CoinMetro - Order your Lambo

>Debit card - withdraw fiat directly from your crypto-wallet.
>Offers fiat-pair!
>Lowest fee's on the market
>Invest in the ICO and get 25% lifetime discount on trading fees!
>Ico express platform
>Experienced team (FXpig - great reviews)
>Based in europe and have a great support team
>Holding xcm lowers fees when trading on their exchange
>User friendly interface, no more Coinbase!

I've bought more than 50,000 tokens already and i expect a massive return.

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Coinmetro is great, use and you'll get +2.5%

I did and now i wtf growe dick??

If you bought 50k tokens why are you shilling it?
Is it because you're full of shit and can't even setup redirect from your referal?

It's because OP is a poorfag nigger who is lying through his teeth. He probably wasn't even able to afford 10k, thus he shills it here constantly in order to MAYBE get a couple extra shekels. Pathetic.

Coinmetro is good but with eth so low anybody buying now is an idiot.

Guys, we extending the extended,already extended extended extended ICO, its not because we didn't hit the hardcap, but only to give everyone a chance to get in

Don't buy, obvious scam

>Don't buy, obvious scam
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's drive-by fudding
Either explain/prove exactly why it's a scam or stfu

they are literally dumping on their own ico
fucking hell you gotta really fucking stupid to buy this crap

what the fuck are you talking about you stupid nigger

>Extending token sale
>Adding coins outside top 20 without a vote, unable to explain why and employees didn't even know about it

Two examples of red flags - literally doing the opposite of the whitepaper

>25% bonus right now
>11% bonus on tokens owned above 150 mili
>2.5 referral bonus
fuck you nigger learn what you shill fucktard, i do hope you're just a pajeet and didn't actually bought this trash
i hope they will just run away with eth since its not locked in smart contract

The shills really go quiet when you mention legit red flags.

>fiat pairs
Binance is going to introduce fiat pairs anyway, it'll be obsolete then.

>experienced team
Fxpig is a novelty platform nobody has ever used.

>great support team
Just a bunch of Amazix pajeets, they don't even know if DGB is going to be listed or not.

>user friendly interface
The site is utter shit on mobile, can't even navigate. They couldn't even finish building their KYC thing for weeks even though it's only 4 days until the main sale ends.

I am just glad I didn't invest much, this is gonna tank really hard. Maybe I'll pick some up at $0.01.

This is some shit tier FUD even for Veeky Forums

Agreed but what about the legit concerns?

They extended the ICO because whole market has shit the bed. You would have done the same in their place.

I don't see how adding coins outside of top 20 makes it a worse exchange. If anything it increases the possible trade volume.
By the time Binance introduces fiat pairs there won't be any market left. FxPig might be a novelty platform but it manged to stay alive for years in a market that's regulated to shit.

>legit concerns

legit concern is a bear market where everything is doomed. on the other hand this is exactly when to buy. in a bullrun, like the 2017 one, you will literally make it. not today, not tomorrow, maybe you have to wait a year or two, but this is a golden ticket.

RE: adding coins outside the top 20

This goes against what is written in the whitepaper - which is what we invested in. It was supposed to be a voting process.

>extending the token sale
It's because Kevin is on his Asia trip until the 31st, first China and now Japan. Keeping the token sale open allows him to perhaps bring in some more smart money (read: connection), which will be a huge aid for later when they expand into Asia. Of course, they could just bring these investors in a later date through a back door but they don't, instead doing it publically. But of course you would already know this if you did some basic research and listened to the updates on Telegram instead of being a stupid Veeky Forumslet who only gets his information from a mongolian horse-trading imageboard.

>Adding coins outside top 20 without a vote, unable to explain why and employees didn't even know about it
Again, if you would stop being such a brainlet and actually listen to Kevin's messages on Telegram then you would know that the reason that Digibytes got listed first is because they were the first to contact the team months ago and after doing their due dilligence the team decided to accept their listing. Also, Amazix (the company helping them with support during the token sale) are not connected to the Coinmetro company and don't have any access to this type of information before it is released.

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It goes against the whitepaper to add coins outside the top 20. Kevin didn't explain anything, he just said it's being added. Why are you being argumentative?

omg look at this exchange, they're listing a coin, what a scam!

I didn't see it when looking through the whitepaper, perhaps I missed it? Where exactly in the whitepaper did you see this?

I remember hearing in the AMA that there might be a voting process but I havn't read anywhere that it would be the ONLY process in adding new coins.

how do we know they won't extend it again and again and again and again? And when does their exchange open?

As I said, the only reason they extended the token sale was due to Kevin's trip to Asia. As for the beta, it's expected to launch in the middle of April and as for when the production launch happens, it depends on how the Beta goes but it should be before summer.

I am away from the laptop but its definitely there, the guys on the telegram copied it earlier. I just think if they are changing tact it's got to be communicated a whole lot better.

Can somebody help me?

I made a deposit to an address valid for only 24h, as coinbase had to verify my transaction the deadline was missed. Did I lose my transferred amount now or can they follow it somehow?

Again, I don't know where you get this information because I can't find it in the whitepaper. The only information that it has regarding the introduction of new tokens is:

"Following our initial launch, CoinMetro plans to incorporate support for additional wallet
platforms, adding more and more assets over time. Immediately after launch we will look to add support for the complete list of top ten cryptocurrencies mentioned on Coin Market Cap (, including Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), NEO (NEO), and BitCoin Gold (BTG).

We will also look to add NEM (XEM) given that we will be developing tools based on the NEM blockchain. We plan to add additional assets over time, including ERC20 tokens, which will
form the base for our EFTC platform (Section 3.3.2)."

Again, I don't mind being proven wrong but I can find no evidence for what you are saying...

just bought 1000k

Contact the Coinmetro support, a bunch of autists on Veeky Forums can't help you with that.

One question, I spoke to one of their supports on telegram who gave me a new address and said if I made a replacement deposit to it, it would resolve itself automatically. I don't see how this makes any sense at all...? Was he trying to scam me?

I'm not sure if you are serious but that is most definately a scam... You should e-mail the team at [email protected], they will help you.

Well that states top ten which is wrong as they are adding digibyte. There was more in that section about adding top 20 etc. If they have removed it then that's another red flag! Ask the people on telegram if they updated the whitepaper.. Because they quoted it earlier with the info from the top 20

While I understand your point I think it's kind of moot.. Yes, they are adding Digibytes but as Kevin said in his voice message, it's just one of many that are to be added. There is no reason to suspect that their plan to add the top 10-20 is in jeopardy just because they also have gone ahead and approved Digibytes. The order of which tokens are added also depends on how long it takes to reach an agreement with the company behind the token, so it is doubtful that we will see a linear progression ie first token 6, then token 7, then 8, then 9 etc. Then it's also a matter of coding it into the platform and stuff like that, which also takes time.

I guess my point is that there are a lot of factors behind the scenes that we don't necessarily know. Their focus will be the top 20 yes but there may be certain events and opportunities that allow them to bring in tokens outside the top 20 without impacting their roadmap. I don't know, it just seems a bit silly to get all worked about about their decision at this point IMO.

they will list digibyte. that's it. no other coin will ever be listed.

they will have Congolese franc-pairings. no bitcoin, no dollar or any other currency pairings.

there will be a debit card, which will be accepted at a gas station in Mongolia.

the exchange itself will be not online. it all happens by sharia-compliant verbal communication.