Raising a family?

A real man seeks responsibilities by getting a wife and children. It also ensures that his family name and his fortune lives on. Why haven't you started raising a family yet? You are not a manchild, are you?

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Cuck. Hoverhand. Hide, kys OP

Most of us are 18-24 you crusty faggot, not the time for marriage. Also this is a business board. Overall, neck yourself for being an old insecure retard with no real accomplishments other than squirting cum into your whore wife.

animals do the same and i am not an animal

Its your wife fucking kek

Otrok vagĂ­ny

The blue pill god

> Hates 'selfishness'
> Decides to bring new life on Earth without their consent

I hate these motherfucking Jews so fucking much.

lol this guy look like a complete cuck. His girly tites what the fuck. preaching about "being a man" just because he maried first ugly cunt that agreed to to see his fucking igly face every morning for the next few years until she finds real man. Lol. This is fucking hilarious

I'm a father of two and that pic+text triggers me hard. I hope I'll never become that kind of condescending cuck.

>completely retarded psyop

gee I wonder who invented the concept of forced depopulation

the guy in OP's picture is right even if he's a hoverhandin dweeb

More like an awkward position you KHVs

Nigger, cease with this stupid non-argument
One could just as easily turn around and say why aren't we pulling more willing and wanting souls from the void and nothingness?

As a gay man I want to say this is fucking gaaaaaaay and I want to stab this faggot in the face with a screwdriver.

Since when did the red pill become "dying alone"?

um. why?

He was lonely virgin cuck watching anime and living in his mom's basement until his 30s. Then he met an immigrant chick on the internet that agreed to marry him for visa :D Having zero muscle mass, face like a complete punchfag and cant even properly touch his woman. Growing gray hair on his face in his 30s. Preaching about how everyone around him is cuck and not real men. Serious what-the-fuck. I bet she is fucking him with a dildo.

Businessmen used to know the importance of continuity. I'm ashamed of you manchildren here. Grow up.

Since when was "becoming a man" about getting married and getting cucked by wife and son.
pic related, a real men that fights and dies with honor

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fuck him
earth is overpopulated
sticking your pecker in another piece of meat to produce yet another piece of meat explaining it with some twisted overcompensating values is one of the most selfish things to do now
if you haven't done anything valuable in your life you don't deserve reproducing
if you can't supress your biological impulses to act like a fucking animal than you are a child
you want grown man responsibility? go and adopt, you fucktard

So anyone who exposes your retardation is a KHV? you argue like an sjw. I have a gf right now but I know better than to marry her. A man's first responsibility is to acquire capital, fitness, and power, after that women will come easy. There are a lot of young men that get sidetracked by pussy (like you) and become irrelevant middle class cattle for the elites to use, without ever having accomplished anything real. Stop shilling marriage, it does not work in the westernized world and more importantly women distract men from achieving their dreams. Young people need to focus on education and business not pumping out little shits.

Also, your wife is going to leave you. I guarantee she has had sex with multiple men before you, and she will get bored of your stale ass (as it is biologically prudent for her to do) and then leave you with a divorce and child support. Enjoy your failed life, maybe 50 years ago you could have made marriage work but not in this day and age

only successful people should be allowed to have children

Earth is already overpopulated and everybody passing their mediocre genes making situation worse

In my eyes fatherhood is an important part of life and you're a failure as a man if you don't raise a family(provided you're able to have kids), but wow this guy seems like a cuck. Look at his weak body sagging back with his fucking spaghetti arms, does he even have a spine? Also his shit eating grin with that excessive facial hair used to hide his weak chin and of course the hoverhand. Last but not least is the way he has crossed his legs almost identical to his wife which begs the question as he been castrated? It would explain a lot.

Holy shit that baby is Steven Hawkings reborn!

the problem is that your gf is what enables you to pursue those things. whatever you accomplish now, you do because of the dynamic you have with her

Eh. His post is basic Jordan Peterson stuff but kind of self-righteous and condescending.

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Imaginr bring stuck with the same person for the rest of your life... Bone chilling and that's without the thought of children. I have a GF but we will never get married or have kids as it is just a annoyance to my future plans.

May be I am a loser and don't want to pass on those genes