Jibrel Network: SEED Group Chairman is nine years old

I was ready to load up some JNT bags yesterday, but did a little more reading today into the Dubai royal family and their implied connections to Jibrel Network.

The SEED Group (seedgroup.com/) is described as "A Company of The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum".

On the Private Office's website, here is a letter alleged to be penned by the Chairman himself, Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum:


The Office itself is registered in the UK, the Director listed as Duchess Nivin Saad Eldin Mohamed Elgamal:


Nivin Elgamal is in fact Sheikh Saeed's mother, giving birth to him in 2008. Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum initially denied he was the father, but following court hearings and a paternity test agreed to a maintenance settlement. Sheikh Saeed and his mother now live in London.





Even if the $250m of SEED's assets to be tokenized do exist, I have doubts billions of further Al Maktoum assets will follow if young Saeed is estranged from his father and the rest of the royal family.

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This is going to fuck with people that don't know how names work and well it should.

lmao saw this shitpost on reddit
is this going to be the new fud pasta?

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Big if true? Might this be the exit scam?


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for anyone who wants a buy signal, this is how creative these idiots are getting to try and fud, since theres nothing to legit fud about.Also this was already answered and put to bed on reddit.


OP here. Same OP of said reddit shitpost.

In what way was this put to bed? By all means, read the reddit post, then read the links I posted. Not all FUD is malicious.

>Where are the promised 2 B exchanges at launch?

>Where is the promised new roadmap with futher details for march?

>Where is the new website with arab language at march?

>Where is the promised medium article to give further details about the SEED group partnership which the media outlets were supposed to publish anyway?
This was promised to be published in mid to end feb by the way. Published at the beginning of march

>Where is the promised jSearch, planned for Q1?
>Where is the promised Beta Wallet, planned for Q1?
>Where is the promised CryDR Explorer, planned for Q1?

>Where is the promised jCash at launch?
And now it's even restricted for institutions only.

How can this be a buy signal? Have the even hit anything in time so far? They have an Alpha Wallet right now and a partnership who nobody knows any details about it.

DYOR once. Thanks.

so this is the office of a 10year old sandnigger, am i reading this correct?
10 year old?

what do you mean nothing legit?
these are facts
the "hur dur big saudi partnership" is actually the trust fund of a 10yr old divorce child whose whoremother gaylal convinced to sign a letter to push the image of his useless pokemontoken

this is actually the biggest dealbreaker i ever read

lol at all the jiblets stating that ofc gaylal can not announce the partnership with the sheik directly what do you think morons, they are important, they have schedules

lmao at you fuckers
imagine a picture of the manlet gaylal standing at the side of the 10yr old child announcing the "big" partnership

This FUD is a nice departure from the usual, but sadly a quick google of the sheiks name clears it up

it clears that he is in fact the 10yr old bastard child, are you stupid?
you got played you deluded fucker
gaylal is not stupid
he brought the child in so you fuckers would think it was big oil money
he booked the binance chink for a speech so you fuckers would think they will be on binance asap after the ico
lmao at you idiots, you got played by 2 twentysomething deloitte interns

"but the 26yr old intern managed 2,7 trillion assets"

go ahead and google his name
the first hit that comes up though is his father

saeed bin ahmed != ahmed bin saeed

seed group saeed (the 9 year old) was named after his grandfather

you cannot pay CZ to show up at your conference, moron. Mans rolling in cash

your cz's secretary or what?
the delusion is real
desperate bagholder

I'm not even sure anymore if it's real FUD or not

just google it, this shit is real
i could'nt believe it either
all makes sense now
even the retard trio from the tg is so assblasted now that they can't respond
they all thought it was the big sheik and not his estranged bastard child

yes. please believe a 10 year old is in charge.
fucking retard.

what do you mean in charge you deluded fuckhead?
ofc he is not in charge
problem is this shit was wrapped as a direct partnership with the big sheik and bc of that more oilmoney flowing in
turns out its only his estranged bastard childs trust fund which he gave him after court pressure
this gives this whole deloitte intern venture a new pov
all the shilling was under the assumption it was the big sheik with his big money
all lies

and to makes things better,
his mommy is in charge
the woman who pressured the sheikh in court for money after giving birth to his bastard child which he denied
do you think she is well liked there and this connection will bring more fellow saudi money?
ofc not

ok fren

the fact that even the shillingretardtrio has nothing more to say should tell how assblasted the bagholders are now

I'm starting to worry user

you don't actually believe FUD like this?

please, this is good for a laugh and a welcome change from janitor FUD but no need for autismo arguments, it just makes you look sad.

