Hey /pol/ what with the gun debate raging on why dont we use the blockchain to solve gun control?

hey /pol/ what with the gun debate raging on why dont we use the blockchain to solve gun control?

blockchain solution to gun control would work sim
ilar to current cryptocurrency
implementations of blockchain technology. First, in
dividuals currently owning a gun or
purchasing a gun would get an electronic gun safe,
similar to a bitcoin (BTC) wallet. This
wallet would ideally be tied to biometric data such
as a retina scan or fingerprint.
Whenever a gun was created, purchased or sold, the
transaction from one electronic gun
safe to another would be recorded on the blockchain
in an immutable, time-stamped

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what do you think of it, friend

No thanks. I prefer to have manual control.

Stop fucking shilling on /pol/ cunt, they must find biz on their own like we all did

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>Register this metal tube, goy. We promise we won't use that info to confiscate them in the future. Even if we do, why should you have the right to defend yourself when the police can do that for you? Surely that won't ever be abused.

And I'm sure m1 abrams and apaches won't be abused either

Come on mate, I'm as much about standing up against a tyrannical government as the next guy, but if I can capitalize off this hysteria I'm going to.

Honestly I don't even know we could win a civil war with modern military technology, assuming that no one in the military goes rogue or its just civilians vs the military

My guess is that a pretty significant portion of the military would not comply. Might not matter, drones could be used anyways. Whatever, I'm pro-gun regardless. Still want a fighting chance


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Can everyone on pol just vanish. Veeky Forums's collective iq would rise 20 points



My only problem with /pol/ is how invasive their are. They are right of course I just want my boards separate.

The fact I had to samefag this proves you all are a bunch of statist gungrabbers. /pol/ always gets it right off the bat, but not you "people".

Very true. There's a lot of libcucks on /pol/.

Shove your blockchain up your ass

You’d stand about as good a chance as your typical Middle Eastern militia.
Standing up against a tyrannical government by arming people with the same weapons of that government made sense in the 1700s. Nowadays, for that amendment to abide by those original intentions, you’d have to equip people with tactical nukes.
It’s a dumb joke accepted by a pretty retarded population. Why the half-measure? If you want to act as a check against the government, you’d have to arm yourselves with tanks, jets, aircraft carriers, not machine guns. If the point isn’t to stand up against a tyrannical government then why the hell hasn’t your country revoked that amendment?

The reason you had to same fag is cause you are an insufferable annoying faggot. Most of us are pro 2nd amendment, we just don't have pol tier retardation. And pol never gets it right, the fact that your home board's average iq is double digit shows that you are the real subhumans

Yup. They have to spread their shit every where they fucking go and never adapt to other board's cultures, and any thread with them in it eventually becomes a racist or political echo chamber. The worst part is their complete lack of humor, I don't think I've seen one actually funny thing or person come from pol, I would even be OK with their stupidity if they were funny but they aren't

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collecting wallpapers confirmed as genius activity

Anyone who unironically believes in this shitty unsourced .png has a double digit IQ

It was a board wide study that lasted several months, and it was 100% legit, if you don't know about it you are obviously newfag

The board lineup makes a lot of sense, I think wg just has a very small user base and they seem to be pretty smart for whatever reason

It would be nice to know what 6 month period they were using for that sample, /pol/ definitely took an intellectual nose dive post election. It's mostly paid shills at this point.
And I frequent Veeky Forums, /out/, /pol/, and very occasionally /k/, in that order, for your information.

/pol/ is always right

>solve gun control
Just control your gun and thats how its solved.

The second you apply biometrics to a gun is the moment you give people the ability to disable your weapon remotely.

This argument bypasses the fact that half of the military and police force are very likely to defect during a civil war.

This argument also bypasses the fact that most examples of terrorism is carried about by 60-80 IQ monkey men.

True terrorism where the perpetrators knew what they were doing would grind the country to a halt within two weeks.

There would be no trains, planes or trucks capable of reach a destination without insurgency. People begin targeting random locations as well to instill dread on the populace.

The economy would be flattened. There would be no government left once this kind of scenario were to take place.

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pol would be even lower these days