Pre-ICO starts April 6th

>Pre-ICO starts April 6th
>0.0003 ETH per coin
>2 Million Marketcap
>ICO Starts April 26th
>Marketing begins
>Pre-ICO Investors sell to ICO investors
>ICO price is 0.002 ETH

How the FUCK are you not in this or at least not looking into it? Easy 6x minimum. Literally.

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flash ICOs like these bring in the most gains

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Marketcap isn't even 2 million.

SUPPLY is 2 million at 0.0003 ETH.
That's a 300k marketcap lmfao.

2million marketcap comes during ICO at 0.002 ETH each

Im going to look into this
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the virtual token concept alone is huge

so i can literally flip my money a minimum 6x in 20 days? how does this not sound too good to be true? i have 50k sitting in shitcoins, you telling me i can literally have 300k by 26th march?

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why would somebody buy into the ICO when they know for a fact that pre-ico is 6x cheaper and designed to sell their bags before this thing hits exchanges lmao

Is it giving out free coins or are there airdrops for it already?

probably going to be a small max amount to contribute :(

unless you can somehow create multiple accounts during pre-ico

and it's the fact that the pooltrade service itself is going to attract a lot of investors who haven't been able to invest in anything. It's literally a coin to be used for ICO investments.

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I'm hoping for some bounties

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Fuck Pooltrade
Wait for Poolerex

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While bounties are nice I like airdrops and free coins to get me in on things. ultra poorfag . I cant afford about 20dogecoins right now poor.

Hence wanting freecoins/airdrops info on this one.

>why would someone buy into the ICO
because the token is required to use the service you fucking cunt

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>Pre-ICO starts April 6th
>0.0003 ETH per coin
>ICO price is 0.002 ETH
6x, literally a classic pyramid
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Still no answer if you get tokens or not with this? I rather not sign up if I get nothing. Broke as it gets atm and free coins would be very nice.
If not i'll bookmark it for later

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PLTRD Token Information:

Supply: 2,000,000
Type: ERC20 Token
When the Pooltrade Beta goes live, PLTRD can be traded for ETH or any other ICO token.

During the Pooltrade Pre-ICO: 1 PLTRD = 0.0003 ETH
During the Pooltrade ICO: 1 PLTRD = 0.002 ETH

Token Buyback Program
During the ICO starting April 26th, Pooltrade will also hold a token buyback event.
Investors of the Pre-ICO can sell their PLTRD tokens to ICO investors at a pegged rate of 0.002 ETH per token.

How is this not just guaranteed fucking free money? Unless nobody buys into the ICO?

Only 500 000 tokens will be available in the pre-ico, which equals 69k dollars. So yeah, it'll be guaranteed money, but unless you're sitting ready on opening day, you're not going to get a lot.

If i was a dev i'd just buy out the entire pre-ico, 69k dollaroos that's fucking nothing
I'm not retarded right? 460 (eth price atm) / 0,0003 = 0.138*500 000= 69 000

460*0,0003=0,138*500 000=69 000
i meant