Shill me your <5MIL marketcap moonshots

lets go bizbros

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Slightly higher but phore.


Mainnet this week


Pied Piper ICO is the best one 1000x its your lambo/moon chance

their market cap is low like 7 mill their supply is nuts low 106 mill circulating/ 210 mill total

do other projects have profesor "Big Head' Bighetti from Stanford University? I really dont think so. Even Hooli wants this tech. I also heard Peter Gregory(the billionaire) is an Investor lots of 100x

their website is awsome

or telegram
SeaRch: PiedPiperICO

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BNTY is right around $5M

LEDU way oversold and whales scooped up 80 million in coins during the massive failure of an ico launch.

Prime for pump and dumps in the future

hbo shills pls go

Yi shi is gonna dump on you guys.. He already showed it with SAY , matter on time before he dumps

But you will see a pump before he dumps and exits

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bace exchange will most likley stay under 5MIL. Swiss based fiat exchange, partnered with alpahpoint ny.


Big news 30th march

New exchange, binance

Gobble up as many now before the nodes come online


How bout 15 mil marketcap.

ERZ and I believe DEV is still jnder 5 mill

XNK ink protocol . Fucking dyor faggot. Craigslist, trust, reputation etc etc.

>shills some obscure shitcoin
>doesn't mention its purpose or anything technical
thanks, just bought 100k

You'd have to be an absolute moron to not invest in a coin with this level of technology at only a $500,000 marketcap.

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OCN has $20m MC, doofus.

100.000 dollar market cap
21mil supply


Big announcement coming soon. Literally free money.

Latium (latx) from yobit.

They collected 15mLn from ico.

3mln marketcap rn, volume +100k$

beta app (what all have waited 4 months) is coming now 30th ' day march.

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Pay terminals Q3 2018
Supernodes being implemented
Solid team and responsive to the community
They do lack some marketing which I believe will come before the pay terminals.

the only legit ones:
TAU - 10mil
HST - 20mil

>Shill me your TAU - 10mil
>HST - 20mil

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What the fuck is this vladimir?