Summer Money

Hey Veeky Forums,

I just realized I am not likely to get this scholarship that I needed to fund my summer housing to do my research this summer.

I have 0.07018 btc (~$561.98 rn, I only put in $50 when I bought in). How can I make enough money by mid-April so I can be sure I can pay for housing?

What meme coins do I invest in? Or what are some other quick money schemes?

I really need your help Veeky Forums

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Find super low market cap coin, buy $550 worth, shill it over Veeky Forums for weeks and make infographs. Good luck

Depends how much you need for housing, obviously

What are some successful examples of this strategy?

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Fuck, I forgot that in the OP

I need $3300

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Pascal Lite and Obsidian.

Don't forget le keylogger coin

Are there any meme infographs about them? Give me the rundown on what made them so successful

>pic related is what I do my research in

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I just found I have another 0.001 BTC in another wallet

Is BTC going up again in any significant way in the near time future? Should I just cash out now?

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>approx 6x your money in 3 weeks

If I were you I'd be scanning coinmarketcap for low-market-value coins with high volatility or good indicators of a mooning

This is your only bet unless you want to literally gamble, in which case I'd say either do very-high leverage margin trading on bitmex or just go to the casino

At least at the casino, your fate is in your own hands

They're not successful, they crashed and burned. It's just about making it appear they're going to moon and dumping your bags on other anons for maximum profit.

OP, on mobile here

I’m asking what make them successful as pump and dump schemes?

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What should I gamble on in the casino

Hey OP. FUCK Whatever trading strategy they're going to give you.

You'll need $100 to do this

>buy $10 domain
>pay for 3 months of hosting
>pirate wordpress theme
>set up "digital marketing agency"
>offer SEO, Web design, and social media management
>hire out all work to pajeets on upwork
>collect difference

you could also dropship. Either will make you more in the long run.

sucks being a poorfag and being in college. Even if you learned to trade until then, it would be hard to make the money you need unless you're excellent at it (knowing several tricks to keep making money). It's almost impossible to do it in a guaranteed manner.

I would suggest putting a little effort making a memecoin and include some buzzword/do an ICO. Make sure the website looks good and the ideas somewhat legitimate and get $3k easily

How do I hire Pajeets?

Also, how to get into dropshipping?

That sounds like good idea, but could I make that $3k by mid-April realistically?

I’m pretty quick learner. I’m physics major at Ivy League University.
I just signed up to get $100 Amazon gift card for proctoring exam this weekend. How do I convert gift card to cash?

Tryna hustle lmao

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There are NUMEROUS resources online as to how to get into dropshipping. it really is not that hard. DYOR from this point my friend.

I'm only 19, a complete idiot, and make the vast majority of my income from this

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