Abandoned houses and copper

Have crackheads already stripped most of them in Detroit?

Asking from a real estate prospective.

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>for sale: $100
>zestimate: $31,603

wtf is this shit? explain yourself burgers

also how much do the covenants usually cost on these meme houses?

In Detroit, the new property owners are liable for all back taxes the previous owners incurred

Tldr niggers run city into ground

nice you can sell this house for a skateboard

Idk why any rich celebrity doesn't turn that city around. $100? Man fucking flip these homes. Nothing ever gets done. Home renovation should be at an all time high.

I will go on kill rampage in 1week
Killing only refuges
They wont destroy my county
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A lesson in what niggers and white liberals do to a place after 50+ years of their reign.


Cool it man, that's my birthday.

Good luck man, but honestly you'd have a greater impact killing one jew politician than a hundred refugees

So Detroits collapse had nothing to do with the collapsing manufacturing base, especially in its auto industry? Instead you are blaming people with brown skin and are going to become a murderer?

Are you on SSRIs? Just curious?
I suppose you know if you did do this it will be used to support the gun ban and disarm American citizens?

I can't understand why the new owner should be responsible for back taxes on the property.

I can’t understand it either. Apparently hundreds of thousands of people are in the same boat which is why the cityhas lost 75% of its population in 45 years.

why don't they cancel the back tax then?

Born and raised in Detroit and you're a moron if you think anyone with half a brain is going to leave anything of value in these hoes for some out of town vulture to get later

The city needs the money. By keeping the tax on the books, they can use it as collateral for loans, which of course are never getting paid back, either. In the fairy-tale where ”Detroit’s coming back” which gets trotted out every few years, the city gets years of property taxes up front, instead of having to wait years. In reality those buildings are drug dens and housing for criminal transients, which is why every October 30th people (at least used to) burn them down while the fire department looked the other way. If all this sounds insane and stupid, then you’re a right thinking individual. It’s also nigh impossble (legally) to own guns in the city, lmao.

It is the same way in Pittsburgh.

I follow a channel on youtube with a guy that is in the business of selling houses in the hoods of Detroiut and believe me it is probably not worth it.

Tenants who absolutely trash an apartment in 6 months, squatters, copper thieves aka scrappers, crime, cold weather and so on..

Sure you can buy houses cheap and rent them out for a profit, but expect the unexpected..

hey op you might like this dudes channel,
fixes up properties and looks a shit houses for potential investors in Detroit


Some poor Person bought 7 properties on Ebay for 5k,, Here they are,, The Shea Show


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I'll give you 20$

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Point is niggers can't build shit. So when liberals with the help of niggers run a city into the ground the feral pavement apes don't have the brains to keep it from getting worse let alone make it better after all the white people flee.

It's the year 2018 and niggers in Africa still live in mid and grass huts just like they did when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I have an idea.

Lets start a charity. We can play to all the liberals that want to help with the 'refugee crisis', 'homeless crisis' and 'I am white and feel bad about it' crisis

Basically fund raise like crazy, buy up shit houses in detroit and put all them over there.

Rake in cash in mgmt fees like any other charity and 'donate' the houses to the refugees so they can be 'american homeowners'. If you place 100 families you can soak up all the drippy wet lib pussy and spend what, 50k in total?

>just like they did when the dinosaurs roamed the earth
Please be bait.

Added bonus: they will probably radicalize and start shooting up the neighborhood.

>raking it in
>from homeless refugees

pls tell us what coins you're in so we know to avoid

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Are you dull, you get the money from rich libs, and donate the houses to .. people .. to avoid the back taxes, maint costs and dealing with the fucks

I've briefly thought about why people aren't buying property in Detroit as well.

It's definitely a long term hold, but in the meantime, why not stack up property and just hold onto it? You won't make passive income because you won't be renting, it will continue to be a dilapidated property.

If the dude in this video could buy 7 homes for 5k, imagine what you could do with 50k (I understand back taxes need to be accounted for)

The homes are already stripped of anything of value, so now you've got a vacant lot, primed for whatever developer wants to come in, destroy and build in 10-20 years.

High risk. There's no guarantee people will ever move back in great numbers, so you're stuck holding a shitpile in the middle of nowhere and paying rates for the privilege.
Not to say I wouldn't consider it if I was a burger that lived close enough to check in every now and then and make sure Jamal hadn't completely wrecked the place.

god what a fucking shithole.

Wanna pro tip? Don't buy any homes anywhere. Stack gold and silver. Wait for the deflationary collapse of all asset prices that is inflated because of all the cheap money QE injected into the system.

Then a few ounces of gold or 2-300 ounces of silver will buy you probably 5 median prices homes outright without a mortgage.

You people aren't thinking at all. EVERYTHING.... food.... homes.... stock market.... is overinflated and this debt fueled fiat money scheme is coming to an end.

Now not saying your gonna literally exchange your gold for a home but you transfer that gold into the next currency when things reset.

If you gave me 500k right now and I could either buy a home or gamble it at a roulette table, id gamble it at a roulette table. Housing might be the worst investment out there right now.

Aren’t there stupidly high property taxes or some shit like that?

