I actually did my research and this project is legit

This can moon fucking hard once mainnet is released. Seriously. DYOR. Don't believe that cuck oliver FUD, idk who is paying him but he's wrong.

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Just bought 1000k

can you at least link us to some good sources? everything i see is pajeet tier shilling

The test net is full of complete garbage apps and it is run by a complete moron.

10\10 research user. You are gonna get dumped on so hard when the panic selling starts.

>once mainnet

Every single fucking time.

>yfw no shitcoin will deploy any 'mainnet'

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True for most shitcoins. Not so much for this one.

Ok just did my research, looks like a fucking scamcoin. Try harder OP

No one cares about fundamentals anymore. IBM just said they will be convincing their bank friends to use Stellar. Nothing happened, it didn't moon. REQ just released a partnership with a big 4 accounting firm. Nothing happened, it didn't moon. Don't you realise shit doesn't moon anymore?

Very tempted to go heavy on EOS. So much ETH mirroring with the FUD and scam calls. Fuck. Gonna kill myself when it's $300 in 2019

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Dafuq are you talking about? It's a testnet retard, of course it's going to have garbage apps. There is still 2 months before release
Start here: youtube.com/watch?v=xkXuFeN-KMw
Then research Dan Larimer and what he has built in the past. This guy will deliver, I am 100% convinced.


Nothing technical, all hype.

Oh, you found that out now?
>American team
>Larimer talked to Satoshi himself
>Already delivered to functioning blockchains
>Hundreds of millions from Novogratz amongst others
>Second most active github, above ETH by a factor of 2
>keeps climbing on CMC

bittrex listing inbound

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have any coins mooned right after a mainnet launch? usually there is a pump up until the mainnet and then a dump that follows. why is eos any different?

This is a new fad, there have been very few new mainnets so far. Feel free to provide examples, I'm genuinely interested

red dick soon


Yes OP is retarded. It will moon until mainnet, then dump once its released and then moon again once bull run is on.

Icon was one. I thought there was another one recently but cant remember. Mainnet launch seems like a way to buy the rumor sell the news. i see the same thing happening with the tron testnet launch in a couple days.