Is TOMOCHAIN a scam?

Lay it on me Biz,

I've been following wormholes on this, and half the people say all the shills not just here, but everywhere, are paid.

The regular channels of this are non-existent or quiet. Chatter seems weirdly pajeet-like.

Who's got the real scoop while this is on a heavy dip?

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Idk, idc, i just bought 200 of these for possible future profit, no even checked the price after i bought. bought.... $100 worth "for future profit"?

a-user....couldn't you at least drop a grand into it?


thanks, biz

>Long Vuong
>Founder & CEO

>CEO of Tomochain and Tomocoin Project Lead, co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement). PhD candidate in economics.

Doesn't look like a scam.

I mean, I get that, but...there's not much out there.
Is it just too early to tell on how this will play out? If it's so great why bleed back down to .45 cents....

Anyone else waiting to see if it drops to .25 cents?

So sick of bleeding. Can't get into more bullshit at a risk of 50% bleed right now.

What do.

same here. probably a scam, but there's heat around it. don't care if i lose $100 on some shitcoin.

and TOMO had a proof of care reward early on so most of the shilling was incentivized. "The next Antshares" uh huh. the name is just as stupid so maybe.

>If it's so great why bleed back down to .45 cents....

Why don't you say this to literally every single crypto out there in the market? If they are so great why are they all bleeding?

So basically you are doubting it's a real project because it's bleeding?
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc. they are all scam!

Finding projects like this at a low marketcap is how wealth is made. Dyor and you should be fucking ecstatic that you found this gem at 80, 60, 45 cents.

Or just buy at all time high like everyone that's getting fucked in this market if you need more evidence.

Tell us about yourself user

from the same guy that had a look at the chainlink code the other day, doesn't sound great to be honest:

"Tomochain-testnet is just setup instructions, nothing there.

And crosschain-transfer-demo is just a webapp wrapped around Ethereum running PoA

Conclusion: Another company that just booted up Ethereum in PoA, haven’t done anything else."

Lazy fud. Look at disclaimer up top. Dude doesn't even know alot of projects keep most of their code private until the time is right. He did the same bullshit with Wanchain as well.

Zilliqa too

pfft. buy ELEC. lower mcap and a more trustworthy project and company.

t. 200 TOMO, 10,000 ELEC, 850 OMG

retarded FUD. there's a comment on that "article" that explains why the author is so stupid. i don't even like TOMO that much but holy shit medium needs to be nuked.

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Yeah he's added disclaimers to like half of his reviews after people or projects have called him on this shit. You'd figure he'd just reach to the projects beforehand to see if theyd let him look at the private code before giving dipshits the opportunity to fud.

Brainlets think this is bleeding because they use usd price. Has not dropped in eth value like at all since it came out. Can only buy with eth so if youre losing money on this its b/c you bought eth too high not tomo.

>buying copypasted eth code with real eth
>mainnet not even launched
>is a fucking erc20 token
good job user, you will be at 10 billions by the end of the year

how convenient for them