What (((they))) try to hide behind their "antisemitism" shield of ridiculousness

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fuck those jews seriously

what good did they bring ever

I mean gangs of New York was absolutely amazing .


i wish i could paint such a broad brushstroke over ANY criticism

must be nice to simultaneously be an aggressor and a victim

why is this on Veeky Forums

you're not wrong
you're also not wrong

good businessmen, bad people

Both are German last names.

Fuck off /pol/.



(((German))) kek. the goyim know shut it down!

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Pedophile Jew use to be a meme

congratulations on this Veeky Forums

dirty no good kikes

Whiney Jews on /plushPEPE/ can go eat a dick. Yes, there is massive price drop in related stocks; weinstein already filed for bankruptcy. BOARD FUCKING RELATED

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yeah jewish you fucking mongoloid

the extreme racism on this website is pretty worrying, wish the moderators would clean up this subreddit

Wow, you must be new here faggot
You must love some Shekelstien cock too

>Shekelstein is a German name goys!

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Lol you actually think a globalist kike would go bankrupt? He's just stripped the assets and will move them to a new company without a tainted name. Probably a goy name this time.

you cant blame toxic masculinity on the jews, come on mate

i know this website hosts /pol/ but this isn't /pol/

Fuck you

oh did i push your buttons? poor little drumphkin

You fucking Reddit faggot, go there and never come back here again.

Pol is everywhere now.
This is your own fault Schlomo.

I just reported you for hate speech. I hope you don't live in the UK ;)

>retards unironically falling for low-effort bait
at least we all know who the real redditors are

*points out the obvious*
Wow, user. That’s extremely racist!

Yes you fucking retard German Jewish.

Wow you are a hooknosed faggot arent you?

I don’t, nigger

It doesn't matter what race I am because we are all of the human race. I am jewish on my mothers side though but doesn't concern you. Mind your own business you white nazi


>I am jewish on my mothers side
Thats all you need faggot. In order to be Jewish your mom has to be one.
Chan is not for you, stay on Reddit

From what I know anyone can post here as long as you're over 18. I won't let some racist sexist magapede stop me. Besides Veeky Forums is pretty much the jewish part of Veeky Forums, we are about making money here. If you can't stand jews in finance GET OUT

Jesus Christ, relax. You sound like there’s a rabbi chewing your foreskin off.


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(((money))) related

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while I agree that this shit is fucked up

please don't boardmix my precious boards
I'm trying to protect my boardlineage here and along come you fucks boardmixing away my board purity its a fucking disgrace

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yiddish is like 70% german



Veeky Forums

The JQ will be solved with the help of LinkMarines



FBI and CIA negroes sure love defending child molesters.

I would have blown them to bits the moment I learned of this little pedo ring.

>being this dumb

Hi cia

Is there anything jews haven't stolen from another culture? Why do you think they all look genetically defective? They bred with whites thinking they were do smart and it backfired. I would rather not be a Jew and be hot rather than some sideshow attraction.

Daily reminder is the other way.

"Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on . Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect."

Reported and saged.

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