Last chance to get in on the ground floor biz

last chance to get in on the ground floor biz

memes are gonna fuckin moon

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poorguy has a massive cock

already holding 2 of these, don’t have to tell me twice. Dev is making serious moves by bringing a stadium soon

I got mine, you have to be an IDIOT to miss out on this

thank u frens

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juist got one for shits and giggels


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early adopters are going to be rewarded with mega rare memes that will have special capabilities and killer stats in the upcoming meme games including Kek's Stadium and beyond

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Probably like, the most effort actually put into a crypto meme game

>The price of each Meme increases with each transaction.
>When you buy a Meme, anyone can take it from you by paying 20% more than what you paid.
>If you buy a Meme for 0.02 ETH, another player can take it away.
>When that happens, you’ll automatically be sent .024 ethereum (minus 5% dev fee) from the smart contract.
>Memes increase by 20% in price with every transaction, until the world runs out of money, or Jesus comes back.

Well at least they're admitting it's a pyramid scheme.

Where have you been

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thank you, you aint seen nothing yet, we are rolling out multiple games based on Memes

It's not a pyramid, it just has pyramid elements. This is really just a token presale, in a sense, multiple games are going to be deployed but you will only be able to play them if you own Memes.

We are releasing Meme discovery in the next few days where Meme owners will be able to discover random new Memes in the same Meme family (pepe, justed) of the Memes they own for half price of normal release Memes.

They will be able to list newly discovered Memes and sell for 2x if they want, or just hold them and wait for the games.

Just spent $500 on twitter and insta marketing.

Many code updates rolling out this week.

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poorguy dumbfucck retard
You are back to shill ur stupid stuff here
this is nothing more than scam

I'm going to bed. Have a lot of code and promotion to do tomorrow. Next release is all Trump memes. Cheers biz

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Nice memes

You filthy scammers should be in jail

a game is not a scam u fucking retard

you should be sucking my dick but the world aint fair is it

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Enjoy getting sued by the pepe creator retard. But of course, you'll exit scam first so your discord shills remain with useless bags.

hello user thank you for yet another riskinning of the same game you have been shilling with a vpn/group for months on /pol/ unfortunately it is more entertaining to call you out rather than see idiots lose their money so enjoy diminishing returns

the pepe creator can suck my dick, but did you read the legal disclaimer at the bottom? obviously not retard. If you can prove meme ownership then we will remove the memes or compensate you. Of course if we have to remove any memes we will overcompensate the meme owners either in the price of their meme or new memes.

Secondly, I can't exit scam. There's no money in the contract you fucking retard. Also to exit scam you need a kill function in the contract. Now I know you are retarded so I don't expect you to read the source code, but obviously your smart enough to see that the contract holds zero ether, oh wait, you're just fudding baselessly.

Memes are gonna moon. Suck my dick sue me.

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hahaha months? vpn group?

memes was created 5 days ago and wtf is a vpn group?

dos it hurt to be this retarded?

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You're a retard. He already got several pricks shut down over pepe imagery and your shit site will fare no better.

you're a fucking retard and you obviously don't know how this shit works

cease and desist letter

I remove pepes

still an infinity of memes on the meme marketplace

suck my dick stay poor

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reported and filtered

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how does it feel not having excited idiots ready to shill your bullshit but instead people calling you out over doing nothing but reskinning the same game every month? At some point you were selling colors

Yet the vast majority of your memes are mislabeled shit. Your pepes the few with any movement at all. Oh, and you'll be stuck with the court bill since you monetized it, so it won't be a simple s&d.
Nice that you admit to running this shit though. Really shows how desperate you are getting.

fucked your mom and she swallowed

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lol im not the same guy u dumb fuck

dude you are so fucking dumb, do you know how hard my site would have to moon before the creator of pepes even knew it existed

your such a little bitch

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Yeah you're just shilling in the exact same fashion and shilling a reskinned monthly game coincidentally kek

I am sure everyone is waiting for you to admit it

also zuckerburg got sued and lost

still rich as fuck

suck my dick sue me

when did biz become such a bunch of little bitches afraid of getting sued by a fucking cartoonist?

I thought you were leet haxors and nazis you fucking fairies

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>implying an user wouldn't rat you out
Half inclined to do it myself since you're such an obnoxious twat.

pls rat me out to the pepe creator I'm sure he is anxiously checking his email waiting for your correspondence you little bitch

just know you are a cucked snitching bitch who cant create something themselves so they spend their life being critical of others

im sure your girlfriend/wife gets some good dick when you aren't around you snitching little coward piece of shit

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OP this isn't the place. People grown wary of these sites. Try 8ch, they're addicted to frog memes and is very gullible. Remember to tell them it will make liberals and women mad for easy 10x profits.

Yeah you must have scammed a shitload off Veeky Forums and reddit by now

multiple versions of this game + even some scam charitable donations if I remember correctly

its not hard to recognise personalities through extended text


obviously this isn't the place

you are all retarded, just enjoy fomoing in when the twitter and insta take off

big games based on memes coming soon

this is your last chance to get in on the ground floor

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your so dumb, anyone can click on the discord link and find out it's not a scam. you are just fudding it because you're either

1) retarded
2) actual game dev scammer mad I'm taking your market share


3) both

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Your shit is unoriginal, unfunny and overall trash nigger.
saged and reported

thanks for the bumps you cucks

memes are gonna moon and you will regret this moment

you probably fudded eth or FOMOed into crypto in jan

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Actual autist child

i actually fucked your mother, then I did something you aren't capable of: creating a badass dapp.

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you cucks got any more bumps?

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such a fun game

look rajesh, no one on biz gives a fuck about these games anymore. You are 3 months late.

And you obviously don't know how to do any time of marketing outside of biz.

So just give up.