Is this shit legit or I'm wasting my time?

I got here a few days ago and seems if I get enough reward points or very lucky i could cash out something. Anyone with experience on it? Any other page i can win my cents on a yearly basis?

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The days of faucet earnings are long gone fag.
I still remember the days where every faucet gave like 30k sats every hour, damn, time sure flies fast.

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I prefer auto-faucets and decent paying ones that have short timers

I think for impatient gimmedatsnow babbys sure it's not worth it. I have a dogecoin faucet up that pays 15891934 sats every 3mins out. Been on it for over 20mins now refreshing it every few minutes while I look stuff up or read things.

also got a tron/trx autominer running.

Slow as fuck stuff but least I can get coins slowly with no money.
Long game not short quick right now game

Wich ones do you use?

Depends on the coins you're looking to get.
Right now it's dogecoin/potcoin/blackcoin since those are somewhat easily farmed/mined whatever you wanna call it off autofaucets. I avoid regular faucets since most are ad infested shitsites that barely pay.

Keep in mind most of the autofaucets I use are all linked to faucethub but that's a fairly decent site if you dont act like a shithead on it. Plus the chat constantly has storms of coins people randomly get in tips/rain.
3 dogecoin autofaucets I use that also support other coins and the payouts are decent. Lovely stuff for people without cash and that don't mind letting this run for days. So far I am up to 55dogecoins in my wallet.

Also this is a list with various autofaucets on the page and you can go into each coin and find more faucets.

Thanks, will try them

Also almost forget a couple of other auto-faucets.

>Check out some fauncet sites
Jesus, what the fuck is this? The 90s internet with toolbars added?


Holy shit that rapes me with ads so bad lol

How do you set up that doge faucet? Teach me

Yeah the ads are just straight brutal bullshit.
I hate and loathe it but it's making me money in various coins so I just suck it up and deal with it.

Reminds me of the various geocities sites that were up for a long time.
Rapes me with ads also but damn it's nice having a full doge coin already.

how much money are you looking at making on this, say in a month?

Well as I mentioned somewhere in here it requires an account on Faucethub which is a fairly decent place to gather up some coins.

So go create an account on that site and than you start adding your wallets and can than hit up faucets for coins.

It supports btc/ltc/eth/doge/black/potcoin/bitcoin cash/ and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head

Well I have a few dogecoin sites I hit up thruout the day and on average I make about 10-15doge coins per day on average.

Other coins are not as fast nor giving of those SATs so keep that in mind.

I average about 1-6 potcoins a day
and about 1-4 blackcoins per day.
Keep in mind I usually just run dogecoin autofaucets so alot of my focus is on that.

Right now tho it seems on average that all of them are paying out alot better now since the crash.

I wish I could give more solid answers but as mentioned I tend to focus on dogecoin.
I also dont use this stuff daily. About every 3-4days I hit these up and get some coins. Mostly autofaucets so I can go about my business

Yeah, i think i got cancer and so does my computer. Half these ads look like classic malware ads. Hell one ad i got told me to turn off malwarebytes if i wanted to see some granny tiddies (i don't).

This since the thread started. I havent been very intense about it so I missed a few 3min ones.

But with a little work and doing other things online you can do this. Add in an autofaucet like one mentioned earlier and it adds up. Do that daily and you'll be doing great in a month on coin
Break it down a bit further.
Say I got 10 dogecoins a day every day each month. 30 coins about
Now I do that daily every day for a whole year.. 3012 coins about. It's not alot but build that up along with investments and other stuff and that's some decent money to play with.

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I havent gotten any virus warnings nor problems. I also dont run adblock either.
Not sure why you are user.

Yeah these sites won't work with adblock, that's to be expected.
At least you don't have to sit there filling out retarded questionairies and studies that lasts 30 minutes which were all the rage about a decade ago to earn internet pennies.

so you can make about 20-30 dollars in a year? why even bother lol

I hate those sites still exist user...found a few recently and thought wtf no that was horrible in 2001

And yeah these ads are brutal annoying but I have learned to deal with it and havent had any problems yet. The worst is the popup ads that than load another one or try to load another page on you. But again I can deal with all this since I am making decent coins and it's costing me nothing in investments so I begrudgingly accept the setup.
Just waiting for more of the newer coins to get autofaucets setup properly.

