70% of this board bought in December, at the peak of a bubble, and at the peak of the most overrated, overbought asset in history. You buy it early in a ponzi, not late dumb fucks. I've been in this market for more than 6 years and I can tell you with certainty that anything above even the price of $50 is overvalued given that there is no adoption and zero fundamentals backing it. My balanced mind allowed me to sell my holdings as soon as I saw Katy Perry and her brainlet fans promoting this.

Now, since most of you are at huge losses, you think you'll get another bull run when awareness has peaked. Take a look at google trends dumb fucks. The reason there were still bull runs after the last bear market in 2013-2014 (you late fucks probably don't even remember) was because awareness for bitcoin never reached the mainstream, and so there was room to grow. Now, everyone and their mother knows about it, and so now the price will be based purely on fundamentals. This isn't Uber that allows you to orders car on the press of a button or Google that allows you to search for information instantly. This has no fundamentals, and you will only realize this when your losses reach a total 95-100% while the early holders laugh at how easy it is to manipulate you guys with their hundreds and thousands of BTC.

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>balanced mind
opinion disregarded

t. bought in december

I put in 1k, I was ready from the start with it going to zero but it's a fun videogame.

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right so the guys holding "hundreds of thousands of btc" will manipulate the price down instead of spending a few hundred thousand usd to create artificial bull runs. because you know, they dont want more money right?

50% of coinbase and other crypto srtaup employees take a % of check in crypto but you act like its not real money. dummy

already realized that without u. thank u for the nice post.

shit hurts. i got to know bitcoin beginning of 2011. thought its bullshit. friend mined and became a millionaire already in 2013. i was so mad that i avoided everything crypto related till 2017.

i thought i would have my lambo by now. god was i wrong.

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They can't manipulate the price up successfully anymore you dumb fuck because of the peak awareness. The amount of buying pressure needed has peaked, so it can only go down or swing ad infinitum. They will swing the fuck out of this for a long time, hence why the price will slowly and surely drop (enough of a timeframe to basically pick as much btc as they can). and end with capitulation when they sell off their holdings.

Exponential rise based on no fundamentals -> Exponential drop.

>Awareness == growth potential

When every investment banker suggests a 5% bitcoin holding to keep a portfolio "diversifies" I will know that bitcoin has reached its full potential.

When the entire insurance and finance industry runs off of smart contracts I will know that ethereum has reached its full potential.

Shit fud

Didn't read. I don't advice from losers on /biz

guy who bought the ath has insight on markets. leeeeeeeewlsssss

I love these replies. Half of them know I'm right and the other half just call them FUD. The other half almost certainly bought late, because they only learned about the term FUD from reddit and other sites. You guys don't even realize it's a ploy to keep the early holders rich while you guys suffer losses while pretending as if every form of bad news is FUD. It never amazes me as to how stupid people really can be.

Will have another bullrun in the future?

>Implying there isn´t room to grow when at most 1 out of 10000 people know how to use a bitcoin wallet, 99% of projects don´t even have a working product and we are sitting on a ridioulous 300 BI market cap.

Hahaha, good luck with that.

Why don't you read through what I said and figure out why I call it fud

No, it will go down slowly this year or for multiple years. A bull run is impossible with peak awareness for assets that are speculative (i.e. no fundamentals). That is a fact. It's the reason I knew it would continue to rise after the last bear market (since awareness was still small), and why it was about to drop after reaching peak awareness. Most of these idiots think that you should buy once institutional money starts even talking about it. What they don't realize is that is the time to sell, and thank god I did.

Awareness has peaked. That is all that matters for a speculative asset. The sooner you realize that the better.

If you coded a single day in your life, you would know that if blockchain technologies become potentially useful, it has nothing to do with public cryptos being useful, and you would also know that blockchain technologies are only useful in certian niches.

So he had more than 10k btc? Didn't know that you could mine so fucking much in the early days. Has he still some left or sold everything?

>If you coded a single day in your life, you would know that if internet technologies become potentially useful, it has nothing to do with the World Wide Web being useful, and you would also know that only intranet will be useful

> Comparing a bunch of useless positive feedback bubbles to the Internet

Typical over-bullish behaviour from a late buyer who also didn't even have the intelligence to short.

