Is he going to jail?

is he going to jail?

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Based Snyder got to bang Amanda Bynes in her prime before she turned into whatever this is

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is pizzagate FINALLY actually going to literally unironically do something for once with all the information out there?

Jesus Christ. What is that

la creatura...

she needs a handler these days. As in she can't be trusted by herself, someone follows her around and helps her socialize + function, etc. Source: Fuck LA

Dan ((Schneider))...... Goddam all these mofos are pedos

>Dan ((Schneider))...... Goddam all these mofos are pedos

Who said anything about pedo, he just screamed and was being mean to people you cuck.

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She has that 100% typical MK Ultra look in her eyes.

What the fuck? There's no way they're taking down "She's a fighter, hold her tighter, while I come inside her" Schneider. Some (((people))) are just untouchable.

Fucking clown. Not only he was raping these kids, he polluted generations of children with their shows that will end up like that Bynes bitch

It's so fucking wierd what he's doing these days. I remember him as the fat loser on Head of The Class with that redhead chick I had a thing for. Now he's diddling children and having them post their feet online for his sick amusement

kek that is not Amanda Bynes, Amanda is fat nowadays

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>When you sexually abuse children they end up broken
Nah, really?

Christ, the foot logo...This is chilling.

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pizzagate is actually how i got into crypto
i'm so rich now
she so kekked :(

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Didn't Dan Schneider get exposed years ago by pol and r9k? Were they right all along?

Any of you still believe in pizzagate? I know a lot of info is discredited but some things still hold right?

this is the child of rape by a fat jewish fuck

((They)) run Hollywoood. I bet on everything there are a lot worse things going on than we know. These fucking kids need to speak out, bring all of ((them)) down

Nothing opens your eyes to the elites like getting rich quickly. You have the means to float in their circles but you still have your quaint pleb notions like the fundamental worth of human life.

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lol I remember reading about Dan back in 2013 on's misc forum. I also saw him mentioned on /pol/ around 2015ish.

What is it about bodybuildings forum? I never posted on it but whenever I end up there through google searches it seems like the only regular registration forum worth half a shit that's ever existed.

>doubting /pol/

I hate /pol/ but they are always right

You fucking hooknosed faggot

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Goddamn never thought it’d happen. No shit pizzagate is real. Pedophilia in elite circles has been revealed for decades it’s just no one does anything about it. Finally something is going down. Is this trump?

Q predicted this.
not even memeing, he was hinting at this & i speculated it was nickelodean & schneider

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My question is... Why are they actually naked? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to have something covering their nips so it only looks like they're naked?

Everyone lifts so they have higher test and that reflects in their views. Always had a culture of shitposting and bantz. Lots of aussies post there. The culture is very "chad normie". Lift, get pussy, drink with the boys, etc. However it still maintains a group of incels like our /r9k/ers.

I haven't been in years though.


Allegations against Dan were similarly discredited years ago, as was US government spying on citizens, funny how those turned out.

They weren't actually naked friendo that's just a shop

idk if that's real or not but those are some decent titties

Its not just jews, look at Biden.

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Fucking finally.

Biden is an admitted Zionist. Jew blood or not he’s a slave to them.

It’s jews and everybody that’s around them. Biden is on tape saying he’s a Zionist. Just look it up on YouTube. These people are just filthy, they actually have Rabbis suck news born dicks the day they get circumcised. Sick, sick people and just imagine the destruction on these kids and the the ones watching the shows, nothing but degenerate for filth.

at least he'll go down as a god among footfags

And now ((they)) will blame it on white people. Like look another white powerful man takes advantage of his power.

It's probable, don't ya' think?
I think she's corrected herself recently. I could be mistaken.

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Those names are as Jewish as they come

>posting Metokur

I know but ((they)) will turn it around quickly on white people. Plus most people don’t even follow these things.

Oy vey are you some kinda anti-semite?


>And now ((they)) will blame it on white people.
if you go back in news history, the media never used the term 'white hispanic'. then the trayvon martin thing happened and mexicans or latinos became white hispanics. kek

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Not entirely true, the FBI has been categorizing Hispanics as white for decades in crime statistics.

