Why crypto can NEVER be adopted

>buy 2nd hand car at 8am for 1BTC = $8000

>seller decides to cash out at 9pm and gets $7000 in hand

Volatility in crypto is impossible to control; thus failing a key requirement to become a currency

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Hes got a point.

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Which is why the latest development is good.. that is the stable around $8k pricepoint.

upon mass adoption, that shit will slow down to the point that deflation would be a bigger issue.

it might be too crazy right now but people will get used to volatility in no time after adoption

Volatility decreases with higher market cap.
If BTC had the same market cap as gold, it would be as stable as gold.

>cashing out
You don't get that it is cryptoCURRENCY, don't you?
The same could happen if you wired fucking dollars to pay for something listed in euros.

What is a contract?
>tfw biz faggots are this stupid
going back to toy where the smart people are

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Buy a car for £8000, seller spends £8000 but gets £7000 worth of goods due to market fluctuation and inflation.

The dollar is the one fluctuating, 1BTC is always 1 BTC

I suspect its being kept stable by big players (miner farms). sooner or later they will dump. not cahsing out will leave them with hundreds of worthless tokens

We have tether fag
Tether is the real crypto

Correct, but smart contracts will absolutely be used in business. I agree though, crypto will never be used as an actual currency. Only platforms like ETH will survive.

you're not going to see mass adoption when your currency has to completely rely on promissory notes for any kind of stable transaction

so much this

yeah so paypal

>buy 2nd hand car at 8am for 1BTC = $8000

>seller decides to cash out at 9pm and gets $10000 in hand

this is a solved problem
now let's talk about the real issue: this seemingly endless supply of faggots frozen since the year 2013
>bitcoin is over, it's on the news
>quantum computing will break cryptos
all solved problems, and it's all so tiresome

>it's all so tiresome
glad to hear i'm not the only one weary of all this BS...
the retards on here are so exhausting.

i bought a 2nd hand car in october. i offered to pay in btc, but the old faggot didnt know wtf it was and i just laughed it off.
fluctuations goes both ways, brainlet, but 1 btc is always 1 btc.

Thats why you price lock ur btc with a trezor you no coiner faggot

Ur an idiot. It can just be pegged to the dollar or less volatile currency.

The vast majority of the value of crypto does not come from it being a stable store of value.

You don't fucking understand, when adoption comes. 1 BTC won't be 8000$, it won't be any amount of $ because the $ will cease to exist.

1 BTC will equal to 1 BTC and people will have to adapt to it, maybe 0.01 ends up being the equivalent of one month's rent. Basically BTC's price won't fluctuate, because the rest of currencies will cease to exist, there won't be anything to compare it to.

21 million coins is not even enough to supply the entire US

Stop looking at bitcoin like a digital currency

Look at it like a digital asset.

1. Whales manipulate price b/c they have BTC
2. Fiat doesn't matter in crypto volatility. Qty held by whales does.
3. Btc was less volatile when it was x3 mcap ?

Brainlets: the thread

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My nigger friend; the amount is not 21 million coins but 2.1 quadrillion. But why do I even bother replying...youre a brainlet aren't you

Do you NEED to come here?
I mean that post is pretty weak friendo

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Maker Dai.

>seller waits two more days
>gets $9,000 in hand

Request Network solves this.

You can pay with crypto and behind the scenes it gets exchanged into fiat so that the merchant just receives the $ amount your crypto was worth at the time of the exchange.

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An example:

You buy 2nd hand car with 1 BTC=$8000
You just pay with Request Network and your 1 BTC gets converted to Dollar (or any other fiat) and then the merchant receives their $8000

The merchant doesn't have to EVER hold the actual crypto while still supporting EVERY cryptocurrency out there since he gets paid in fiat anyway.

Do you understand the REQ hype now? It's going to save mainstream adoption of crypto.

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How is this different from tether?

there is volatility in government made currencies that is impossible to control as well you fucking brainlet.

That’s why you never convert to fiat because 1 btc will always be worth 1 btc

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lol this

1 BTC always equals 1 BTC though.
There is no volatility. The sooner you idiots accept this future the better.

>go to the used car seller

>hey can I buy this car with stocks?

>cryptocurrencies = stocks
fuck you patrick baitman

Crypto has been already mass adopted, you, fools. It's the default medium of exchange in the darknet.

>go to the used car seller

>hey can I buy this car with silver? oil? how about electricity? I'll give you 120 KW/H for

I come from a country where you can trade a chunk of gold for a car.

and there are retards willing to sell cars for BTC too

half of the population is literally illiterate (cannot read and write) . they have no clue what BTC is..

I doubt it.. they want something they can hold in their hand,, like notes, coins an iphone, and antique statue whatever..

So tired of listening to a bunch of neet amateur economists hoping their shit coins will be worth millions.. please just kys. crypto may have a place in the world but not as the one and only currency retards

No the Jews created bitcoin, made it popular by shilling it in their media. Then they decided it's too volatile so they implemented regulations and shilled that it would crash. This caused it to actually crash. Now with the regulations it's much less volatile.

The Jews want it to become the world currency.

Very good points, I agree. I just want to know WHEN will these Jew kikes replace the USD with btc.