Yeah, institutional money NEVER pumps markets. Thanks OP, keep the fud coming!

>What is ad hominem

Math hurts

Interesting thread, they still think they can get rich

I addressed your point in the comment above.

Yeah, Adam from wall street will certainly try to pump a market where less than a 1,000 wallets hold more than 70% of the bitcoin supply (similar numbers for other cryptos like ETH) and can fuck him over at any time.

More importantly, like I said, none of this matters. What matters is that awareness has peaked, and so it is simply impossible for a bull run to happen again (since there are no fundamental uses).

are you rich?

Mean value of BTC in 2013 is 100 dollars. What is 100x 10,000? 1MM.
So fuck off cocksucker

And I'm saying it's BS

Awareness and adoption are not the same things, if you believe that DLT has worthwhile fundamentals then you will know that we are just starting to find out its applications

If you don't believe it has fundamentals that's your problem, but don't take that for granted

Adam from wallstreet already owns 5% of the total supply of bitcoin you retarded faggot

This post and others like it are blatant manipulation.

Think about it for 5 seconds. Why would anyone unironically come to /crypto/ to post "I told you so"? They have something to gain through FUD. Ask yourself, what could it be?

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>This isn't Uber that allows you to orders car on the press of a button

Ironic thing is that an ethereum dapp can replace UBER and not take 25% cut from the profits.

maybe there will be another bull run, but not for years. Normie money has left- trading volumes hover around $12-15billion every 24hrs, which is pitiful compared to the $55-60 billion in january.
All of you holding $1000 worth of this garbage will NOT MAKE IT. you are late adopters, waiting for the greater fool to offload your bags to- problem is there are no greater fools left, you were the last one

bitcoin in 2013 reached 100 then later 1000.

in 2011 bitcoin was worth nothing.

Just buy now (the bottom of the ponzi scheme) and it will make it so that you only bought in the middle of the ponzischeme through cost averaging when it moons again

to get people to sell low or justify their decision, either way its dumb to sell now especially if you have invested into solid projects

Problem is you are so sure that crypto is and will ever be a speculative asset, and nothing more. And right now how could it not be ? No working product whatsoever, most at early development stage (even though the majority will end up failing, but not all of them), bitcoin is slow and hard to use, ppl can´t even get a credit card to spend it yet. So yeah, right now only speculation and dumb tweets drives price up and down, but crypto technology and development in general are still on infancy stages, this ain't hard to see. Yet you think it´s over because we “peaked” awareness, but fuck up to realize the real awareness comes through slow and gradual adoption.

You may repeat as much as you want how it doesn´t have fundamentals and will never be adopted, but fail to realize this is your personal opinion, and not what actually is going on.

So how much did you make on crypto? I think it would support your argument if you proved that you made a lot of money in the past.

>70% of this board bought in December
Why do people think this? Is it based on anything at all other than nocoiner cope?

You could definitely mine that much in the early days, I know a couple of people who did, both blew it all on drugs.

BTFO, Grandpa.

This is the year of use-cases.

Also, we all make like 20-30% a day, at least, so, compound that, pussy.



>starting a bait post with a statistic pulled out of your ass

Weak start didnt even finish

2/10, keep it up though champ look at all your (you)'s!! Amazing. Might just give you gold for that

He bought high, sold low and now he's drunkposting.

OP is a faggot

I didnt even start to make money till the season of the swing trade started

>things that will never happen

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thank you but anyone who doesn't know this is a complete man child faggot
I'm here to make money, no shit this stuff won't be used you goof
Maybe 1 or 2 projects will be
There is still a chance to make money and thats what all us gambling fucks are doing. Hoping to catch that random moon. Mass media attention happened, they gonna remind everyone in the news about their massive loss? And ppl will then fomo back in?

Brainlets on biz

sorry friend, i'm a coin holder so i should be on your side but
Doesn't mean we will have another massive bullrun like what happened. There are projects right now that are being used... and they are being dumped
Because everyone is treating this like a ponzi, who can find the news first about releases and announcements. SO they can be first, and first to dump on others.
RIP bagholders

The speculative bubble has popped, now we're moving on to the disruption bubble.

