Every ICO is dumping/will dump

>every ICO is dumping/will dump
>he's still holding ETH

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For real though these inevitable shitcoin dumps are going to fuck ETH up. Like a mini gox dump every few weeks for the next year

can i have the rest of this chart user ?

The funny thing is, this affects the price of BTC too.

>the ETH/USD pair tanks
>people buy cheap ETH
>people sell ETH for BTC
>people sell BTC for USD
>the BTC/USD pair tanks

Just like that

Exactly. I didn't sell anything except ETH because of this. Most of these ICOs are scams, anyone who expects them to hodl for a long time is delusional.

>people sell ETH for BTC
>people sell BTC for USD

these two cancel each other. People won't touch ETH for a long time, when they decide to buy again they will go for Bitcoin or an alt, maybe even EOS. EOS foundation is dumping ETH, some suspect they are providing price support for EOS.

The ICO bubble will pop next right after the BTC bubble

Look, I described a simple arbitrage mechanism. What I mean is when all those so called start-ups sell their Either, in the end it crashes the bitcoin price too.

Explanation. Remember that we have two pairs: ETH/USD and ETH/BTC. Let's hypothetically suppose that 1 ETH = 1 BTC = $100. They sell their ETH and its price tanks to $90. But 1 ETH still costs 1 BTC. An arbitrage bot buys 1 ETH for $90, sells it for 1 BTC, and then sells 1 BTC for $100, getting a profit of $10.

In the end, BTC tanks too. In other words, don't expect that BTC is some sort of safe haven against mass sell-offs.


This is important, faggots. You seemingly don't understand how these ICO dumps will affect the whole market.

you don't understand how bots work

Feel free to enlighten me


TE-FOOD is a successful food traceability solution, used by 6,000+ companies, managing more than 400,000 transactions each day, reaching 30 million people.


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ICO Information

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buy now

What the fuck do I hold in this market?


Seriously, it's a guaranteed 6x.

do you understand why exchanges don't have the exact same prices?

yeah and his point is that this arbitrage mechanism doesn't change the price of BTC because these 2 operations "cancel" each other
>people sell ETH for BTC
>people sell BTC for USD
first increases the price of BTC, second decreases it, it stays the same

The prices of bitcoin and ether are pretty close across all exchanges. Liquidity bots make this market extremely efficient.

I have a trading bot and he was right, you're the one who don't understand how bots work.

You really think holding anything in a crashing market is smart?

>first increases the price of BTC
It doesn't. 1 BTC always equals 1 BTC

why not exactly the same?

Different sets of order books

Not all bots can do coin transfer between wallets.

Just to add something. There is a service for everyone that wants to cash out a big amount of ether. Take Kraken for example. They take a fee and sell your ether over time. The max they do i heard is 2 million a month. Their service prevents the eth flooding the market and crashing.

>Different sets of order books

Wrong answer. Try again.

But different exchanges really have different order books.. You thought they're shared?

wrong answer, not wrong statement.

I am not here to play "guess which hand" games. Either elaborate your thoughts like I did or go

You asked for enlightenment. Spoon-feeding won't enlighten you, son.

Then you've got nothing to say

But he described it correctly. Maybe you could share your valuable thoughts with us?

Different liquidity, timezones, server speeds.

Another reason is whales protect their arbitrage by slowing confirmations, artificially propping up the price with 1 sat sales, lagging the service.

Shit! i just bought eth today st 480 and thought I was doing good.

>tfw the shitposter stops replying

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wtf is that webm and why do you have it saved

*yawn* I saw this same FUD months ago, before eth skyrocketed to 1400$.

I'm accumilating, 460$ is a fucking steal with pos coming this year but you faggots will never learn.

Welcome retard, to the real world.

This is exactly what people do in *actual* finance, infact most of the time this is not done on-market, it is done over the counter where they find a large whale to transaction direct (through the counterparty)

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How do they define the price? is there a signal like in the market exchange?

Nice FUD faggot. Almost got me selling at loss my 2.5 ETH poorfag stack.

Thanks user
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I have been accumulating ETH ever since late January. I'm pissed that it is going down against BTC. Not just against fiat