Was inflating GPU prices really worth it, user?

Was inflating GPU prices really worth it, user?
These guys are probably bankrupt right now and you will be too.

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anything that spites gamers is good at any price
faggots who play AAA shit in 2018 support the multiculti white genocide cult, either overtly or by closing their eyes with a nihilistic, childish "i dont care about politics, i just want to play games". let them reap the rewards of this so-called apolitic stance as they worship niggers and womyn

You sound angry, user. Did you lose money?

i'm enjoying vermintide 2 and pubg personally. not sure where these fit into your apocalyptic virginal asp rage.

go back to /v/eddit

>Oh no, cards now have 12months ROI instead of 6, we're going bankrupt

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> vermintide 2 & pubg
nice picks user

a 1070 mining eth makes about $35 a year at current rates.

go back to pol monglet, you are wasting your parents money

just a nice way to hang out with mates really. hard to hook up much with jobs and families and whatever.

>$1 a day after electricity
>doesn't account for burnt cards
>thinks he will sell his faulty shit anywhere
absolute state of miners

Ummm, it makes 1$ a day with eth and only normies mine eth with Nvidia cards


You don't even have to sell your cards.
R9 290X is from 2013 and you still make profit mining eth with it.
And people do buy used mining cards FYI

go back to ur mom’s vagina, nigger

Miners are what gives the bottom for the coins.

Delete the miners and enjoy the ride to 0.

On the pump up, miners expand, because of that expansion, your low on the way down is higher.

A 1070 has one 8pin plug, it can't consume more than 150w
And really it takes about 100-120w mining eth (just for and mine something else btw)
And 0.19$ electricity? Where the hell do you live?

>was bankrumpting December fags worth it?
This is a rhetorical question. Right?

You sound like a bitter autist who has to piss off people to justify his shitty life decisions.

Miners are the cancer of crypto. The sooner we move to non-mineable currencies, the better.


150 watt cable can provide up to 200 real watts

however, there is extra power drawn from the PCI-e ~ up to 75 watts

Because of that extra PCI draw miners sometimes have burned sata cables for the risers.

You're missing the point.

Proof of stake = Death Spiral

Without a bottom , you do not have a bottom

Show me one proof of stake coin that is more than an year old and kicking.

a first world country.

Yea it's possible to draw more power from motherboard, but in reality only RX 4xx and 5xx cards do that (when looking at models from recent years)

I consider Scandinavian countries and Canada first world countries and you get prices of 5-12 cents per kWh
I guess in your particular case mining is a more questionable business.


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not like the average soyboy needs 1080gtx to play darkest dungeon or random indie games

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Wow, dude, your semi-knowledge is showing.

How would you know? You like playing those yourself?

that is probably one of the weakest shit tier insults I've seen on Veeky Forums in years. What are you, fucking 12?

I mean you were scraping the bottom of the barrel by soyposting but w/e

>Not voting with your wallet
>On Veeky Forums
He is hating on gamers who complain about Publisher fuckery and Lefties, but at the same time buy every new game without a second thought.

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Exactly. I don't know absolutely everything, but enough. I'm not sure what you're arguing about, all I'm saying is mining Investmeni still has about 1 year ROI and you make profit after that for a few more years. That's better than most businesses.

I just pirate everything lmao

They targeted gamers

I thought miners used ASICs now?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong

For bitcoin.

But why? Don't other coins get mined from the SHA-256 algorithm?

sorry, brainlet here



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People mine monero and eth.

Yes there are other coins that use SHA-256

Does that mean ALL coins do that? Hell no

But that's not what I asked, user

>I thought miners used ASICs now?

>Someone correct me if I'm wrong

Some miners use ASICS, others not.
Don't take stuff personally, it's not about proving somebody wrong.

I agree 100%. Fuck modern videogames, we are in the minority here though...

Is it even worth mining considering eth is $461 now?

>it's still more profitable than regular businesses
>there are hundreds of other alts to mine with GPUs

i don't really care about 18 years olds so you get a pass, most everyone is stupid at that age. it's the late 20s early 30s faggots who deserve the rope

Yep. Fuck the manchild trash - anyone still gaming in 2018 is a joke. "Muh 4k graphics and framerate > gameplay or challenge, and I love sucking sjw degenerate cock." Way to get totally kiked losers!



