Does Veeky Forums watch anime? what are your favorites?

does Veeky Forums watch anime? what are your favorites?

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sex hair best girl

Sword Art Online

Haruka best girl

Sword Art Online as well

Rewatched it 6x, will most likely rewatch it again soon

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Akagi. It got me into mahjong

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unc hentais, senpai

grimgar, spice and wolf, fate

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Made in Abyss was really damn good as well. One of the few times an anime has made me read the manga after finishing

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um fr*cking gross delete this now

K-On!, of course
Also really enjoyed Utena, TTG, Texhnolyze, Katanagatari

Pop team Ebic

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Berserk 1997
Ghost in the Shell 1995

This season I was watching dagashi kashi, osomatsu san 2, pop team epic, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, The Junji Ito collection and Yuru Camp. All great series.

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>Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
yeah, today was the final. Something new for me

It was a sweet and comfy slice of life anime that takes me back to a better time. Now I need to buy beer because she reminds me of a girl I used to know in middle school and I hate my life atm, everything it's just going in spiral in shit.

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Fucking nerds

Me too but I dont care.
I love my sniper rifle and its like a waifu (gunfu).

The best girl to marry likes me but im moving away to study at a other uni. Fkk, one kind of a rare girl :(

>K-On, Euphonium (Kyoani in general)
>Fate stuff
>Gainaz/Trigger stuff (TTGL, KLK)
>Shingeki no Kyojin
>Unironically Death Note (manga is better tho)
>Waiting for Neverland anime

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>posts on anime imageboard
>spergs about people watching anime
Sora Yori AOTS. Last season was Houseki no Kuni. Looking forward to MiA s2 and Railgun III

You're both wrong

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Just tentacle hentai

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya was ok too.

this was an anime imageboard, not anymore virgin, it's chadtown now.

Gosick definitely one of my best ones

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I've seen Neon Genesis, Dragon Ball and Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Akira and most older shit since mainly watched it during like middle school to early high school. Grew out of it and haven't really seen the all the newer soyboy shit.

candy boy is probably my all-time favorite

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What would the anime about the housing crash look like Veeky Forums?

Any anime where they live in an apartment complex and are struggling to pay rent.

Utena, Bebop, Eva, Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong, Mushi-shi,5cm/sec, Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

kids these days...

Welcome to the NHK is the most relatable anime you'll ever watch.

Fucking oldfags, go watch something like Devilman Crybaby. You will like it, it only has 11 episodes.

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then what are you doing here?

It fucked me up harder than EVA did, strangely enough


Kaiji and Investor Z are MONEY, I am telling you, MONEY!

Nah not habitually. I've seen all the major movies, but only series I watched in full was GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka which I'd highly recommend.

I watched S1 Code Geass which I quite liked but haven't got round to S2 yet and not sure if I will. Full Metal Alchemist I know is supposed to be excellent but I've only seen the odd (da...ddy!?) clip on youtube.

Does Avatar count as anime or should I just neck myself for suggesting that?

Kaiji gets terrible after the first game style finishes

I watched the whole thing while binging on drugs that would help me stay awake as I was fixing my sleep cycle last year.
It was a great experience, I even yelled along with that fucking narrator that made everything three times longer.

You are far away from home Mr Chad

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How much BTC for an Ai gf

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my favorites includes love live, sailor moon, k-on, sakura card etc i don't watch shonens desu and im currenlty watching what is being broadcast this season

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Not an anime imageboard you gimp. Go outside and get some sun. Also, watch an animated show that requires even the slightest bit of wit like rick and morty then see how you feel about your anime.

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Euh anime is for retarded losers. So yeah, probably;

Mostly just guro, miss the old Veeky Forums guro boards....

I don't know HxH I guess

>mfw /g/ is almost 15 years ago already

anime is gay

LoGH was pretty cool, better than most TV shows that try to do the same.

not an argument

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that's disgustin bro, stay away

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gatsu no lion is getting me into shogi

t. homosexual

Made in Abyss
Devilman CryBaby

Golden Boy

Prison School
Food Wars


>Devilman memebaby
It's garbage, plot is uninspired, anything with Netflix at the front is just normie trash

best things I watched this year:
Land of the lustrous
Kino no tabi reboot
Made in abyss


>not wanting to have sex with her to restore her sex hair status

She has the same voice actor as Vegeta in one of the dub episodes and it's beyond hilarious.

>hurr garbage
>durr uninspired
Literally nothing of substance was said. Neck yourself, contrarian brainlet.

Re zero

Read mangas, it saves more time anyway. Berserk and Tokyo Ghoul:Re for maximum edginess.

Kaiji is literally our anime.

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Berserk is pretty shit in the past decade, not even edgy anymore, just a moe adventure. If I compare it to the kino that was Lost Children arc, I want to cry. Tokyo Ghoul was garbage all along, I feel violated just by mentioning it.

>15 years ago
Holy shit this is a blue board user, get that rekt post outta here
HxH isn't that bad. Togashi has been on a roll lately too, the boat arc is setting up to be his best arc yet. Were almost seeing novel level plots. If you have made your own autisticly gamed out hatsu yet you just aren't a shonen fan.

Shit forgot mfw pic

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>Made in Abyss was really damn good as well. One of the few times an anime has made me read the manga after finishing
Are you me, user ?

see you on tenhou boyo

>contrarian brainlet
I wish, watched 2 episodes and it wasn't interesting. The art direction is obviously good, but the story falls flat.
>transform into baddie to kill other baddies
>oh no someone saw us
>kill him, a goodie (I assume I haven't got this far)
>internal conflict seen from miles away

It's just not interesting. And the tits & blood galore makes it all the more cringy because it doesn't seem like there's any substance to it.

>Kino no tabi
You might enjoy Girls' Last Tour

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sora no woto might be a good choice too

now this is taste

the ones where the chicks end up in panties alot... not hentai but normal anime that tends to show alot of pantied butt off. If i am gonna watch some cartoons it's gonna least need some pantied ass for me to enjoy

Hunter x Hunter will always be my favorite anime.

its only gay if the clits collide

The manga started continuing again though still slow as ever

I can't bring myself to actively read a manga known for hiatuses that is going into a boat arc

not again, I can't keep getting heartbroken

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>watched 2 episodes
>the story falls flat
Holy fuck, neck yourself.

I just got my girl into SAO she fuxx with it heavy anons. Feels good

>day trade all day
>she comes home
>sex me then netflix me
>TG for SAO

rainbow nisha


>tfw Miura will never ever finish Berserk

Anime is gay. But I got to admit, HxH is the shit

Yes avatar was animated in korea and produced in the states neck yourself animu is only japanese desu

Although ATLA is probably 200 times better than any disgusting autistic series these sickos recommend

Watching Darling in the Franxx this season. Where my Trigger niggers at?

Also Keit-Ai: Love Finds a Way is a good one.


>11 hours ago
great job hotpockets

hunter x hunter hands down

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Not the highest quality of the ones that I've seen, but it's probably my favorite.

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>watching chink cartoons

I hope you don't do it.

nice try

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For this season Yuru Camp. It's been my only salvation during these dark times.

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Death Note
Attack on Titan
Neon Genesis Evangelion

who /tkmiz/ here

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I like shit Waifus so konosuba for aqua and himouto for umaru.

I just wish the first half of season 1 was the entire 24 ep season. Leaving Aincrad after building up such a good backdrop combined with the high tension of perma-death made for such a compelling story and then they BOGGED us halfway through.

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