Here we go boys

here we go boys

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Probably not going to be BAT listed since Coinbase isn't about to announce a collab with a homophobic ceo.

Unless they don't give a shit which would make me happy.

Who the fuck cares dude

except the ceo himself loves the idea of BAT lmao, noone gives a shit about the gays or homos or political correctness the end game is making tonnes of $$$$ mate.

He literally gave a fucking talk at coinbase. Are you fucking dumb?

is this b8? Who fucking cares what kikes and SJW golems think about someone when this literally disrupts the entire advertising market.

the best thing of the bear market is that it filters the fittest investments and investors

The true king of crypto.

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BAT won't be listed on Coinbase, first off Brandon Eich is a major homophobe, and secondly BAT costing more than a dollar would violate very basic principles laid out in the Brave white paper.

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Im glad for you Brenden, crypto is the perfect space for a scammer/conman/huckster like you, you might as well just dump your shit sub-pajeet level ripoff browser and go full time into crypto. And take that fag loving gook with you


lol same faggin' already??


What you mean? I just agree with what he said

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The poster ID is the same mate wowwwwwwwwwww

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Except...Evan Brandon predicted at least $3 eoy

oy vey

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>being this retarded

Here we go lads. Out of the bear.