$LTC, the master coin

How much $LTC do you keep in your stash Veeky Forums?

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0 (zero)

Marius is an amazing shitposter, god damn this shit is hilarious. I'm moving to Australia if I make it


Sorry Australia wont have you bud


33% of folio ltc at all times
Why the fuck wouldn't I seeing it will be 5k minimum eoy

LTC is not an alt coin. It's a shitcoin. It's not going to wash off.

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It's the coin of choice of crypto thots everywhere.

This is the only man in this thread that gets it.

LTC outperformed BTC in 2017, growing more than 7,000% compared to BTC's roughly 1,700%. Meanwhile, on Veeky Forums, you have paid shills who repeatedly insist that it's somehow a shitcoin, while simultaneously promoting scams like OMG and REQ. It doesn't make any sense to me how Veeky Forums can shit on one of the most stable and reliable cryptos while pushing so many other objectively worse coins at the same time.

>Why the fuck wouldn't I seeing it will be 5k minimum eoy
Dude I have $LTC 500. If it is 5k by EOY. I'll send you 4 LTC. Just post a green wojak thread and say "where is my 4 fucking LTC"

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>if you say so buddy

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Do the EXACT opposite of him - and you will be in profit.


Litecoin is a shitcoin, it has no developmental path or future. It is quintessentially a pump and dump orchestrated by Charlie Lee.

I used to think Litecoin was a good hold, but eventually realised it is absolute garbage - much like a lot of the crypto community.

>he thold ath tha hihg he dupmth on us scam pumper

cant wait for ltc to be 1-2k this year so all these fucking retarded brainlets can never post this again

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Shit coin or not, its forming a nice bull flag again. Easy gains within days

>it has no developmental path or future.

Wrong. Charlie Lee still tweets daily about the projects that the Litecoin Foundation is backing and/or working on. Just because you are not informed, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Ltc and BTC are both shitcoins from a tech pov, but theyre also the most battle tested and reliable coins with long standing reputations, which is what gives them their value. If the store of value meme ends up being true and BTC is the 21st century gold, then ltc will follow its path and be the 21st century silver. It's one of the least likely coins to fail over the short term, and one of the most likely to succeed in the long term. Tl;dr ltc is a pretty safe play as far as crypto goes

>BTC is shit from a tech pov

do you know how I know you're an idiot?

No it has no capabilities other than self proclaimed ''store of value'' and it's decentralized across the great republic of china.
The guys is right stop this btc superiority bs

Compelling argument. If BTC wasn't shit they wouldn't need shitty second layer protocols so that people could actually use it as intended.

>one transaction uses as much energy as 27 average us homes for a day
>3 mining pools control 51% of the block production
Nice tech bro

I thought he makes money by selling his scam reports but this is the first time I actually believe Marius has heavy bags of something

>cant wait for ltc to be 1-2k this year

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>master coin

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0, Charlie Lee is the worst businessman in history, not even the creator holds bags anymore, he knows it's peaked and only used when cucks don't wanna pay high btc fees cuz some gook is asic spamming the network.

That's lamboland? Kek

That's because the lead dev charlie lee was caught funding scams: twitter.com/cryptomedicated/status/978412877605425152

lmao at your life salty poorfag

charlie lee is a genius
forked a shitcoin
brought it on coinbase
sold the top

lives happily and rich until the end

you faggot on the other hand are poor and desperately lurking this shithole
who is the winner here?

inb4 embarrassing larp

cant wait for these shitcoins forked off the ultimate shitcoin to die off slowly

I’ve had 100 LTC since last summer, I’m fucking comfy af. I love ltc

>typical LTC HODLer

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>mouth wide open
Why do numales do this? It's so unnatural. Try doing it.

Can't wait for the Litecoin Private fork

>when a group of numales doing it

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Dudes on left right and in the back doing normal smiles. 2 Bros in the middle doing the face

The coin of numales, cryptothots, and brainlets who go on coinbase and say "Bitcoin is too expensive. Hey I can get a whole litecoin I'll get that.

Sold all that shit at the absolute peak and massively increased my LINK stack. Fuck LTC

imagine XRP on coinbase

he's not just a baiter, he is a masterbaiter

>Why do numales do this?

As subconscious and unintentional as it may be, they are emulating women. "Selifes" became popular when smart phones started having cameras, and became even more popular when they started having front-facing cameras, and there is no denying that teenage girls and young women were and are the prime demographic taking these sorts of pictures. As such, their behavior has dictated and popularized many poses including the "duck face," "peace sign," and "open mouth smiles." Women made these poses popular ways of taking selfies and modern pictures and these nu-males and soyboys probably don't even realize that they are emulating women and displaying effeminate behavior when they pose this way.

>masterbaiters think alike

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is it a psychological mental illness? I've wondered this too

It's just weird to do they must be gay or have a mental illness but something has to be wrong with them.

he's more deluded than charlie kek

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