Multi Year Bear Market

Do you think Charlie Lee was right when he said this before dumping his bags?

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He is not even subtle obviously he dropped his bags then FUDed the shit our of his own coin to buy back in

fuck this retarded fat chink piece of shit. he knew well ahead of time what was going on with litecoin pumping.

and he's probably right about the bear market given the way we are slowly bleeding still. chink rat motherfucker should watch his back if we dip below $100.

Trig if Blue.

Daily reminder that this chink scammer sold the top. Literally how many times can you be scammed by a chink before you realize it is part of their DNA? Their entire culture is based on lying and cheating and scamming. Fuck this guy and fuck every single other chink coin on the market.

lmao such hostility, you got outplayed in a scammers game, what do you expect. let it go and be smarter about it next time

Charli is a psychopath

Thats weird Vitalik made a similar comment. I wonder what is really going on

>Thats weird Vitalik made a similar comment. I wonder what is really going on
Link or source? Interesting


You mean where he said that it could all go to zero?

Just read the tweet, sounds like he just gave everyone some really sound advice?

>not knowing vitaliks famous twitter post


>I wonder what is really going on
What's going on is that the market bubbled in 2017. It was obviouse and it's still going on. In 2018-2019 we likely will see really useful dapps, until then... Until then crypto is close to uselessness except illegal activities.
Most investors even those who invested in really good projects don't understand what the project does and how and why we need it.

>guy literally tells you to stay the fuck away
>he should watch his back
Veeky Forums is somehow this retarded

so when moon?

Why would dapps be worth billions of dollars? Stuff can be made more efficient in a centralized manner.

Even if the blockchain is that awesome, why not paying for it like you pay for the internet instead of ultravolatile tokens.



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Not everything must be decentralised, but we need decentralised payment systems, supply chains, decentralised storages etc.

rigth after multi year bear market

Do you mean in crypto years? or real years?

Crypto years. Viral growth is logarithmic and has already been primed. The next burst is going to be on an unprecedented scale.

>we need decentralization
says who

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>believing a fat chink scammer who probably does it because he was bullied as a kid and a literal autist.
The real answer is the market decides this a truly "free market' It's a beautiful thing user. Unfortunately, the players with big money get more of a say. This won't change until adoption increases but think about this 20% of college students own cryptocurrencies, you don't think amazon, fb, google, hell even sallie mae want some of that money. My little 16 year old brother got in to crypto and is putting his girlfriend on. Hold tight user hold tight.

Bubbles take years to pop, idiots. Btc will be 2 to 3k in 2019 q2

Minimum 700 days before real gains.
Sorry, you will have to get a job or move to Brazil with your gains.

I don't think so. Being realistic, Bitcoin will pump in Q3. People are expecting it to grow as it grew last year on Q4, so the logic situation is that Bitcoin will pump Pre-Q4, then it'll pump again on Q4 but not as much as last year, which will lead this year's bubble to explode earlier.

At least that's my opinion.

Just SODL it goys!

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