Have fun running an efficient service with an ethereum dapp. Have you even coded a dapp? Lmao. I can tell there are barely any people who actually understand computer science on this board.

Same, i knew it was a bubble about to burst but put 1k just in case and will put more if it dips ahrd again.

Like the previous poster said, if you are now waiting for the greater fool to offload your bags to, good luck. There are no greater fools left: you were the last one.

>no greater fools left
>less than .01% of all the worlds wealth is invested in bitcoin
>there are hundreds of people wealthy enough on the planet right now to buy every satoshi for sale with less than 10% of their networth

really made me thunk

.... as sad as it sounds, I talked about the same around 11k$ on 19thFeb.
I called it the last chance of exit above 10k, because litrally I am waiting 4years to use crypto as the daylie driver.

But more then dumfuck Crypto Visa CreditCards didnt came out, how is a crypto credit card better then a Fiat card ( in no fuckin way ).

I said that I successfully sold 90% of my holdings and that I defenetily will come back when its actually useable...

In addition I have seen incredible altcoin pumps bit no one was bigger then that we have seen in late 2017. ...

Just think about the usecase of crypto, as It is now! We really have to do a shitload of work before its useful in any way to normies and as a daylie base.

It is what is going on. LOL. It can literally never fundamentally scale. BY DEFINITION.

Wrong, I bought in January during the bull trap

False comparison because awareness didn't peak.

How many fucking times do I have to repeat myself before idiots bring in the bear markets of the past? There was NO bear market in history where awareness of bitcoin peaked. This is the FIRST time this has happened. So assuming the same thing will happen is borderline retarded.

>doesn't remember all the newsstations reporting on bitcoin hitting $1,000
awareness peaked right there
no (NO) difference at all faggot

that was not the same impact as this time
When the jew filth did their shilling
People thought wtf is bitcorn? It does nothing? Oh thats cool , its worth 1000... o well maybe ill read about it some time

THIS TIME, kids are being shilled on the news and articles becoming millionairs. Katy perry crypto nails! 50 cent. etc etc e tc
20k BTC
Everyone fomod in moron, how can you not see the diff

Why am i the only logical coiner? I hate u all

yes it did faggot, it peaked during every runup

it turns out "magic internet currency just increased 100x" makes for really good headlines while it lasts

the tail does not wag the dog

No it didn't you idiot. No-one knew about bitcoin comparatively. Not the mainstream audience. Take a look at Google Trends, Katy Perry, etc. and ask yourself whether that was there before.

Ask yourself whether your wife or one of your friends came up to you and said 'yo are you trading crypto??" before. You could have saved 80% of your money by not following the herd and thinking for yourself.

a different scale does not mean the same pattern cannot form
guess you weren't there

See idiot.

Yeah, too many December buying idiots on this thread


>muh katy perry

and no one I talk to has ever brought up bitcoin or knows what the fuck it is, some briefly heard something about it and said they thought it was sketchy

once again this isn't adopted since no one fucking uses it, so either it dies now and it never gets adopted or it does get adopted and everyone uses it

there's no inbetween fucking bullshit and it didn't go mainstream yet. You are seriously fucking retarded if you think it went mainstream.

what should i do with my +25,000% portfolio? its 19months old...

waiting for adoption, to use that shitcoins?

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according to the retards in this thread you should just sell them all and never look back because crypto is full adopted and went mainstream even though no one uses it

I thought I did well with 28,000% over 7 years

Nice, instead of selling off the 2-3 M and being set for life, you followed the herd and blew that one opportunity and are now left with 300 something K after tax. (that too for now).

A smart person would have sold it off at the peak of the most predictable bubble in history.

Also, you increased it by 100% the whole year? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA

Have fun with your bags you idiot. A person who made it and then lost it all is more of an idiot than a person who didn't make anything off this ponzi.

I dont have to pay taxes only for those who are held less then 1year.

yeah I dont know why they cant display the correct growth amount within the all time view, thats some sort of a bug.

Belgian too ey?

Thanks for the advice but I'll wait until more than 3 people i know irl hold crypto for me too call it a bubble. Everyone got interested in bitcoin in decrmber but a very small percent bought in. Why do you think it dropped so hard on google trends? Do you actually think people bought in and decided they didn't give a fuck to google anything about their investment afterwards? Run along brainlet and dont sell the bottom this time.

