Don‘t worry

Eth will be back at 800-1000 USD end of july and btc around 11k, just chill your balls guys

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>Eth will be back at 800-1000 USD end of july

More like 2000 USD end of July, at least

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We're unironically going to slowly slide down to $4,000 BTC and $200 ETH until January 2019, at which time we will stay there for about 8 more months before gradually pushing back up to all-time high.

Sure. For now I'm out of Crypto until we hit 5k/300

Your retarded, literally

Crypto is no longer in a rogue experimental phase

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More like 80-100 usd.
It's dead, face the truth. Development slowed down to a crawl, icos getting banned by sec.
$30 eoy

I can see something like this happening. Crypto Normies need to forget about crypto for a while. After a year or two they'll be able to get hype over it again.
People forget about product hype more quickly these days and crypto went more mainstream than ever with the younger gen.
I think it will recover more quickly than after the 2013-2014 crash.

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It will. Back in those days there was only Bitcoin and a handful of shitcoins. It's a completely different world now. Big players are swinging big dicks to develop these new techs.

A bit even lower than that, I believe. But the timeline, that I can very much agree to.

You mean $1800 and $45 right? Because that's the bottom.

There are tons of Bitcoin maximalists and competitors trying to subvert ETH right now.

EOS dumped extra hard after manipulating the price of ETH and EOS.

ETH has more development on the way soon too.

After the EOS dumping stops, we'll see a rebound of ETH. And I don't see it going from a trading pair to being obsolete like these biased dipshits claim.

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I don't think it's so much BTC Maximalists and competitors being subversive, I think it's simply people who sold at a higher price trying to make people drop their bags so they can get back in at the lowest price possible.

As soon as they click that buy button their negative attitude on this board is going to do a complete 360 and walk away

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>thinks BTC won't be 30+ by end of May

daily reminder we are in the denial phase,i see so many delusional bulls trying to find every bull flag and holding on to every trendline until its broken. and screaming bullrun when btc pumps artificially 300 $ just to rekt shorts
We couldnt brake 9k now we cant brake 8.4k.
Unless we get money from outside we aint going anywhere with these fake pumps
There's money to be made as a bear too

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Nice fud. 4K at least

The next few days will be critical for crypto markets. Currently the total market cap is hovering around $300 billion, if it drops below $275 billion there could be tougher times ahead and this bear run may not be over yet. Conversely a rebound above $355 billion and a new higher high may spell brighter days in crypto land.

>Crypto Normies need to forget about crypto for a while.
With all those bags down 70%? They won't forget it.

they will sell at a loss if they didnt sold yet, do you think normies have patience? they get bored really fast and saw this as pokemon go craze and now are moving on. u have to be really crazy to be here after 3 months of downtrend.
They wont be back this year for sure they will see btc as a ponzi

Every dip is the same with you fools...
If you truly believe crypto is dead put your money where your mouth is and short it to 4k or whatever number you have pulled out of your arse based on nothing but fud and disbelief.
I dont give a shit if it drops to $4.... in time this technology will define the world we live in. Any company that doesnt adopt it will be left behind. Volatility and manipulation is a sign of how small the market still is and how early we are to it. Stop shooting for the moon and enjoy the ride to a hefty profit.. all you need is the ability to be patient

bitcoin lost almost 70% of its value, huge majority of investors lost money already, fear and panic already kicked in, everyone thinking it´s over

we reached despair already

I can't help but think I'm reading little kids who believe by being doom and gloom they jinx their bad luck and something good will happen because the universe is determined to do the reverse of what they say in public.

ETH to $200 is a strong possibility, but if it happens it's not going to be a 9 months slide.

I love how you faggots delude yourselves into thinking you're smart and not stupid like these so called normies.

nah crypto twitter is still bullish and hangs on to every hope they can. People still invest in ICO's,TRX still pumps.
thats why ETH is falling cuz ico's are cashing out before eth is 300 $ again
A lot of people keep saying "buy when theres blood on the street" - and "buy the dip" - this is not despair not even fear yet.We are in denial

>Crypto is no longer in a rogue experimental phase
yeah its in "turned out most of this shit is useless and overpriced" phase

>being this susceptible to FUD

>after the EOS dumping stops
what? they won't stop anytime soon. they have so much ETH and are bringing in more daily with this never ending ICO. not to mention all the other ICOs that will be dumping to fund the next steps in their projects. not to mention all the other ICOs that will be dumping to exit scam because the violated SEC regulations. don't forget that ETH might be considered a security too by the SEC which could also fuck this shit coin.

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Are you retarded? It's always a slow ride down after the bubble burst. I can guarantee you it will happen just the same again. Look at older price charts just for once.


>Eth will be back at 800-1000 USD end of july and btc around 11k

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