Pic rel is me

I have a 100x 100BTC short open since 19k


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what do you hate us?
what is your end game?

screenshot you fucking larper

You barely pass 3/10

well if that's you now i am curious how your pantied butt looks. post it and also send us bitcoins

Only the butt works too

>I have a 100x 100BTC short open since 19k

Why not close it out now, then?

Also how much does that make you, I suck at math.

liar. you have to open new position every 2 weeks

Clear contender for the 41% club

>100x 100BTC
not how it works retard

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tits or gtfo

traps are gay kys

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Is your name Emily Whiteman by any chance? I believe I went to high school with you

Who are you :3

Uh huh and you somehow didn't get raped in fees these last 3 months, who the fuck do you think I am?

boy or girl?

Timestamp required

>No sharpie pic

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stop larping as ur ex OP


I'm on a train rn with no camera but if u message me on telegram I can send u timestamped pics when I get home :33


What's wrong with a man's chest?

fuck off back to /b/ trap

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Bora :DD

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Hi ciggy :333

stop forcing bora on biz u fag
He's too stupid to short bitcoin

i believe it

where's the pooper tho

Ruuuude. Apologize for this 3:

No way i'm believing you're bora unless you give proofs.

message me on telegram @Borancer

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My telegram is with my real name and phone number so no.
I'll ask next time u post on ylilauta.

I haven't been this disappointed in a while

fuking baited

aaaaaand its a trap

Boy or girl (boy)

Very nice cross dressing will you ever completely trans? I don't mind Id still smash your boipussy

post again in 2 years of horomon. also represent link for us when ur perdy

Lmao clearly a boygirl

Change ur username and noone can see your phone number dummy


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Ok later maybe, going to store now

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lol I always see these reports and every year my country moves down a little bit
just like my life

a tranny is trying to foll my dick into getting hard

did y bought a lambo ?

how is transition going? any side effects?

I cry a lot now. My bewbs and butt r growing but my balls and penis has shrunk ://

Daily reminder
Youre never gonna be a girl, youre just a sick human being and asshole is for pooping. hope you die.

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Pls don't pretend to be me. I really failed to do that makeup.

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timestamp or gtfo fake bora

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Eh i dont do timestamps so just come to talk telegram or something. @borancer

voitko nyt painua vittu takas sinne satunnaiseen vitun hinttari

can confirm he fingered himself for 0.01etherium

Lies >:(

Post pic to prove it, oh wait, you can't

who of you retards did this

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I did. Im Bora.

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Nice try but it clearly says Noora in the picture

She is known for whoring in Ylilauta so i wouldn't be surprised.

Bora is her internet name.

Wew glose, almost fabbed :D :D

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show benis and feet