Should I buy some REQ or am I getting memed on?

Should I buy some REQ or am I getting memed on?

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As someone that is 100% all-in into REQ.

Do your own research and don't rely on Veeky Forums as your financial advisor.

you are always getting memed on Veeky Forums newfag.

Rule #1

-Anything shilled on Veeky Forums should be questioned

Rule #2

-Doing the opposite of Veeky Forums more often than not is the best course of action

>Buying any cryptocurrencies
Just go to Vegas and gamble. You have just as much luck making money, but you get free drinks and can ogle hot women

now apply rule#1 to rule#2 and rule#2 to rule#1 and you're good to go

yes please all-in on coin dependent on succes of LINK sir v good decision

No meme read the Whitepaper.

/T. 233k req

Loving the buzz around REQ, hype is building strong and it feels perfect for fridays mainnet.

Considering the fucking price now - how much lower could it fucking go.

it's at critical meme mass. wait for the dump if you want REQ.

Better than Link

it was 0.13$ not long ago. im waiting for 0.16 to get in.

please buy coins that are posted 20 times per day on biz ^^

worked out great for LINK, JNT, DBC, BNB next week etc holders

this. since the pwc partnership and auditing this has changed my mind. i was all in in ven and rlc, and tought req is a scam, so i also wanted to sell my rlc, because gill fedak is a req adviser. instead i sold all my ven and rlc and went all in on req. if this shit goes up i would have made it.

has worked for omg/eth/ant quite well. only because this shithole is wrong lots of times does not mean it can never be right again.

You’re right. It has. Thanks.

>sold all your ven
big big mistake
you are fomoing user.
REQ can still fail.
t. 50/50 VEN/REQ. Plus VEN is very low RN selling was dumb

>tfw ive been doing the opposite of these 2 rules and im up 350%

The 2 true rules of Veeky Forums (andim gonna break one of them now)

Rule #1:
-if it smells like curry, stay away from it

Rule #2:
-dont be helpful to newfags. In order to achieve this you must:
-FUD the board ("do the opposite of biz", etc)
-FUD /ourcoins/ (make link look like a real delusional cult, make shitty REQ fud, etc)

This will ensure the brainlet normies will leave and only the paranoid weirdos stay.

50% REQ
50% FUN

>>critical meme mass
>>shilled for a few months
You haven’t seen a damn thing yet son.

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