>Where are the promised 2 B exchanges at launch?

>Where is the promised new roadmap with futher details for march?

>Where is the new website with arab language at march?

>Where is the promised medium article to give further details about the SEED group partnership which the media outlets were supposed to publish anyway?
This was promised to be published in mid to end feb by the way. Published at the beginning of march

>Where is the promised jSearch, planned for Q1?
>Where is the promised Beta Wallet, planned for Q1?
>Where is the promised CryDR Explorer, planned for Q1?

>Where is the promised jCash at launch?
And now it's even restricted for institutions only.

No FUD. Just stating facts, sorry for the bagholders.

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21k reporting in

>where is the reddit AMA


turns out the "big saudi oilmoney partnership" is actually the trust fund of a 10yr old divorce child


you were fooled by the name, its not the big sheik, its his 10yr old (!) bastard child

>mfw they want to steal my precious jibbies

That would explain why the medium article is delayed. 10yo kid can be very emotional and might trouble talal. Could be right, user.

At least we have an alpha wallet and gave them 30m fiat for that revolution.

at least it explains why there was no direct announcement of the partnership
"hur dur you idiots, do you think the important sheik will send a picture of him with gaylal shaking his hands to satisfy you"
turns out the big "sheik" is the little kid who lives in london with his mommy

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Time for a class action lawsuit

it's all coordinated FUD. take a look at maktoum's wiki and you'll see 10+ edit posts within the last week to make it seem like the FUD fits the wiki. They even went so far to edit linked wiki pages (many edits last 6 days), to make it seem real.your dirty hands aint touching my jibbies

Luckily i listened to user and sold jnt weeks ago. Thanks for fighting the good fight biz

some neets edited the whole wiki who propably is watched by a whole pr-army of the sheik family to fud the lunchmoneyinvestment of the 18yr old /biztards here
the delusion is real

1000$ EOY

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The thread.

lol at the desperate jiblets
talking about the big oil money partnership for months
but no one wants to talk about the fact that the partnership is only the bastard kids trustfund
really makes you think
you really thought it was the big sheik did you?

I don't believe in altruism on Veeky Forums.

yeah, the constant shilling should have been the biggest red flag, but at least most people were convinced by the "big oil money partnership"
turns out it was utter bullshit

100% with you, this is not even bait if you were in the project since December.

We were supposed to get jCash open to public when this shit launched. Now there is no word on when it will be out for the public.

Honestly this is bad. If they start like this, it's worrying what will happen in the future. Definitely not as safe of an investment as people think it is. The team can't even deliver, and keeps making shit promises

i'm more concerned about the seed partnership which turned out to be the trust fund of the sheiks estranged bastard child which exists only because his mother pressured the sheik for money in court
this is not a valuable connection who will attract oilmoney
this is a ruse to attract internetretards

The ultimate state of FUDers:


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google it you idiot
the fud is real

even the bagholderretardtrio has nothing more to say because they are totally assblasted by this

Seed was a huge bait.

90% of these Veeky Forums people here are retards saying "muh FUD just to accumulate". All of these things are facts, nobody can argue that. At least the shillers ("fudsters") on Telegram understand


already proven to be false information and malicious FUD


nothing was proven shilltard
did you even read it?

youre one of the shilling cocksuckers three are'nt you?

Its the son you faggot and the names are similar to how people here call their sons with the same name but add Jr.
You aint getting my Jibbies faggot and i actually bought right now. It will all be amazing once i am rich. Hit it big with VEN when i bought in extremely early, same with EOS, WTC, OMG, and now this, and this will make me the most money out of all of them. Stay poor faggot.

On another Reddit thread a guy called Safirex (probably one of you) fuding JNT and in another thread 4 days before he said it's good it's not enough known so he can accumulate.
There also was another guy (Captain Savajo or something) doing the same thing two weeks ago.

Maybe they will stop and relax once they got their paycheck from McD at the begining of April.