Amb announcement tomorrow! Moon mission imminent

It’s going to be big. Nestle and Monsanto according to the tg research group. Buy now! I need your money into this biz, or else I can’t buy a lambo. Don’t worry we may be scammers and thieves but there is honor amongst thieves. We won’t dump on you all at once

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I'd short this piece of shit if there'd be an instrument for it


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Announcements do fuck all in this shitty market. Besides cheap accumulation phase is over and you know whats next. Hope you whale faggots feel it having to resort to cannibalizing, what a lively market you have here you totally deserve it.

Screw you!! I need suckers to dump my bags on

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yep, whales are in this already and ready to dump on us, like they did from ATH

lol, swissminions on reverse shilling mission
little do they know that the swissfaggot will dump on them for the 14th time
this time along with the amb team
vesting cliff is due
you little cocksuckers are insane

stay poor nigger

Suck A Dick Salty Walty AMB $100 EOY

poor like swissminions?

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Yep 83k Amb whale here I’ll give you the honor of making me rich by pumping the price

Hmmm, I wonder if people will sell the time, it's different

lol this guy

Sir pls buy AMB good coin sir no dump news sir very future very rich sir

Keep laughing. I’m the smartest guy in Ambrosus brah

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Mommy i did it, i used the words like the men on tv

Pump n dump you say?

In kingdom of blind one eyed man is King. Guess thats better than being a cheerful idiot. So wheres the source for this announcement of announcement?

My research group are geniuses and already figured it out. Satisfied faggot?

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Lol you poor faggots call yourself a «research group» these threads won’t pump your shit
Post some proofs or gtfo children

WTf did u say you cuck? Don’t make me bring my donkey to slap some sense in you

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Buy amb now so I can dump my 50k stack I’m holding since 8k sats on you faggot

the "research group" are the swissminions who bought in at 8k sats and all the way down because the swissfaggot shilled it over and over and they are now sitting at a 60-80 % portfolio loss
they are to "intelligent" to realize they fell for a p'n'd larper and now desperately shilling this shit to break at least even

amb will make a bigger announcement because the team vesting cliff is near and they want to dump
selling pressure from the team and the bagholders
decide for yourself

How do you know these things ?
What do you expect ?

everyone who lurks this shithole here for some time knows this
are you new?

what i expect?
do you even read?

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?FIGHT ME IRL

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i was also in the amb tg for some time
they even got free amb from one of the p'n'd whales to make the memes and the shilling here
talk about stockholm syndrom

considering this got pnd to 80k sats, leaving a lot of people bagholding, i wouldn't feel safe putting any money into this until there's a big selloff

moon it boys

can someone sum this hold up for me? all i know is it's comparable to vechain but possibly with bigger players and has a ceo who's a bit of a hothead.

Screenshot or btfo