatient, desperate, etc. It's chess.

also, coinbase users. that's GDAX's secret weapon. it's all about competing for the front slot in the orderbook so normies fill your shit.

If you can tell a big swing is about to happen, or if you just need your shit to get some altcoin or whatever and the bots keep edging you out, than there is no choice other than to market order. But then you fall under the categories i mentioned above.

yea it's so fucking annoying
Cock suckers with their market order fees
It takes so much profit out :(
When you need to get in and out fast, limit orders are complete shit

the bots are fast, but they can't anticipate like a live human can. so you use pattern recognition to stay a step ahead of the bots. Its tricky and time consuming, but very psychologically rewarding (for me). Generally the bots keep the swings tight enough that you eat up all your profit if you market sell. Although there are also plenty of situations where by the time you get in front you've lost most of the profit on the swing anyway.

true it can be a bitch but i virtually always wait and just manually adjust as close to the line as possible.

i made 3% avg gain per trade last year swing trading. although that includes cryptopia (which is also botted to hell, but has higher spreads on the altcoins).

Someone who is doing this probably don't care a shit about crypto and has a lot of money. Even whales would not like to hurt the market that gives value to their bags.

It seems whoever is doing this has a lot of money and does not care about crypto or short term losses, so they rather (1) want to gain some profit mid term and don't care long term (2) or want to break trust in crypto for some reason or (3) want to get people's bags this way or (4) a combination of all of this.

Youre right. The next hours are crucial

It'll bounce off 6800.

For those of you confused(() about what's happening, here is some actual TA supporting the super obvious fucking 1d support lines I posted earlier, even though you clearly don't need any further evidence aside from two simple red lines on a 1d GDAX chart to see what's happening.

Had it bounced off the 7900 mark, a reversal now would have been possible, if not probable, but we didn't. We're falling and will continue to fall.

Buy at 6800
Sell at 7500
Reacquire at 6200
Hodl until further notice.


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And then the wash trading wipes you out. The moment I learned these sites allowed wash trading, I knew they were no good.

Oh, look, he's doubling down on stupid.

His fee fees must have been hurt by my salty language. Boo hoo.


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Cant you see the banksters bought in and are killing crypto. They are shit scared of crypto. Its literally the uber to your taxi or netflix to your blockbuster. If they can kill it before its entrenched fully in society = they be forever happy. Whats a few hundred billion dollars or even trillion dollars to save your zillions..

Think about it..

Your disillusions don't really affect me at all in the grand scheme. I post this shit because, honestly, the more people on board a the right time the better the ride for all of us.

Yeah, you're half illiterate, I knew it.

>doesn't know what a word means


TA told me, we are going up to 11k the next days and then nobody knows

this just means stablecoins are the savior