So with partnerships with PWC and ING what is next for REQ?

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Listing on coinbase. It will happen this year.

Mainnet launch, obviously

Apart from the obvious.

Will be incredible if this happens. Top 10 coin 2018.

Listing? You mean partnership with coinbase

Exchange partnered with Coinbase which will give them full fiat integration. Coinbase will be one of the first companies to build a dApp on Req, when they mention ERC20 support coming soon they’re referring to their REQ based exchange that will launch Q2 when REQ starts supporting all ERC tokens.

Forgot to mention another key piece of the puzzle, Coinbase also recently rolled out their Pay With Coinbase button, this was probably just to test a few things out but undoubtedly they’ll move all of that over to REQ.

Remember, REQ is a nonprofit so anyone can come in and use the platform, even for profit companies like coinbase. Trust me on this one, Coinbase WILL be using the Request Network platform very, very fucking soon. You ought to be stockpiling up on REQ btw, because the more dApps running on REQ the greater the token burn.

>we're gonna burn the tokens

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REQ will unironically $100 during the next bull run if it gets listed on Coinbase. The gains will be out of this world.

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I’m not talking about it listing on Coinbase, the chances of that are near zero. I’m taking about Coinbase using the Request Network (which the REQ token fuels) to build a dApp for either paying with crypto or an exchange with all the ERC20 tokens.

>I’m not talking about it listing on Coinbase, the chances of that are near zero.

How does it feel being a brainlet.

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I know about that tweet. I’m speculating about what they’re referencing. I’m saying they might use the request NETWORK to build an exchange for the ERC20 tokens themselves, similar to how they have GDAX for more professional traders. They won’t list the token as something you can buy next to Litecoin, that’s not going to happen, but the request network itself might be of great utility to a business like coinbase.

Was late to the REQ party and only got in a few days ago with some some chump change I had left on the exchange. 28 total atm but once I get more money I will be buying up a ton more of them.

REQ and OCN are my bread and butter currently

Just need req to do 5$ and i fucking retire. When connecting the dots IT Will fucking surpass 5$ EOY. CANT WAIT FOR THAT HAPPENING

Holding 29 req “it OP’s bread and butter”
The state of biz

>They won’t list the token as something you can buy next to Litecoin, that’s not going to happen
[citation needed]

>my bread and butter
>Owns 28

respect for not larping but holy fuck man keep it to yourself if your stack is that small, end of year you'll have like 100 dollars if you're lucky

So bread and butter literally. About month's worth.

This is why my REQy stays sketchy!

$100 eoy

He's probably new so i'm gonna do the un-Veeky Forums thing and suggest that he save his lunch money up to come back in a few weeks and drop it all on req.

I'm holding ELIX bags that I want to convert into REQ when it makes some profit. I have faith it'll come good but the waiting is painful

>I'm holding ELIX bags
>makes some profit

That can be worth 2800$ end 2019

What's the chances of this dumping again after the mainnet launch?
Looking to buy more

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Who the fuck knows. It dumped 10% after the announcement of one of the biggest partnerships in crypto.

unironically i bought REQ after TA and tought it was a shitcoin but it looks like it will moon in the next days. didnt know about mainnet or some bullshit. btw it will moon anyway, but now i think i will hold a few tausend. lol

That's what I'm on the fence about at the minute.
Historically pretty much every coin dumps at the mainnet launch and this managed to dump yesterday with the partnership of one of the big 4

the only reason why it did not moon, was the botpump which selled the news and everybody was afraid that it wend down 20%


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sry i am from india

Needs link,
So does the link mainnet must come before then


No. Coinbase is going to use the Request Network protocol for their service.

We don't know and it's a gamble. I'm just having $2000 in fiat on the sideline to buy more if it dumps. If it doesn't dump I won't buy any more REQ than I already have.

Honestly just keep some fiat/tether ready at all times. This way when a dump happens you win and if no dump happens you also win. Saves you some psychological trauma.