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No. anyway you cut it a decent gpu gets you well under a dollar a day. you'll find more in your couch.

>playing video games

i wish i could extort them further

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I'm guessing there will be a lot of used GPUs on the market soon.

You don't know what are you talking about.and his whole rig is consuming cca 600w from the wall


was minable up until 6 months ago

Has not had even one year as POS.

POS just like bitcoinnect goes up, until it goes to 0.

>white genocide
pick one, larptard

Only by brainlets who think eth is the only GPU mineable crypto

There're a lot of them though.

Right, there are also ETH/XMR forks listed on craptopia that will die a slow agonizing death because they have nothing to offer over their parent coins.

>spending their parent's money on fictional internet currencies
I shiggy diggy

found the brainlet

>>Oh no, cards now have 12months ROI instead of 6, we're going bankrup
12 months lol
more like 2 years

You're mad cause it's true, it's not a real currency

if you can manipulate it, it is real.

If you can manipulate it without permission it is yours.

Wait 3-5 years and what happens when cash is illegal and you have to explain every single transaction and it can be denied at any time.

>real currency is what daddy government told me

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>real currency is what a mongolian basket weaving board told me

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>Mining in a bear Market


Crypto is an asset class, never before seen in the known universe. Don't expect it to feel normal to you. Or to have good adaptations, giving you competitive advantage.

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exactly, never before has a more useless " asset class" been so sought after, puts bernie madoff to shame

stfu faggot crypto is still revolutionary

blockchain maybe, as for your useless tokens, they are worthless- get out now, its only down from here


It is a elite con of underground internet shit

.. and you can be part of it !

2018 is the year of crypto depression. There was a bubble, it did burst, now we're eating shit for months if not a year or 2.

>im a gamer mom get out of my room
>can you buy me some more chinese cartoons
>I dont need a job I make money as a YOUTUBE GAMER

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Why do I keep stumbling upon brainlets who say that blockchain is great as a technology, but crypto isn’t?

The bulls are back by summer. Screencap this

Ding ding ding

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you fucks told me bitcoin wouldn't go below 8k

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>2018 is the year of crypto depression. There was a bubble, it did burst, now we're eating shit for months if not a year or 2.

This is when you mine and HODL. Mining in 2013 smartest thing I ever did. Not mining in 2014, 2015, and 2016 dumbest thing I ever did. Can't wait for cheap GPUs, desu

Mining unknown coins in a bear market is THE most profitable mining thanks to low difficulty.

But it won't go below 4k. For reals this time

Just bought another 1080ti. Stay rekt and poor, OP

>mfw kids who waited for christmas money to build new computers had to settle for garbage 1050/1060s

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Lel i only have a random mix of 11nvidias and i made enough during the last month to make you nicehashers jelly lets just put it that way


how many ravens do you have ?

>gamers buy games with their own earned money not caring for others opinios.
>calls them manchildren
>spends parents money on crypto and loses it because hesa brainlet. And lasjes out at people that call him.a loser
>thinks if himself as better and acomplished buisnessman.

Yeah. Id say you get back to crying for chicken tendies from you mommy.

Yeah man, you can know for sure if someone used a gpu for mining before buying it
totally possible

This board and thread are the biggest joke ever.

Yes yes, it was glorious but I'd like to thank the dumb normies who really propelled the prices.

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Which rock are you living under where whites aren't rapidly becoming minorities in their own countries?

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Assblasted gaymer detected

Can someone explain this to a brainlet: are all those GPUs worth it?

Like, at [currentTime] one 1080Ti costs 900 bucks on Amazon. I didn't bother counting the ones in but let's say there are about 35 of them. That means that some couple out there spent 31500 bucks on these.

Which isn't taking into account the power, the cooling and the settup costs of all this shit.

Can these cards really mine back a years worth of minimum-wage?

Or are these people just fooling themselves into thinking this was a smart buy?

gas yourself kike

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>reddit spacing
>non-mineable currencies
Fucking tourists i swear