Coin burn approaching in mid. April.
Fiat pairs soon.
Instant recovery with BTC.
The best alt to be in right now.

What are you anons waiting for?

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Just wait until Binance Chain is launched and people start withdrawing BNB from Binance to stake it for running validators.

If the buyback program is still ongoing at that time, the reduced trading supply combined with huge buybacks could push BNB to extreme heights. It's a top 5 coin in the making.

Lol.. Bags getting heavier

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Fastest download I ever made. DONE.

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one man shill

Doesnt need shilling. Idgaf if you buy or not im in and you can go fuck yourself for all I care.

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it's like 5am here, should i jerk off?

40-80$ EOY
It's so obvious, only pajeets can't see it.

Be me.. grow up and live in beautiful California city. For the past two years I’ve been noticing an influx of NOTICABLE characters. All the sudden my city is crawling with yellow teeth, weird slouched backs, and thin hair. I decide to do some digging and ask some questions at the bar. Blah blah blah one says he’s from Massachusetts and the other is from Vermont. Eww. When will this end??? Please stop coming here.

Also thanks to this board I invested in bnb at .30 cents. If you have bags your a joke and don’t belong just like east coasters in California. Bnb is like this autistic asian kid I used to sit next to in math class. Basically cheat off him with 0 consequences and get straight As...

But seriously stop fucking flocking here or we will build our own wall.


Yay now I can panic sell while sitting on the toilet.

we goin up bois, strap in

didnt binance themselves say the want the coin to sit around the $10 mark for some reason?

heh no

If his bags were so heavy you’d know that it’s been a relatively steady hold, I grabbed it at 10.70 on the way up and now I’m thinking it’s a longer term hold.

If binance continues to be successful, these could be worth $50 easily within 2 burn cycles

Btw California LA soecifically is a fucking nightmare. You can have it you faggot. You deserve everything you get.

we hodl steady and rise to new heights

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Changpeng Zhao (Binance) is nominated as "CEO of the Year" @ GOLDEN TOKEN AWARDS - SILICON VALLEY

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I had thousands of BNB I bought at 60c and I refuse to even look at it as it does nothing but bring back memories of all the bad decisions I've made and how much money I could have made.

all the indicators point to green candles biz fags

flashbacks of zcl 3 weeks before airdrop

You're mad if you buy now - it's doubled in the past two weeks. DOUBLED! In this market.

Great coin but currently very pumped. High risk of significant downside. Upside quite limited for now.

false, it didn't show any major dumping with BTC being down, pretty strong support and sentiment to hold at least till ~ Apr 15. (coin burn)

Everyone is expecting breakout beginning of Apr.

The October burn saw a pump about two weeks in advance, and that was it.

Coins don't fucking double and stay there, in this market.

There was not fucking burn yet, just some news regarding Malta / Fiat pairs.

Binance Chain :

Listen close fags
I will say this once
6 hour candles on Binance
Bnb coin
Review the last times it had mega pumps like this
Review it's correction
Finally if you bought in high, kys


It's all cooking.

The burn itself doesn't change the price, only speculation before it does that. Which is why it has already doubled. Everyone knows about the burn, it's not a surprise or a rumour/reveal. The fact that every biztars is banging on about muh burn is a clear demonstration of this.

how to know when burn begins and ends and how much? saw volume drop off after last pump and figured its was over.

this coin will hold pretty good these bearish days and long term, you know why?

Because when fiat pairs / binance chain are announced we easily 2x, 3x.

The coin burn pump might still happen.

lel, we pumpin

Time to sell pull your profits while everyone is greedy

This. Sell the dead cat if you missed $13-14 pump.

haha fsck off, this bitch will moon

>bear market

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Sideways is not mooning user. You can just buy back in on the dip then sell off all your BNB into BTC then cash out into fiat before the exit scam

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brainlet did I say immediately right now?

salty didn't get in early

>get in early

I was not a binance employee of course I could not have gotten in early on insider trading.

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malta news early

Honestly, guys, this is just sad to see. We went from 83k to 67k and you still think the REAL pump is yet to come. Do you not know how bad the market is atm? People are literally fucking suicidal about crypto. Take your profits or cut your losses and move on. BNB will return to 10 or 11k

A slight bounce in the price shows that the employees were accumulating before the announcement. If they are not going to comply with the Japanese government then why should anyone here trust them? I know you are a rice picking shill but it is pretty obvious there is some sketchy shit going on.

Not getting my bnb cheap rakesh

so what? I should be salty now because I'm not a binance employee? It doesn't change the facts and facts are:

1) New Binance App now available for IOS.
2) Coin burn still happening.
3) Malta + Fiat = CB obsolete.
4) Binance Chain

What's not to like here to upcomming 2 weeks? Do you have any tips for better coins? Don't think so.

You could always try to ride the Verge, "hey hey heeeeeyy".

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>I'm not a binance employee

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All we're saying is that those things are now known knowns and can't be further speculated upon for now. After a 2x pump, bnb has to bleed again.

it would of already bleed, and dumped, not happening I'm telling you

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