Mommy, mommy, why did uncle AssBlaster leave?

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This is the prophesied second crash. $1000 eoy

Don’t fkn lie to me anymore, user.

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You miss him too?

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Kid in the LINK Marines we know this, if Uncle Assblaster was around your mother all the time... He was your pops. Just ask your mom's friend Jody.

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Because you fags literally doxxed him with that receipt fiasco, you're your own worst enemies.


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Do you have the screen caps?

He's a larping faggot and keeps getting called out that's why he hasn't shown his face
Do you dumb niggers seriously think his "firm" owns 1/3rd of the circulating supply? Just Lmao

If you believe he's doxxed doesn't that mean LINK is legit and everyone on Veeky Forums should go all in?

What? Assblaster isn't here because you doxxed him that's all I'm commenting on, I could care less about LINK. Him being doxxed and disappearing doesn't mean anything in relation to Link, he could be a larper or legit but because he was doxxed he's not going to show up anymore.

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He didn't leave actually I saw him post some fud few days ago

that one was larping the larper
larped the larper?
he larped the larp?
t. hans my english isnt sufficient for that one

who is the grater fool
The fool or he who follows the fool?

Damn, I wish I sold LINK ATH and spent that money on literally anything.
Instead I am just -70% on my investment

he had typos in his post what he meant was
link gonna crash from $.60 to $.10 and than huge run up to $1.5 to $2 in 3-5 years

he got doxxed.

So he was exposed as a larping neet like the rest of us?


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Link $1000 EOY