HI Veeky Forums

There was a thread here last night about how fixing your tight foreskin is the best investment you can make.
Well I didn't even know mine was supposed to get pulled back but last night I tried stretching and stuff, today I pulled my foreskin back and what I seen instantly made me throw up.
Thick white smegma, and underneath, a layer of smegma that was so hard it turned into a crust.
How the fuck do I clean this Veeky Forums?

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Wtf? 10/10

>turtle picture

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Warm water and soap probably? If you are not sure get an adult to help you.

Had my foreskin removed when I was a teen. Best decision ever. Looks better and I last longer due to reduced sensitivity. Don’t listen to all the Molyneux MRA fags claiming genital mutilation.

I tried in the bath with a shitload of soap and a little bit started to flake off. hurts like a cunt though

That's called dick cheese and it happens when you don't clean yourself properly
How did you not even know your own dick?
You truly are a disgusting human being

Shut up faggot
You want sensitively to get the best feeling dumbass

It must be oil soliable.

Try vegetable oil to rub it / soften it. Then use soap.

And polish your rod often from now on.

Thanks mate, just looked up about oil like you said, and coconut oil works well apparently.
Will try it out, cheers

Reduced sensitivity cope lol

Have fun not feeling blowjobs by the time you're 30 and getting more pleasure in watching black bulls pound your gf cucklet

Yeah getting foreskin removed wasn't an option for me.
Genital mutilation, no thank you

Hmm so that’s why all the bjs I got were bad. Unironically I thought bjs are just overrated. Feelsbad.pdf
On the bright side, I have the stamina of coked up pornstar and because I’m thick like a can of Pepsi, even rosties feel tight.

The head of my penis is so sensitive if my foreskin is pulled back I can't wear underwear, or sleep with a blanket on me

This is normal. If it is a problem. Just use moisturizer. Have your dick wet at all times :)

Cut dicks have dead layer of now rough glans. Nerve ending are dead, so they feel only pressures.

As weird as it may sound, I feel pleasure in my forskin.
When I rub it in my hands it feels good asf, and apparently its an ergonous zone too

How can you last more than a few seconds? I’m a two pump chump if I fuck my wife without a condom despite my mutilated dick.

yes head is for pleasure, foreskin is for pleasure.

The tip of the dick is for arousal.

However, cum reflex is set in motion when the bottom part of the staff is stimulated.

That indicates full penetration is achieved, meaning cum will be delivered good near the cervix. There is no evolutionary disadvantage of cumming at that point.

Soooo nigger brains, fuck shallow with only half the dick and you will last as long as you want.

Or use device to cover the base of penis. It probably wont work as well.

Porn star do that all the time. They fuck only the tip to middle and go deep only towards the end.

I can fuck for hours and not cum.
The trick is to fuck fat chicks that are physically repulsive, so your cock cant decide if it wants to shrivel up and die, or hurry up and cum and get it over with.

you must be mans man to even get a hard on, damn

>TFW no foreskin, clean + superior

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Or watch so much porn, you get desensitized to even hot chicks, so the only way you can cum is to fantasize about your favorite porn scenes while fucking a real chick.

Has worked for me for years.

Thanks for the biology lesson user, you sure know a lot about dicks

I can teach you also how we the globalist are using our anuses.

t. cutfag

Get in the shower, and have plenty of bodywash nearby.

Don't come out until you've met your dick.