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Wondering if Nick is cutting ties with him before the bombshell is dropped, who knows?

aye the FBI, but the MSM never bothered. except in that particular case because they needed to push a narrative, heck they went so far as to shoop Zimmerman's pic to make him look more white.

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Though that's true, it's slightly different. The media knew they couldn't call Zimzam white because people would be saying, wtf he's hispanic. So they went with white-hisapnic in order to continue the narrative that every bad thing is done by whitey. No one is really looking at criminal reports and seeing the obvious crime padding on white stats.

That was a crock of shit. I didn't know anything about the story until it had been going for a while and based on the way they were talking about Zimmerman I thought he'd be some grand wizard looking dude in his 50's. Then I actually see a picture of him and laughed my ass off.

I'd love to fuck her brapper
You guys are tripping
Nigga i'm from LA... but i agree fuck this weird shit hole with all walks of degenerates

I wonder if the old Nick crews will be posting to Twitter in the days that follow with some entertaining rape stories.

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/pol/ is always right

Lol thats so fake
He might have done that stuff but I'm not buying it from some throwaway account

>Live in rich city
>filled with goy filth
Confirmed for snakey, loud, shit people
except maybe 1%

I’m getting major deja vu from this thread. What the fuck is going on here?

it's fake lol

any man who is grinning ear to ear being around children who are not his own is a pedo

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Jesus H, I've know for awhile this dude is a footfag but damn a pedo too.

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What did he mean by this?

oh nononononnoononnoonononnoonnononoononononononononononono

Drugs. When she was a kid her parents let some fat Jew rape her so she could make it in Hollywood.

>He just screamed and was mean and raped little girls. Oy vey, nothing wrong with that

Dan "The Big Dick at Nick" Schneider has been a meme on Veeky Forums for years.

Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider

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you have got to be a literal fucking retard to look at that foot and see a 6-8 year olds food. how fucking out of touch with society are you mongs. the measurement is also fucking retarded because of the angle of the leg going back into space. i hate this faggot and which his goofy head would get popped like a pumpkin, but you guys are retards

This Dan Schneider is the next Weinstein. All of these former child actors will be making accusations. More fuel for the #metoo shit, and Nickelodeon will go bankrupt.

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go pollute pol,this is about biz not some thicc pedo on tv

Good fuck those fat kikes. Hollywood should burn.

>He touched me where I pee

>But I poop from there

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/pol/ was saying Sneider is a foot fetish pedo for years.
Who the consperitard now?

You can kinda just look at that guy in the eye and see he is evil.

nah those are just average merchant beady eyes.

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>"nah those are just average merchant beady eyes"
>Implying long nose merchant beady eyes tribe aren't evil

Dan who?

Dan "Beat My Meat on Your Bare Feet" Schneider

>and Nickelodeon will go bankrupt.
You had it up until there. Nick will be fine because they got out ahead of it and fired him before any stories broke (official stories, not rumors). They'll deny any knowledge or involvement and simply issue a statement that they and Schnider have already "parted ways." They are distancing themselves from him already

Bad measuring aside, that is some tiny-ass leg and foot

Dan "Clamp Her Tighter, She's A Fighter" Schneider

Dan 'Three finger in her' Schneider

oh shit eww

>is he going to jail?
at the very least hes going for a ride in the van

i fucking wish i could be there when the SAs are interrogating him.

"so why exactly do they call you dan 'tie her down and nut inside her' schneider?"

i got a sneaking feeling our friend dan is gonna put harvey and everyone elses sexual scandals to shame. been saying this dude was a creep for going on 8 years. feels good to be vindicated.

the real question is, what company should i short in relation to this type of scandal? is there anything out there that i could put a put out on?

