Funfair - FUN

Who here got fun?
Not long until we go live. Who's ready?

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Been in a while. My body is ready. Worried about this market though.

It's held well during the dips the last two weeks. I think it's about to blast off.

Does it matter at this point? Crypto is done. There will be no new money when you can't even advertise it. Everyone who's the type to get into crypto already has. Now all that's left are the longterm hodlers that will NEVER sell, newfag bagholders, traders, and miners. Without new money coming in it will slowly bleed to mined coins being sold.

Shit man, that's some dank ass FUD right there.

so dank you reposted it to reddit?

still holding steady lads sitting on only 50k but i'm enjoying the ride

Holy fucking shit
I leave for 2 months and you pajeets are still posting this absolute garbage?

It's better than Link

>Not long until we go live
You bag holders have been saying that for MONTHS now

We mean it this time

Also reading the responses to that post you made on reddit and man do they sound desperate
>muh attention from golem will help
Brass soon(TM), right guys?
>waah he said newfags, how vitriolic
>Institutional money coming soon, I swear
Do yourself a favor and sell on the next pump to liquidate shorts instead of going down with the ship.

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Coinbase listing confirmed.

Drugs aren't advertised either and there's no shortage of new customers. Don't show your true power level, everyone will laugh at you.

Not selling mined coins either

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tell me how you consume your coins, user

Anyone else daytrade up 20k+ fun here? Started with 6k

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I love you based fudders

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I got 500,000FUN
This is a project that I believe in.

Wait, when exactly do we go live? The product, or a conference? Any announcements? Holy shit.

Apparently in "single digit weeks".

30 Million dollars for a two man team.
Really gets my panties in a twist.

Me sooo horny. Me love you long time fucky sucky looong time GI!

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hoping for some action until the end of the week.