>rich people will buy in and save us from ourselves
They're rich because they aren't stupid. Enjoy your bags.

((They're)) bringing the price down slowly. Anyone with a good eye can see it's crashing to 3-5k or lower. Btc was $990 in January 2017. They want to buy up all the bitcoin without making it look like a total setup.

Once they have a large enough bag of btc, who knows what they'll do. So much bullshit going on.

lol rip

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so...you're saying...we're not early adopters? are we late-early adopters? are we fucked? when moon sirs?

no moon, you are a fucking late adopter. ask yourself this- is katy perry an early adopter? how about snoop dogg? 50 cent? they all are in on this ponzi, and are late adopters just like you

goddamnit this thread is depressing. i'm gonna go fap

all 3 you named are better business people than you or anyone else on this board, doesn't surprise me in the least that they are early adopters

Who doesn't know what bitcoin is at this point?

Hodgetwin knows about Bitcoin. Random instagram whores know about bitcoin.

Even my fucking mother knows about Bitcoin.

Ask the average person have you heard about Bitcoin and they will say yes. They could probably describe what it is in simple words.

People who think they are early adopters are fucking stupid as hell. Don't you have normal friends who you go out on the weekend.

I asked my friend who works on a fucking building site do you know what bitcoin is and he said yes and he was going to buy some at Christmas, but he heard it crashed so did not.

Coiners are so fucking braindead.

hodgetwins aren't normies you fuckup, they're jaded roiders who have been browsing fit for the last 10 years

like 5 instagram whores are dedicated to crypto but you can find an instagram whore for anything

your mother is a faggot

average people barely have heard of this shit and most don't want any part of it

you are a fuckng retarrdo

Does everyone have 1% of their portfolio in bitcoin to stay "diversified"? No? Then bitcoin has yet to be adopted

Reminder that gold has a 8 trillion market cap

Does everyone have 1% of their portfolio in gold, you faggot? No. So why expect them to have 1% in 'digital gold'?

Everyone is an exaggeration but if you believe in the fundamentals there will come a time when bitcoin will be viewed not as a speculative asset but as an alternative store of value.

There will come a time when smart contracts will replace entire industries much in the same way that the internet replaced centralized media

Until then, we haven't seen anything yet

Market cap is fake. When you trade bitcoin or ethereum (or any other fiat on-ramps) for an altcoin you’re artificially inflating its market cap and thus the total market cap as a whole. There are not 300 billion US dollars in the total crypto market, in fact due to wash trading and holding by whales the number is likely around $50 bil and the peak may have been around $100 bil. To say that a hundred billion is the absolute peak of the crypto market is ridiculous considering the disruptive applications that blockchain technology has.
>inb4 blockchain has no applications
Decentralization is incredibly important and has the potential to shape finance and the Internet entirely. Ethereum is still in its infancy (solidity contracts can’t even interact with an outside API yet!) and even so it’s still the AOL of smart contract technology. EOS is the next evolution of this and smart contracts built on EOS (or another platform) absolutely will have disruptive applications. I have a $20k bet sitting on this being the case. I don’t really care about bull runs or bear markets or TA anymore because bitcoin is manipulated to shit and is useless. I care about the technology behind it and it’s many applications. If you sincerely don’t believe smart contracts will be used in the coming years I refuse to argue with you because you’re a fucking idiot (and shouldn’t be on this board in the first place).

>I've been in this market for more than 6 years

And yet here you are, still fucking about on Veeky Forums!
Why are you not a millionaire?

You're trying so hard to pretend you know programming. I've coded eth dapps, they're little more than javascript/python you can't just release broken and iterate bug fixes, which frankly isn't that hard if you're not a 22 years old nodejs web developer from india. Uber itself wouldn't be exceedingly hard to implement, even the fiat/crypto part can be taken care of behind the scenes with an optional centralized gateway; the hard part is the marketing and business side to attain critical mass.

Are millionaires banned from /biz?

good rant horrible decision making skills. Selling when Katy perry posted was an emotional move. You'll look back and realize you couldn't see the next Facebook, google, amazon that will come out of this space and all you'll have is your story of selling the "top" lmfao nice