Well played Talal. Fucking exit scammed

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Talal is a broski, he wont let us down


No not really. It's the hourly FUD thread by that one person.

The fact that someone is trying this hard to make up fake FUD on this is pretty telling

Manlets always lead to glory

Believe in Talal

Stinky fucking arabs

fucking sandmonkeys, they can\t do anything right

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Lmao what the fuck??

oh shit its real i just saw it myself on telegram SELL SELL SELL

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Talal hasn't posted in a week or so despite being on. I'm pretty sure he is hiding and trying to avoid posting the article because the news won't be as positive as hoped.

That or he wants it to pump and Binance will be listing them in a few days so he is waiting.

JNT threads used to be cozy and had lot of informations posted by smart people.
Now it's just fuding for the sake of fuding or to accumulate.

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When JNT hits about $1.80 I will be a millionaire. I still shitpost and FUD most threads because it doesn't actually matter. I believe in the team.

Nothing new to discuss, so everyone just shitpost to bait noobs

cause we're all bored and just waiting at this point

oh shit its real i just saw it myself on telegram BUY BUY BUY

Srsly, fuck that black nigger monkeys. Literally the garbage of human kind.

Now now, first there were jack shit thread like these. Then, butthurt anons came along, promoting the needed information. Now everyone knows, so everyone just spews shit.

>Someone took the time to make this



bought another 2k jibbies thx 2 biz

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Ah finally, the Medium article is out.

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Just so you know... Jibrel has partnered with multiple Korean banks.

>muh medium article
Just wait faggots, the moon mission will come in due time

Just so you know... Jibrel has partnered with every bank on the world.

>Muh source
Just wait faggots, the moon mission will come in due time

Disclaimer: I am not a desperate bagholder

Just so you know... Jibrel has partnered with every bank on the universe.

>Muh source
Just wait faggots, the moon mission will come in due time

Disclaimer: I am not a desperate bagholder


If Binance (or others exchanges) works on a USD to crypto trading pair, will jUSD useless?

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jCash is obsolete for exchange use when there are direct fiat pairs. The arbitrage use case wont happen without jCash exchange listings tho. Good luck

It is confirmed. Whole universe is getting tokenized until EoY

Also they can't just claim to tokenize everything lmao. Think of the capital they'd need to back everything. It's a clear marketing machine made to exit scam.

Yes sir, do the needful and sell before imminent exit scam. Do not trust scamelcoin, sir.

Nice spam you fucking pajeet.

What?do you even know what jibrel is?Its for institutions to use their vast sums of money to make use of onchain/offchain arb while being safely financially backed and regulated.Binance using it for pairings would just be a small bonus.

Shoo shoo pajeet

Double down on an investment and risking a pledge. Yeah sure.

pure garbage project, good selling the paper thin buy walls.

lol the amount of weak FUD for this coin is hilarious. People desperate to get their buy orders filled.

Maybe it's just a shitcoin user? I mean you can't even sell 20K without crashing the price. Razor thin books. It's a bad sign.

Desperate to get in buy orders? Fuck people are warning you since the beginning that this whole project doesn't make sense. Now they missed another of their own deadlines and the price is dropping back below ICO any second from now.

But yeah this will be EoY or even 1k. I am so done with all the newfags on this board. This is your first altcoin investment right? At least you are getting burned... just learn outta your mistakes

jesus fucking christ
could somebody pls ban the shitheadsibling ricardo, dat boi and frank from the tg?
i know you stupid nolifefuckers are constantly making this shit threads
this utter retards have nothing else to do other than vomiting in the tg channel and wondering why gaylal has no intention in interacting with you shitheads
get a life or kys, everyone hates you

The telegram is even more cancerous than this board. I just check to see if Talal has said anything and close it.

Yeah sure...3 random guys are endangering your financial investment...how desperate can you be?

what are you talking about you shithead?
i have no worries about the future of this
i'm worried about the cancer i might get from your constant shitposting you fucking retard

These guys sure meme a lot on TG but they're the most knowledgeable about the project and constantly help out noobies. I'm actually quite thankful for their presence on the telegram.


fuck yourself ricardo, dat boy or frank
you stupid nobrainers are worse than the usual pajeets

>price is dropping back below ICO any second from now
still 3 times up from ico, dunno what youre talking about user :-)

They annoy me so fucking much. What sort of asshole can spend almost all of their day shit posting in an obscure crypto telegram. They act like they are celebrities.

We're the only reason Jibrel isn't dipping below ICO price. Literal pillars of the Jibrel community. Kys faggot

ICO was 25 cents

This is the average newfag. Look at him and learn from him.

How retarded are you? Tell us more about you

If you honestly think that you are incredibly deluded.

If you're invested in Jibrel, you should sucking my cock right now

You are incredibly deluded and should probably kill yourself just to be safe.

Just ask one of your other telegram buddies to do that

You are utterly useless since we are back to ico price

the 6 or so idiots from the telelgram are a complete cancer.If any of the telelgram admins are reading this, please ban them.

Fuck Ricardo Wojack and his retarded gypsy brothers Dat Boi and Frank Gallagher. Fucking assholes messing with my bags.

I swear this family has to be deported back to Pakistan. It's fucking up the Jibrel Telegram

Talal is in a private group with all of us. You're deluded if you think we're getting banned.

youre deluded if you really think someone would believe that, you shitheads are in a private gay group that's no secret
go fuck yourself you retarded incels
i will ask the admins to ban you everyday now
you are the worst cancer i have ever seen here
and all that time for your 1k "investment"
what did go wrong in your lifes?

Hahahaha yeah, sure pal. If that's true please don't make talal kill himself

can you give me a quick run down on what they do and who they are? i see posts mentioning them constantly but never took the time to see what they do that is so annoying

AHAHAHAHA FAGGOT. Your secret good isn't even secret.

I know for a fact that someone close to Jibrel team has infiltrated you. I was in the group before, and was contacted by police once I made death threats there.


go fuck yourself, you are one of them
either way, for others:
ricardo, dat boi and frank
constantly shitposting, frogposting and memeing shit in the tg
invested their small allowance in jnt and think they are some kind of ambassadors
make the 10 jnt shitthreads here everyday
fucking retards with no life outside of the tg which they turned into /biz
i fucking hate you all and so does everyone in the channel

What's this now?

You don't know who I am? Please kys

I cant wait til this coin moons, the second you idiots gets diluted by new users and they all realize what cancers you are, you'll all be banned in a heartbeat.Enjoy it while it lasts.

>hating frank,boi and wojack
>they don't know

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Jibrel is nothing without us faggot

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tick tock, tick tock......


Making your own blacked memes is pretty sad. Don't turn us into the new linkies

You have to be 18 to post here.

I talked with Talal on Telegram yesterday.
It's a matter of time before ricardo, dat boi and frank get banned.

Prove it faggot

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