Also alot of these sites will try to get you 2-3pages in with clicks before the payout but a minor annoyance imo. But it's also why I prefer autofaucets over the other stuff. I get thru those clicks and links and than I can just enjoy the payout. Alot nicer than going thru a page 40times for the same payout from the faucet.
I'll have to try to remember to get the links in order and make a thread about this later. Some might find it tolerable and useful for getting coins built up with no money or for most of us being poor and barely any pocket change to spare

I see it more as I can use all those coins while not at my computer to fund investing in other coins. And that's only if you were to focus on dogecoin all year.

Go find a few decent bitcoin and eth autofaucets and let those run all year. Far better payout. Dogecoin is a horrible example to use so I probably shouldn't have done it

I see i've gotten 6 generic adware reg keys now. Nothing dangerous or noteworthy, but i would advise you to scan and clean your computer when you're done just in case to avoid ad highjacking.
Well i think the idea here is grabbing free coins and hold them until alt season.

Odd user seriously. I scan once at night and once during the day and nothing so far. I scanned about 2hours ago so it's that recent. But I will do another scan shortly once these 2 autofaucets get done.

sorry you're having such problems user it wasnt on purpose. I have had no problems with these sites. I should have assumed I have been very lucky

That's exactly the idea. 300 dogecoins might not be a ton but you can grab a decent amount of a coin with that. My logic is rack up various coins and than later use those to buy other coins that interest you. It's a stepping stone so to speak to other coins.

Works best for those without money or very little.

Not worthy to play for 50 sats now.

In 2013 I Made 0,07 BTC with DailyBitcoin, too bad it closed.

I know the risks, no worries. Besides, like i said, it's just generic adwares, nothing serious or damaging. You can pick those things up accidentally by simply visiting torrent sites or porn sites, even those like gelbooru and paheal as well as "respected" sites like pornhub.

Aight cool user. Well hope it works out for you and you can make some coins this way for future use.

Yeah well that site is long gone and some of us work with what's available. I dont like how low it is but I dont have the money I want to drop on alot of coins. Glad you made it user i'm still trying to get there

Of course , I’m not saying to not do it.
It’s free money of course and could be way more than what your getting now.

As I said I had like $30 in BTC then suddenly I found that I had $500.

Ah I misunderstood user my apologies. I agree it's shit money now compared to what i've heard it was a few years ago.

And yes it's def more than I was getting using just cash and waiting on increases to get more coins after selling out for profit.

I spent time looking into faucets and use a few which meet at least 2 of the 3 criteria: quick/easy to collect (one captcha, for example), high paying (this means around 30-50sat right now), no extremely high withdraw thresholds (some faucets don't pay out until you have a minimum balance)

For example, one faucet I use only has moderate payout, but it is extremely easy to collect (one captcha) and has no payout threshold (instant payment). Another is very high paying, has few ads, is collected with one simple captcha - but it has a high withdraw threshold. Unfortunately I haven't found a faucet that has all three traits... yet. There are also a couple faucets I use which are very low paying but they are quite easy, and they turn themselves into passive profit. These are faucet "games" where you can 'reinvest' your faucet profits into sat generators in the game. It does take a long time for you to actually make enough through the faucet in order to buy that stuff, but once you do, the game just spits out tiny amounts of coins for you constantly as long as you log in once in a while.

As for as OP mentioned - I actually use this for the interest it yields. I would never trust the deposit any of my actually purchased crypto on here, but I have no problem shuffling faucet sats that I spent no money on (just time). The 4.08% yearly interest is compounded daily and it's nice to think about making tiny amounts of money every day, even if the daily interest for me is less than a penny.

Ultimately I guess I treat faucets as kind of a game - searching for the best ones and maximizing profit over time spent clicking shit. The fact the "points" in this "game" can translate to real life value is a great bonus, though. I think besides people looking at it from a game perspective, it's also potentially a good way for somebody to acquire crypto with no monetary investment (you can even send your earnings to an exchange eventually and learn about trading).

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