What car does a self-made man buy when he wants to show the world he's truly made it? Miser fags fuck off

What car does a self-made man buy when he wants to show the world he's truly made it? Miser fags fuck off.

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Audi or some other german shit with terrible reliability

You still give a shit what they think of you. You haven't made it.

Get whatever the fuck you want.

An entire nation.

Aston martin

exactly, you want to show the world you are willing to shell out $300 for a tow truck 3 times a month.

if you have to ask....

a porsche

no lie. self made men drive a porsche

Some people still participate in society user, caring about what people think is something you grow into, not out of. Sorry but it is the way it is.

Lamborghini is literally made to show off, doesn't even try to hide behind a coat of pretentiousness.

The most upper end Mercedes sports models are absolute head turners and cost the same amount as a lambo or Ferrari but do. present themselves with a touch of class that the lambo doesnt have.

Really its all up to personal taste but any expensive sports series car shows you made it, whats important is the car is congruent to your personality. A young 20 year old driving a jaguar or aston Martin may actually come off as tacky and would be. better seen in a gallardo or r8. Meanwhile an older man who is strong of character can drive just. about anything as long as the car is just an extension of his personality, like his wealth, rather than the. foundation.

I know too many dudes who bought 3 series BMWs or M3's once they made it. Good for them but god damn are they uncreative.

Sry too busy jerking off over crypto

rolls royce duh

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>Implying you know what society is.

Guess it depends on the person. If I make it, I would want to participate in society. Cutting the bullshit and driving the diesel panel van you really crave will save you a lot of time wasted talking to social climbing fake fucks. Hot take.



Insecure fuck detected

Whatever the hell he wants.

Me, I'd go for an Aston for the weekends and a loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee for daily. Photos do not do Aston Martins justice, they are the most beautiful cars in the world. Hand-built, too.

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Where's the lie? If you think you're to cool to care about what other people think then grow up, being some edgy "i don't care what people care of me" faggot goes nowhere and will only hinder you in your social life.

#madeit reporting in

I bought an R8

Buying a fancy car doesn’t mean you made it, it means you’re a douchebag. The only way to show status through automobiles is to be driven around by your personal on call driver

Man Larkin Love cleans up pretty well. Its nice to see porn stars dress classy.

Anyway I would say it depends how far you've "made it".

Here is my life plan:
1-3 years taking public trans
3 years you make it buying Volkswagen GTI if in hilly area, Ford Mustang if you suburbs, if New York do a FIAT 500
6 years you do a sleek Crossover, assuming you have a kid and wife, if you are gay or a nerd, do either a $40000 BMW, a manly Truck like a F-150, or some truck that looks as asshole as possible,
9 years you hopefully didn't have cancer or sexually harrass an intern
Bentley convertible, Full On Spawn Van with your 3 kids by Ferrari
Take long break from cars
21 years later buy a classic sports car from 2020, last model that isn't self-driving and has good horsepower and really reward yourself for a life well lived

>self-made man
>he wants to show the world he's truly made it
>Miser fags fuck off.
sounds like you have watched too much TV.

Still nothing can amend that horrible tattoo on the belly
Even stretchmarks would be better than that mess

Having an expensive car is so retarded, srs just buy a wan instead

This is a good choice but you're missing a key ingredient: a chauffeur.

If you think that you need validation from others then you are literally a woman. Cut that dick, cuck boy. You don't need to be edgy, but at the same time you should be able to walk proudly even when covered in shit. So yea, your choice is irrelevant at the end of the day. You'd still be that anxious Bob who stutters at the first butter face Stacy at this rate

Truly made it? A rolls royce

Fo shizzle.

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Personally I want to buy a slavegirl when I make it.

Needless to say that's quite a ways a way

Larkin Love is fucking hot. I want to maul those titties.

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I want to make it so I can pay Larkin Love to lick my face and spit on me.

Get a Range Rover so I can live vicariously through you

Once you truly made it you wont need a car because you are already there

She knows how to suck real well. Wish she escorted, it would be a sort of dream to be able to finally smash a chick I've been wacking it to since I was a teen

I'll be driving alexa bliss's naked ass all day

>to show the world he's truly made it
loser mindset, but I want a nissan 240z because it looks cool as fuck


he buys a yacht or a golfstream

Pronounced "porch".


Porch is attached to the front of your house

Larkin Love, yes she does. Have fun.

or maybe people like driving fancy cars you salty douche.

Aston Martin.

This. Buy whatever the fuck you want beta incel.

I'd go with Maserati GranTurismo

Bentley or a Maybach

Jaguar F-Type

A Ford crown victoria. Rich men are rich because they save their assets in investments not depreciating bling

That's how you pronounce it. (It rhymes with Café)

Source: Am German

She actually held a raffle recently. If you won you could smash her on tape and then decide to what to do with the video.
Either publish it and make the monies or have your own personal memorial wank.

rich men are rich because they buy coffee at starbucks. lol fuck off, the whole point of being rich is to afford depreciating bling

Cars are already meme.

A previous generation large body Mercedes coupe.

>Bought it new, but I'm not fomo'ing into the newest thing after every refresh. I'll pass it to the wife and get the new one in 4 years.

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>Violet hair


Literally you. The only kind or respect you need is respect for your hard work. You won't get respect by "making it" through lottery or crypto gambling. Trying to get it with fancy cars and bling-blings only make you look pathethic. And in both cases there will be people who like you and hates you, whatever you do. Therefore, that bullshit
> caring about what people think is something you grow into
shows that you are just socially inexperienced fuck, who got out from moms basement just by miracle, if ever did.

The whole point of amassing wealth is to be able to amass even more wealth. It's easy to spend your lottery millions in to nothing.

Do I look chink, motherfucker?

You haven't truly made it unless you have the free time to build your own car. Fuck this whole thread.

epitome of made man.

porsches are shit
you know what they remind everyone of? an accountant

Damn, going from to . What a shame.

every one of those high end sedan like bmw, mercedes, audi, alfa romeo, jaguar etc

They sometimes pay porn stars more money to fuck a black guy. So at the end of the day porn stars are really just whores who are doing it for the money

A caller on the Suzy oremon show said they wanted to buy a dump truck. Reason: one of their neighbors had one. She told him no of course after he explained he wouldn't use it much.

So in this case a dump truck became a item of status.