Whwat does this stupid shitcoin have offer other than delivering fake promises on a gay platter?

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Bear strikes hard

It's an obviouse scam and everybody knows it, what do you want to hear? Verge, tron, credits etc. Are not being discussed much because they are really well-known and proven shit.

I learned all my crypto knowhow from this one image alone

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Figures you don't know shit about anything then.

Could you elaborate on how its a scam? I have a buddy I need to show this thread to.

>frankensteined mess of dogecoin and opalcoin
yeah no thanks
expect another pnd though since the devs got a few million coins again after dumping at $.20

You're the one defending VERGE LOL

I think we won't reach true bottom until there are still people who believe in projects like XVG, IOTA and TRX.

>If you don't understand them, why are trying to be a tech investor

Not really, no.

Thanks bought another 100k

The joke writes itself.

Was there for years without development, in december when normies and me came here they started mass shilling in twitter #nextbitcoin, mcafee mentioned it, it pumped, they announced #wraithprotocol which is actually shit and they failed on delivering, there is literally no place for this shitcoin, no use cases for it since it's not anonymouse, not fast, not anything.
It is as anonymouse as btc used via tor, not more.
Even if they deliver on ring signatures or whatever they say it will still be useless shit.

And now this shitshow, why do they need money to ANNOUNCE A PARTNERSHIP? It makes no sense, and if "biggest partnership in crypto" doesn't sound as scam for your friend I don't think we can help him.


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>people defending the devs "crowd fund" scam to get secret partnership
>people actually donating
Why are people so fucking dumb?

announcement delayed until april
how will vergens recover

HAHAHA going to get "delayed" a few more times I bet

having 70K and want more!
Fucking 130K more

>Whwat does this stupid shitcoin have
A community with Stockholm Syndrome

>Verge bagholders desperate so they donate some part of their bags
>Verge team dumps it all
>The rest of the bags become even deeper

> Be me, a proud Vergin
LMAO, y'all jealous.

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Nothing you absolute newfag, why would a shitcoin 4 years old suddenly be the new king. It's crap, it always has been crap, you fags are just new and falling for it. It's good to lure in newfags and get their money, like all the bullruns did.

This is literally an image of you within a few weeks. You will kill yourself - knowing you were an autistic sheep that followed oblivious opinions of other uneducated (born) losers, literally missing the only 100x left in the market of Q2 2018.

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this, 1 dump and im selling my fucking begs and buying verge.

Damn, possible 100K $ win without a loose because my alts are crap

Fucking deluded motherfucking vergins.
Legit someone ought to beat these fucking mongoloids senseless. I have never in my life witnesses a more deluded group of brainwashed retards banding together.

Go read their reddit page; all defending this buck-teethed, front tooth missing, inbred looking scamming incapable piece of shit developer by spamming FUD and GET IN OR GET OUT.

All of these motherfuckers not concerned about someone taking 3.000.000 in donation money, consequently missing a self set deadline(AGAIN) and then postponing it 3 weeks deserve to lose everything. I will be praying every morning and night to every single deity I can come up with: if there is any justice left in this world these bag holders get absolutely btfo'd and buttblasted with levels of fuckery even omegamaker and assblaster couldnt achieve.

sceened, see ya

Truly beautiful, anyone could see it is straight from the heart

not really, Im going in with investors money and can keep 40%.

Im trading without sleepingtime, so selling at a crash is part. possible without stop loss

When Binance starts allowing futures trading, XVG's gonna get shorted to 10 sats kek

I doubt that in the past two years I have ever seen a statement so stupid there are really no words fit to describe it.