In a sea of red there is a green glimmer


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why this shit pumpin?

idk it just hit a 24hr ATH again

so glad I fomo'd at 2750 but wtf DO I DUMP???

Rumors of it hitting Coinbase

I hope you guys sold the pump. Overbought on daily chart even.

cool now im late to the party

Lol. Can we just rotate which coin is coming to coinbase every so often and spread the rumor to redditors? How many times can people fall for the same shit? Ripple has been coming to coinbase like nine times now and it pumps a bit every time.

Glad I accumulated some BAT while 0x was pumping. I'm pretty sure this coin has the best chance of getting picked.

Yeah but now it’s getting more real with the erc20 support officially released.

My understanding is that the coin is REQ.
But the pump in BAT against the downward surge suggests insider trading and maybe it is in fact BAT.
Who cares, I own 21k COSS and nothing else anyway so you all can die.

Not really rumors..look up"brian armstrong BAT tweet" and look at the tweet on his twitter from last year. He is ceo of coinbase. Look at coinbases twitter today, one year later. Look at the ceo of/brave, creator of BAT, brenden eich's twitter

Whatever, fucking nigger ass whales dropped their sell wall for a bit and it went up. This whole piece of shit market is manipulated and it's blatantly obvious to anybody who has been in it for more than a week. None of this shit does anything, it's just a series of pump and dumps, and we don't have the secret code because we don't pay multiple BTC to be in a whale group. Fuck this shit, I just want to break even by 2019.

Coinbase pump. BAT listed in 2019

But they've already confirmed funfair to be first.

Tired of having to jump ship every time a coin goes red. Every coin should be green. Crypto needs the stability of stocks, but the freedom to buy whenever you want to.

I'd be surprised if it isn't listed by mid year. Then an easy pump to 10 bucks.

In a sea of green it was the only red a couple days ago. I'm a BAT holder but you guys are are about to be disappointed.

Either is fine by me. I hold both BAT and FUN.

Holder too and sold the pump. Will buy back when it has cooled down. Comfy af.

This shit is going up. You have been warned. The tweet that people are talking about in this thread is pic related.

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With the way he implied it, If BAT doesn't get added to Coinbase soon, Brandon Each will officially be a scammer.

Yeah well its gonna correct in short term, quite hard.

Didn't you know?

Tubers and people enlisted on the payment program just got their possibly first contributions from Brave Payments. Hence the mooning.

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Beastmode engaged

BAT bears BTFO

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