Who here /notcaring/ anymore?

Who here /notcaring/ anymore?

At this point I've given up on being anxiety ridden all the time over day-trading when it's completely up to fat ass whales that pick and choose whichever way the price goes. On top of that they use normie TA to fuck margin traders up constantly, there's no point in even doing analysis other than looking at fundamentals for shitcoins and waiting for moon missions. I'm just riding this out from now on, I don't care anymore.

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Beginning to understand zen meditation

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I had a dream about this image. I think it is fixed location in time that cannot be altered. It is as strong as the devil. It is a fixture that furthers destruction of whatever sort of goodness has eluded me for years.

Guys, what if money is not the meaning of life? I know it can buy some necessities but, do we REALLY need these luxuries to be happy? I want to write a story and for relaxing I need to be alone, tomorrow I will climb a local mountain.

We need to have a calm mind while all this shit it's happening. If it goes up, good. if it doesn't, whatever.

This is a rite of passage for new traders. Takes about six months to one year or so. Possibly longer if the trader is only doing super conservative blue chippy stuff. Towards the shorter end of the spectrum when you jump straight in to speculative high volatility things like crypto. When you see all the swings and bullshit in the span of a few months you get to numb stage quicker. Numb is good though. When you're numb you're less likely to make emotional trades.

I do find it funny when you can lose thousands in a day and feel nothing but still fret over normal expenses like bread at the grocery store being 25 cents more expensive than it was last year. I know i'm not the only one who does that.

I'm the same. I'll trip out over having to pay a dollar or two over something. Meanwhile I'm down like 200K from ATH.

I'm reaching that point, whatever happens happens I guess.
creepy, tell me more

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>I do find it funny when you can lose thousands in a day and feel nothing but still fret over normal expenses like bread at the grocery store being 25 cents more expensive than it was last year.


wish this person would post their pantied butt already

Hmm, I may just take a break and watch for now and jump back in with the newfound sense of apathy. Crypto definitely teaches you hard lessons very quickly. Not being emotional, like you said, is huge in this.

Failure. Ambivalence. Death. A final abyss of unending darkness.

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Not even concerned. Now I just look at how much I went down and go huh neat and go back to making more coins or going about my day. I'm in this for the long game

Yeah, been this way since I stopped hitting new ATHs, I just don't care until I hit my price point. Either I make it or I'm right where I've always been. Only way I would sell is if I had enough to retire. Oh well.

I keep buying the dip only to buy the next dip

Underrated post.
In since november (despite knowing about crypto since early 2010), never been a trader or investor before, and I'm beginning to realize that.
Just entering the numbness stage.
Learning proper TA, especially price action, definitely helps turning you into a less emotional trader.

>muh whales
kys pajeet

Yeah that's very hivemindish of us to feel the same way at the same time. I'm laughing at the chaos of this. I certainly haven't given up day trading, but I've given up caring about how destroyed my portfolio is.

Fook sakes. Double dubs AGAIN. 2x quads, 2x double dubs, 2x dubs in the last 2 days. Kek pls!

>proper TA

The best part about it is casually telling your friends and family that you've "lost" thousands of dollars and they look at you like you need rehab when you tell them its probably a good time to get in

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I think it's the true Veeky Forums way.

kek, I've already done that.
>Yeah it's a great time to get into crypto
>really, how much have you made so far
>oh I'm down 60%, sure wish I got in now though haha
>I just keep adding more to DCA

What position are you holding

I don't know what you guys complain about. You know tether and USD exists right? Already doubled my stack in the bear market.

How to learn proper TA?

God damn it hurts to see biz bros get rekt
Getting justed to the point you dont care is not a good thing guys.
Please use some risk management. Like when you hit aths please keep 30% in low risk or maybe cash out
Problem is you guys got too rich too quick and failed to realize the value of the money you made because it was all too quick and you guys were completely new holding big portfolios
Portfolio over 100k should ALWAYS partly contain assets which are not volatile