Why was Ethereum so pathetic in the last 3 months?

why was Ethereum so pathetic in the last 3 months?

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Ethereum wasn't designed to make retards like you money. It was designed specifically to provide smart contracts and it's accomplished that goal extremely well.

Shitcoin ICOs cashing out

Because we knew you bought it.

No, but in reality, might have something to do with ICO companies that have a lot of ETH and are cashing out some.

ICOs are dead

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parity wallet

well done

Manipulation. But don't worry user, your time in the market is giving you experience even though it feels like losing opportunity cost.

I was very heavy in ETH when I bought in last June. Cost me a lot of money watching the ratio tank. And then in January ETH finally mooned and I could lock in my profits.

The exact same thing is happening right now. At some point not too long from now you will want to get in ETH, just keep eyeballing the ratio. (Personally I am in tether and BTC until the ratio goes back up again.) Don't fall for the FUD and sell low.

Greed.. ICO cashing out

Existing ICOs sell ETH, new ICOs don't get ETH.

This happens directly after every ICO season, last summer was another notable example.

I've been saying that ETH was a scam since it was sub $1, you should've trusted me, now you see that I was right.

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>accomplished goal really well
>DAO hack
>millions of dollars locked in smart contracts permanently
>network crippled by cats
>only use case is literal ponzi schemes and ICO scams

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>ponzis is a bad usecase
i bet you don't even own 10 p3d

Always the same FUD. Ethereum is handling 50x the volume of your useless nu-platform-coin and if your coin even gets adopted will suffer the same isseues THAT IT WILL NEED TO OVERCOME. (And ETH already has). You're too late mate


i was there when eth ico still was going, and didnt buy because it was an obvious russian scam

now who's laughing

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ICO's are dead, ETH will get supply shocked all the way to about $3.50.

There is no ETH hard limit. It was never meant to be a store of value. It was just meant as fuel to run smart contracts on the ETH chain.

what? it will always be a garbage platform prone to bugs and a large attack surface due to being turing complete. Of course its always the same FUD since nothing has changed. Sharding will solve the crypto kitty problem but it will inherently always have the other problems

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It accomplished its goal so well that ETH devs are literally in a countdown to dismantle everything (PoW, single thread, etc.) just to be able to measure themselves to the competition, while, at the same time, achieve backward compatibility with its crappy original design. Literal perfection. Please buy.

i never understood how anyone for even a second thought turing complete money was a good idea

if you're completely ignorant to how these things work you can act like its an upgraded bitcoin that you can code on with no drawbacks whatsoever

Yes. I sold during the bullrun, but I am begining to buy in now. I figured the bottom was 500 or so. I don't think it can get much lower than 400ish. If plasma and casper come along, this will moon again, and if it becomes the number 1 crypto, which is entirely possible, it will be 5k EOY easily.

Holy shit, are you retarded?


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because it's a cryptocurrency.


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Ok motherfuckers set you buy orders to .04 BTC for safety and .02 BTC if you have balls of steel. This fucker still has room to bottom out before it goes back to .1

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Yeah fuck you faggots for making me waste three months.

Hodl is the best advice user, don’t invest anything you aren’t willing to lose if you wait long enough it will come back and more as long as you didn’t fomo in over .1

daytrading during a bear market would result in even more loss dude.

It's a flawed shitcoin run by a pedo-sympathising autist and his racist commie devs.