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it's the shillingtardtrio probably making this fud. you think we're stupid to not see that?

fucking poor fags with 2k tokens afraid the price is going too high and can't add on their lunchmoney in time.

fucking retards

so, buy?

just google it you retard

all real

apart from that, i think you are on of them


it was already outted as false FUD

keep your stinky hands away from my jibblies! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Why do people post fud that is one Google search away from being blown wide open?
This one is good though , clear, quantifiable broken promises

you did'nt even read this or youre blatantly lying
nothing was outted

ok ricardo. i wish i had saved your pic because you literally look like a retarded brainlet drawing but in real life

thats why no one replied to it, not even FUDers can deny that

If you look at OP's third link, where he supposedly shows that
>The Office itself is registered in the UK, the Director listed as Duchess Nivin Saad Eldin Mohamed Elgamal:

you will notice that the name there contains an extra BIN SAEED because the kids name has an extra one of those, whereas daddy sheiks name does not. There is no link to show us that the private office of daddy sheik is actually registered to that address, you were not meant to notice that detail. It's as simple as that.

As I said, it's great for a laugh, but you are just making yourself look like a sad autist

Q1 isnt over technically

it's just bad practice and amateurish to not be able to reach a goal in the time that you have promised

You believe they will deliver everything in 5 days?

I think most of it is the informal atmosphere of telegram and the people there constantly pressuring them for dates.

If I was meeting with real investors and central banks, my priority would be what they want and not what NEETs from a korean painting board want.

That said, they should learn to just say "soon".

The official roadmap only promises the crydr explorer, and even a slow release of the explorer isn't detrimental to the health of the tech's functionality in the future. It deserves criticism but if it's enough for someone to drop their tokens they demonstrably lack the fundamental reasons to be invested into the network.

I am part of the coin review team that investigates tokens applying for a Binance listing. He has never taken money for an endorsement.

sure you are

so he endorses it for free?
le insidertrading?
tell us more larper

But they promised jCash to be open to public, back in January when tokens were being released on exchanges. They also promised back in October that the public will be able to play with jCash, and test it out. jCash is still not out.

I agree that the fundamentals are good, but will the team deliver for once and answer questions? They have remained silent for a while now, yet keep living with the ICO money we gave them

Only thing they delivered is the release of JNT on exchanges

他去了,因为jCash将整合给Binance fiat配对。由于Jibrel已经进行了NEP5令牌的测试,并打算在年底之前更换,因此Da Hongfei在那里。

they did, and it will happen when the DAO is up and running and kyc/aml accounts are opened. without those, there is no purpose for jcash. so there are inconsistencies with your rants and you clearly don't understand the tech and focus on the short-term outcomes of events.

all bullshit
gaylal said jcash will be for institutions only
you contradict yourself

Relax, I'm just shit posting like everyone else. If you want an official reason for why CZ was at the conference I don't know, but he didn't do it for money. If you actually watch him he says that numerous teams try to bribe him for a listing and they get turned down. He rarely goes to any conferences as well. Make of that what you will.

>serves him right
>he trusted a sand nigger

Also, they have tested the neo platform. I'm not going to find it for you but it was mentioned in the telegram a few months back.

I am more focused on the team's ability to deliver, I found this project before 99% of the people in here.

They cannot deliver jCash, the SEED delay was clearly a lie, SEED has invested in ICO (didn't buy from exchanges), jWallet is not working (people have their JNT stuck there) and can't export the private key, Q1 roadmap seems will be missed also.

If they can't deliver things short-term, how will they deliver in the long-term?

But they already have an alpha version of the wallet. That alone is 30m worth.

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