Lithuanians are waking up

Lithuanians are waking up

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Lithuanian here.
Fucking kill me, or I will do it myself.
I'm fucking warning you.

It's 9am in Lithuania, user. They are long awake already.

Lithuanian just started theirs workday. Better sell yours bit corns while you can, before Lithuanians starts sell off.

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As if all Lithuanians investors selling off would even make a difference in the market. USA normies and Chynas miners are the only market movers.

R u dumb? Lithuania and Belarus are biggest whales

Don't you fucking dare me or i will fucking kill you.

Shouldn i sell my buttcorn?

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How wealthy am I relative to other Lithuanians?

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you mean blockfolio?

E seni duok 100k euritu?

In general I guess, never had a real job so i'm wondering how I stack up against other 20-somethings

About time you reformed the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth again and stopped being irrelevant except as somewhere Russia rapes occasionally

i'd say barley 50% or rather 90% people make that in a lifetime lmao

Can confirm. Minimum wage here is 400 euros a month and even then you get 360 or some shit after taxes. Welcome to hell.
>tfw Lithuanian and didn't make it

>tfw Britbong but have 9/10 qt Lithuanian grill that buys cryptos with


you mean to say youre moldav, gypsi or negro?

>Having a gf at all
Oh am I laffin m8

Lithuanian girls are the best girls in the world. They blow British girls out of the water.

Yeah you have some fyfas and rajonines but the majority of cute uni types are unbelievable. Don't take it for granted braske, find a nice one before some 6ft8 basketball Chad ruins her forever.

>tfw Lithuanians orchestrated attack on English double spy and now they are crashing crypto market while they cashing out

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Too late Americano, Lithuanians will not be stopped.
From sea to the sea.
Nuo jūros iki jūros

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wew lad :v)