Dirty money

i seen to have gotten myself into a pickle here /biz
i need tips cleaning/laundering ~150k in cash (mixed US bills)

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Establishing a business, business license, llc,
It don’t matter the gig , Whatever just look legit on paper. Then make it look like your doing biz. Invoice, bills, etc. damn son cmon.

>open a food truck
>wow it was successful
aint the sharpest dildo around huh?

Totally clean? Ya wanna pay taxes on it? Local bitcoins > Verified gemini > cash out to bank account and report the gains.

I like this idea
maybe 3 food carts and actually try to turn a profit

Put it in the wash you fucking moron.

Become a waiter and claim it as your tips.

You're going to lose 50% of it. Just keep it dirty.

>walk into casino every day buying $5000 dollars in chips
>gamble here and there on 50/50 games (blackjack or roulette)
>cash out in cheque form
>deposit in bank
>declare winnings

>launder dirty money through a casino


I have no experience in this department, so this might not actually be a good idea.

There is some quite expensive jewelry for sale that you can find via craigslist. I would buy those and then resell them.

Just to be on the safe side, I might not buy and sell it in my hometown.

Criminal mastermind.

>and where did you get all this money user
>i bought and sold jewelry
>where did you get the money to buy it?

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>open a food truck
good idea

>use 50k to buy food truck and supplies.
>launder the rest of the 100k to 75k

Turning 150k into 75k sounds great especially when you gotta explain where you got the 50k to start the damn business.

Maybe buy gold and silver from one place and sell it to another place, a few weeks later do the same thing but in opposite direction.

Id honestly just keep it dirty and just pay everything with cash for the next couple years, ask people to buy me shit with their credit cards and ill pay them cash.

>where did you get the money to buy it?
the jewery was handed down...

>Buy Amazon gift cards through coinstars and shit, or take a trip around the country
>Buy appliances with acquired gift cards
>Resell appliances on eBay, Amazon, etc or straight to connections

Another idea is reselling car parts, as those can't be traced very easily

Just use art


Vins are stamped on each part . unless you do aftermarket Taiwanese parts . still youd have to get a resale # and go legit pretty much . though you can invest in shit like hid bulbs and flip em for 20% gains. Will take long to do 150k though. .

why don't you just keep it?
I mean let`s assume you spend $100 a week for grocery and/or gas money, that`s 5k a year, so you basically don`t have to pay groceries and/or gas for the next 30 years

Hedging vs inflation, investing,etc. not to mention the risk and responsibility of storing cash.