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I was in that thread but didn't see how it ended. Well... Joosted

Veeky Forums KIA

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>he doesn't know bots are collecting data from every social media and using those informations to trade

that's why you have to shitpost on biz

Pic related

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Inverse bart simpsonion hill. Bullish

>no bitmexrekt or screencap of that short
shittiest larp in the history of Veeky Forums and they're eating it up.

it's scary though what happened to him. somebody saw the post and pushed the price up to squeeze his short. it literally went back down an hr or two later. it's 100% his fault for posting his position on the internet, but still goddamn.

How would someone take advantage of a person sharing his
Short position? The whale pushed the price up to get him liquidated? What does the whale get out of it?

A 2 minute laugh.

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peump it

umm no you stupid fag the market just moved against him he shorted at the bottom of a huge drop


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>some whale took a big loss for the purpose of JUSTing a bizfag

Are the whales /ourguys/?

This thread is retarded. The people who are trying to liquidate shorts always post here to boast about there activity before it happens.I guess that is human nature or something look I pressed a button manipulated the market really cool or something those people who picked on me in school are going to pay for whatever..... (insert whatever personal issue here)

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hory shet! is that the same kid as the one pulling that hilarious face holding an apple? i've pissed myself laughing over this

There actually was a bitmexrekt screenshot of this yesterday user, it's not a larp

I've never used Bitmex or anything like that

Can whales pull a profit by setting a long bet, and then dropping $100-$200k on the orderbook to raise the price a few hundred dollars?

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you're going to need more than couple hundred thousand to raise price few hundred dollars on bitmex. but yea whales can do that

He sold?

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I've never used bitmex, I was just guessing based on the orderbooks I see for USDT-BTC on Binance

Even during the plunge yesterday, there was maybe $150k in buy-orders between 8100 and 8000, anyone with that liquidity could have just sent prices down at any moment

Newfaggot here what happened in simple words?

he lost his livesavings

and also got a shit ton of debt?

OP in screenshot was trying to cover his losses by trading with leverage, betting that BTC would go down. He was up almost 20% but was aiming for 45% like a greedy fuck.
Huge green candle and he got liquidated: lost 100% of whatever he had left

Left with fucking nothing

Imagine looking at your portfolio now. Then it goes up 20%, then goes to zero

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probably not, you usually can't go into debt, as you will get liquidated and lose whatever is in the account before that happens. At least I hope so, for his sake.

Life savings lost, in any case. JUST

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>He shorted all in?
>Perfect. Execute order 46.

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I am desperate for money tell me one reason to cancel my x100 Long with my livesavings that gets liquidated at 8000.

Pls guys im shaking

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read god.pdf

The thing is being 45% down isn't really that big a deal, literally just wait a few months and it would have recovered.

aaaa JUST
With this trend BTC is going down to 2k in few months I'm afraid

ITT redditor screencaps weak LARP bait and tries to make friends with it.

Actually, the trend is simply, don't fucking leverage trade with more than 2x unless you know what you're doing

>Imagine looking at your portfolio now. Then it goes up 20%, then goes to zero

That's what's happening to me in slow motion anyway. I bought eth at 1200 in January.

i'd like to think there's some whale or whale group that actively tries to liquidate all of Veeky Forums holdings and drive them towards suicide

maybe the bog meme isn't a meme afterall

>he's beginning to think it isn't just a meme
>proceed with faux organic market activity, then DUMP IT

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Lol sorry bro bogs are just a meme

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lol I saw that thread yesterday and as much as this bear market is pissing me off there's no way I'd even consider doing something that retarded

Not only did he sell low, he shorted the bottom. I'd say that's a classic Veeky Forums move but even the brainlets here aren't that dull

Fucking degenerate

you know idk if it works the same on bitmex but normally your margin position is pulled before you lose 100% and you're left with 20-50%

fuck do I short or long now?????????

fucking kek

Omg that poor young man. Is he still okay?

yfw you are already too late, for either direction.

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he got balls but they got crrrrrushed

>be whale
>absolute fucking retard tells me his short liq price in public forum
>set massive BUY BTC order at his liq price
>index price shoots up to my massive buy order
>retard gets liquidates and the trading platform automatically sells his shit at market price
>price goes even higher because retard gets liquidated and has to sell into the order book
>sell the BTC i bought back to the retard at a profit


>Short low and long high
Veeky Forums is evolving

The whales work for the exchanged that offer shorts and logs with leverage.

I can understand doing shorts and longs with small sums of money (so that you dont appear on their "must liquidate" radar), but if anyone goes all in on a leveraged short/long on this heavily manipulated market then they are retarded

it would have brappened regardless of whether he posted his position. The bots are owned by Mex and the exchanges and share all information. Because they control most of the capital, they can move the price to wherever it is most profitable for them.

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The absolute state

state of emergency

It is time user.. Smear donkey shit all over your face and body, run naked in the street

This is a video of the whale


This image is all kinds of stupid. It completely ignores the depth of the visual field and the apparent foreshortening of objects oriented lengthwise toward the camera.