Holy shit I used to love this show growing up. The last part "Look at what you've done to me" says so much

God Im going to be sick

the faggot probably raped my childhood crush jennette mccurdy and i only recently saw her vine she did regarding dan schneider
we unironically need a guillotine on every street corner and get rid of the perverted elite

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WTF. creepy as fuck

okay, he took pictures of my feet and its' why i am unable to get pregnant now

LOL..okay bitch is cray

you speak out you never work again. money and fame all gone

So, they do it to themselves


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Beer Can Dan
Danny Diapers
"Ass Man" Dan
Danny Daycare
Spread 'em Dan
Candy Man Dan
Family Man Dan
"Big Daddy" Dan
"Deepthroat" Dan
The Big Dick @ Nick
“Dirty” Dan Schneider
Open Wider Schneider
Schneider The Butcher
"Bend Over" Schneider
"Foot Soldier" Schneider
Dan “The Man” Schneider
Dan "The Biter" Schneider
Dan "The Spider" Schneider
Dan "The Defiler" Schneider
Dan "The Initiator" Schneider
"Down South" Dan Schneider
Dan "The Plunger" Schneider
Dan "The Bladder" Schneider
Dan "The Seducer" Schneider
Dan "Teen Bedder" Schneider
Dan “Rough Ryder” Schneider
Dan “The Collector” Schneider
"No Lube Required" Schneider
Dan "The Despoiler" Schneider
Dan "Deep Pounder" Schneider
Dan “She’s a Fighter” Schneider
Dan "Get in The Van" Schneider
Dan "Cunny Hoarder" Schneider
Dan "I've Had Tighter" Schneider
Dan "The Fart Inhaler" Schneider
Dan “Deep Inside Her” Schneider
Dan "The Overnighter" Schneider
Dan "Came Inside Her" Schneider
"Please Mister, Slower" Schneider
Dan “Likes ‘Em Tighter” Schneider
Dan "The Rough Rider" Schneider
Dan "The Meat Grinder" Schneider
Dan "The Diaper Slider" Schneider
Dan “The Cheek Divider” Schneider
Dan "The Virginity Taker" Schneider
Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider
Dan “The Hymen Collider” Schneider
Dan "The Demolition Man" Schneider
Dan "The Cervix Wrecker" Schneider
Dan "This One's a Bleeder" Schneider
Dan "The Pussy Annihilator" Schneider
Dan "The Starlet Sodomizer" Schneider
Dan "The Junior High Insider" Schneider
Dan "Already Creampied Her" Schneider
Dan "I like 'em Small And Tan" Schneider
Dan "That Ass Could Be Redder" Schneider
Dan "But I Poop From There, Mister" Schneider
Dan "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" Schneider
Dan "We Got Ourselves A Screamer" Schneider
Best Man Dan "The Warmth Provider" Schneider
Dan "The Man With The Plan (to rape)" Schneider
Dan "Say Goodbye To Your Brown Eye" Schneider
Dan “If You Have A Daughter You Better Hide Her” Schneider

why does that red head look like shes' thinking "i fucked him so im the star now"

No I meant those evil beady eyes are nothing special among his tribe.

Dan 'el hombre en la van' Schneider

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Is it a coincedence that both Harvey Weinstein and Dan Schneider both look like the bad guy from True Detective?

I think not...

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retard. do you really think that he only took (hundreds of) pictures of her feet? dont be so naive user. the poor fucking girl was probably raped repeatedly, drugged, passed around to other hollywood execs. this shit is like a community for these fucking freaks. wouldnt surprise me if she was forced to get several abortions (very young abortions do a number on the uterine walls) to cover up for the fact she was raped.

trust me, if even a quarter of the shit ive heard about this freak are true, then even the tame stuff that will be released to the public will make your skin crawl. i can imagine most girls wont want to attach their name to this (especially given harveys precedent of hiring ex-mossad to follow his accusers), so i doubt we the public will be getting a full in depth explanation of what happened.

but dan is finally gonna get his v&. first zuck gets thrown under a truck, then dan gets to go in a ride in the party van. weinstein co actually filed for bankruptcy last week. these fucks are seriously going down. its like a dream

it's like a wave

a wave of pedophilia