Are we the men of steel?

Stocklets would be mass killing themselves if they lost 80% of their networth in a few months, yet here we are standing strong and full of hope.

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Because most of us are in our 20s and have all the time in the world for this shit to turn around while the average stockfag is a boomer who will be fertilizer come next bull run

>Stock market crash 1929: -11.7%, leads to the great depression.
>Stock market crash 1987: -22.6%, massive spike in hospital admissions.
> Cryptocurrency down: -70%, "BUY THE DIP KEK".


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been sh6rt5ng f6r dayyys

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we are the world we are the children

if they only knew about pink wojaks

They probably would be, but then if the stock market went down 80% the world would be on fire.
With crypto.. its kind of like a huge amazon warehouse just got hit with a jetliner, its fucked up, but its still standing.
Also.. being the next move tech of the future thing helps too.

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very specific user... too specific
sir are you planning on travelling any time soon?

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This is the hard part of participating in moon missions in crypto. You don't get to experience 10-100x gains without stomaching an 80% loss

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Top kek. Is that suppose to be a joke?

I’m a Wallstreet fag - and most of the real money is made trading option contracts. Which are a decaying asset. Which I’ve seen dudes make $500 into 32k in 12 days - and then 32k to 156k in 14 - while also seeing some poor guys who don’t know wtf they are doing trading options and either having their entire theta eat away their contract essentially losing 100% portfolio or getting assigned and plunging their ass into 168k of debt as they came out of a meeting. Pic related. My setup - although I’ve eased up on the monitor shit lately. MacBook does the job when I can’t be there.

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Nice larp 90% of traders lose their shirts. Highly doubt you're part of that 10%


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Stocklets also have anything from 100k to several millions invested in stocks while we have our weekly allowance invested

Pic related - this was just one trade. If I wasn’t a pussy I could’ve retired if I listened to myself and loaded up the SPY puts at 0.19 - this was when the market was on their toes as Donald started threatening Steel Tarifs on China. Pussied out - when I checked later on out of curiosity they were 2.90+ each. I could’ve fucking retired. I’ve lost money and made money - but I’m always learning. Note - I made that much off of a single trade - I played volume. So $75 to $326 in a day ( bought Friday close ) - and then $345 to $527 USD in an hour ( key was to play the implied volatility hence why I didn’t swing it ).

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keked hard, this board is great

I'm 98.5% down on BBT, go to hell and die who ever kept shilling that on /biz

But its practically destroyed, my 3.5k is gone and honestly selling for $40 is laughable. all you can do is just leave it there for a few years who knows.


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'Men of steel' haha

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>our weekly allowance
hey everyone check out Mr Moneybags here

i wish i could get some of that sweet sweet weekly allowance action

>was never out of the green

buy lower faggets

Nothing to be proud of. You guys fell for a shitty pump and dump scheme and now it's hard to cope with reality.

how about you learn how to actually trade instead of 'HODLing' like a single digit IQ insect?

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Thx just what I needed to hear, brb putting the rest of my savings on btc and will live off Ramen until moon landing next week :)

90% of the board died for this

im holding link since october