Who else buying the dip here?

Who else buying the dip here?

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Within 1-2 weeks btc and all coins on normiebase will rise. Btc 11-14k. Alta recover but no serious bull rush yet. We wait

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buy order set at $900

I thought I bought it 2 days ago

Me, but at key points for key projects with news.

Good buys :

REQ @ .20 cents
RLC @ $1 even
LINK @ .40

All recover swiftly upon any upturn. Take 40-80%, tether, and wait for the next dip.

>bought eth at 800 thinking it's jus a small dip
> it drop below 700, buy more and think it's wont dip anymore.
>drop below 500$.

Bought at $7920 earlier and got into alts

I've been buying the deep since 20k. Kill me

Just bought more FUN

lol they're still calling a CRASHING MARKET a "dip"

Me i'm all over it.

Even cashing in on a few autofaucets I was letting built up so I can massively buy in on the dip

When it hits 5000 I'll buy

Bitcoin this time last year $1000
Bitcoin today 8000$
>crashing market
See you at 80k this time next year you 35 IQ senile cock bandit

anyone got any ideas on the xmr dip?
is it a good time to get in, or should i wait

Yep. Buying like fucking mad user. Shit is amazing


Yep. Please keep selling. I wanna get rich so bad

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All in on GVT

That's what trading is, dumbass

Yup, smashed another £6k in. Toying with the idea of putting in another 4 before it's too late.

I'm panic selling as much as I can

The more dip buyers the more it dips, weird huh?

We can only buy so much at a time. And we gotta sleep too. Don't worry, we'll get around to buying your bags. Then we'll sell them back to you around 12k. That way everybody wins!

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