You are a MANIAC

>Housing might be the worst investment out there right now
Depends on where you live. Buying property in Sydney is like getting a mortgage for $1M BTC at 19k.
Whereas I can buy land and a nice house right now for $100K half an hour away from my job. That doesn't seem too bad to escape the (((landlord))).
Gold is definitely in a dip, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't recommend going all in, and if you work somewhere near cheap property, go for it.

You don't have to worry about property taxes you have to worry about the deflationary collapse of all asset prices and a median priced American home declining upwards 90% and gold be revalued between 10-100k per ounce one day.

Housing is the worst investment possible right now.

You need to be worried about protecting your assets with the coming game deflationary collapse and then scoop up 10 homes outright for like 20 measly ounces of gold.

Gold owners will be part of the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. Silver too.

Shit... for most of human history a days wage was a silver piece the size of a roman denarius or silver dime even in America 200 years ago.

You could conceivably have generational type wealth with just 10k invested in silver right now. Where 3-4 days work equals a silver dime... because there are so many more people on the planet before and much less silver.

Yes true it depends where you live right now... but when the currency crisis hits us it'll all be fucked.

There is actually nothing wrong with goof all in on old and silver BECAUSE it's impossible to lose with gold and silver. The dollar value of gold is absolutely meaningless.... gold didn't all of a sudden become valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. So people who value gold in terms of dollars are flat wrong.

The entire point in buying gold is because fiat is a scam and you want money and wealth for when it collapses.

In fact... I WISH gold would go back to 300$ per ounce because that would mean the govt isn't out of control anymore and prices would fall so you wouldn't lose anything in real terms if gold were to go down $1,000

Going all in I mean above... not goof

Long before we got to the point where 2 oz gold = 1 western home China would dump their gold bags and buy up our land. Probably.


>dems cutting taxes

Nah... china will lease their gold to other countries so they can have a say in other countries politics to benefit themselves.

China has sponsored to its citizens to buy silver and gold. When the dollar loses its status and gold is revalued those ghost cities will fill up faster than your head can spin.

>it's impossible to lose with gold and silver.
I went all in on gold in 2011 because I believed the kind of things you believe now. At this point, I have most certainly have lost. Cash under mattress would have been better. Maybe that will change in a few years time but I'm not sure of it.

Is buying up shitholes like this solely for the property value a decent long term investment strategy? The human population is growing exponentially and land should only increase in value. That is, unless we start living on the moon or something which isn't going to happen in my lifetime or my childrens, most likely.

You have to occupy the land, and pay property taxes. Otherwise squatters can legally take over

Dude, you get the money from the government. Gotta relocate poor illiterates to your neighborhood donchaknow? Feds fund programs with who knows what money, middle men managers come in and buy the property and do some pro forma explanation of what it’s like to live in America to the new arrivals, then the middle men send the bill to the Feds, who certainly have no idea what the underlying assets are worth. Christian charities are all about exactly this. Gotta spread the word of God and rake in some sweet, unaccountable and tax-free dem pragrams moneys.

Story time: I grew up in one of these shithole cities. A friend was a refugee from the Yugoslav wars. He was young when it happened, found out he and his mother got asylum, thought he just hit the lottery, going to live in Disneyland. Surprise, it’s niggertown instead! We both moved away when we could. That feel when a kid from a 3rd world civil warzone says he thinks his new home is fucked up and depressing, that’s when you know it’s time to leave.

Sound logic, however I'm actually in the market to buy the apartment I'm renting here in Paris (Amerifag living in Frogland). I can get a good deal if i can finally close the deal with the old man that owns it.

It would cost me below market, I can put more than half down with the bank and mortgage the rest. Mortgage rates are something crazy like fixed 2%.

Apartments in Paris are becoming more and more scarce (many apartments are kept in the family and inherited, many owned by foreigners like saudis and chinese, etc). With Brexit it's almost certain that Paris will become the financial capital of Europe, which would mean a big influx of buyers with money. All they need to do is force the kebab and negroids out of the city.

These houses are so cheap. You could almost rent security guards to protect your house 24/7 for at least decade and still safe lot of money

Jamals going to fuck it up whether you check on your property or not. You could catch Jamal breaking in to shoot dope and he’s just give you a ”fuck you” before contining his shit. Defending your long-term investment shack with any force catches you a felony and the violence of all of Jamal’s homies. Your $100 investment is appraised at $30K at least so you’re going to pay more in property taxes every year than your initial investment, even if you can find a property that’s clear from back taxes. And there’s no guarantee that the city won’t just eminent domain your shit and compensate you the fair maket value of $100 before whatever magic happens to make your investment worthwhile. It’s a luscious mix of nigs and tricks that keeps places like this hopeless, and not even bankruptcy and a dictatorial re-writing of city policy can make a difference.

Buy cheap houses, refurbish them completely, each house comes with a mining rig.
Rename Detroit Crypto City.

Aah Paris, the city of beggars and dog shit. What a wonderland.

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Rich celebrities can't do shit. On the other hand, if you had a few big n tech companies create offices there, the place would be gentrified so fast people wouldn't know what to do with the money.