something is brewing

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This thing is going to EXPLODE once we go into a bull market.....

Holy shit. This is beautiful

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>he thinks buy/sell walls mean anything
You just told everyone that you know nothing about the crypto market.

t. REQ ico investor

>look at these buy walls fellas aren't they bullish

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the absolute state of reqtards. absolutely clueless what the fuck they are doing

is it too late to fomi in?

welcome to REQ where every pump is immediately sold off


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That's just stupid niggers selling. Always poor and dumb.

you are quite new, no?

A big sell well means a pump will happen.

A big buy wall means a dump will happen.

Yes we are in opposite land because this is Crypto. When you release good news such as a partnership or mainnet launch your coin will crash. And sell walls are there so that whales can pump the price.

That shows high confidence the price is going to go up because all those people put sell orders in for when it does

>And sell walls are there so that whales can pump the price.
so that whales can accumulate before pumping the price

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Just getting in trading.

Can someone explain to me how to read balance charts?

Here is a nice cat.

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Don't even bother at the start. It's all manipulated as fuck and you can't really get any useful information from it.

fuck off

I woke up and it's the exact same price it was 10 hours ago. This is gonna explode.

KEK. This is fucking dumb!
t.In REQ since October

just bought 20k REQ at 274, when is this gonna have some action?

about 10 minutes

a discord i am in put out a buy and hold for REQ, im in now

Very useful tool for determining bot movement, which is not useless in itself.